Guitar Studio for BlackBerry Now Available

By Adam Zeis on 14 Apr 2010 08:55 am EDT

If you're an aspiriing or seasoned guitar player, you might want to check this one out. Guitar Studio lets you take your music with you. The app supports both ChordPro and Tab files, allowing you quick and easy access to your music right from your device. There is a built in tone-based guitar tuner, as well as an MP3 player that lets you play your song along with the ChordPro or Tab file. Want to compose a new song? You can record it right on your device. Some features of Guitar Studio include:

  • 30,000+ Guitar Chord Library
  • Single Key chord lookup from Tab or Chordpro display
  • Displays Tab Music Files & Chordpro Music Files
  • Auto scrolling display for hands free playing
  • Tab looping for rehearsing one section of a song
  • Tone based guitar tuner
  • MP3 Music player with looping and Tab/Chordpro syncing
  • Audio recorder
  • Tab and Chord/Lyric editor for writing your own songs 

While not an app for everyone, guitar players may find this one pretty useful. The app is $9.99 and is available on the Tour, Curve and Bold running OS 4.5+. You can check out more in the CrackBerry App Store.

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Guitar Studio for BlackBerry Now Available


This is a really cool app, since I play guitar and have a home studio I can say with some confidents its a good app, a little pricey since its a mobile app though. I really like the seamless stitching of the tab files and the auto scroll feature that is really nice.


the tuner? That alone would make it worth the price. Sucks that it isn't available for the 9550, though. I'll have to wait till they make a version that is.

And I think my instructor wants a blackberry just so he can d/l this...he thought it was neat especially the chord library

the videos are great but they really dont replace the actual hands on testing of the program, speed, functionality etc.

I think I may have posted back when this was still in beta - but this a great app. Lots of features, and they ALL work. When I'm playing my acoustic, I simply rest my BB on my guitar and I can play along with the auto-scrolling chords. DEFINITELY worth the cost, IMO!

This looks awesome! I'll probably end up downloading it soon to use this summer. Can't tell you how many times I wish I had my computer on the beach at bonfires etc. when I want to look up a song.

I don't get how you get the actual TAB or CHORPRO(?) files? Do you download them? From where? Are they free?

Hi All.
Tab songs for use in Guitar Studio can be found online. is a great legal source for tabs and a video demo is posted on our YouTube channel that takes you through how to get a tab and email it to your phone to install it.
I personally use email to install most of my tab files as it's quick and better than using Desktop Manager..

The main thing to remember is that tab and ChordPro files are just text files with a certain extension in the filename.

Guitar Studio will search for files that are named the following way:
For tab files, it will look for filenames ending in .tab or .btab
For ChordPro files, it will look for filenames ending in .chopro

If you have a large number of tabs on your computer already, you can transfer them to your BlackBerry using Mass Storage mode. Connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable, then choose Yes if asked if you want to use Mass Storage mode. You may need to enable this mode on your phone. On my phone it's under "Options", then "Memory".

Once Mass Storage mode is active, you can copy files to your BB like any other drive on your computer.

Once you're done, update your song library in Guitar Studio by selecting "Update Library" from the BB menu while viewing the Tab song list.

You can save song files from most guitar software programs as tabs or text. If your songs are in Word or another format, just use Save As and then choose Text (.txt) as the type, then rename them to .tab files before copying them over.

Hope this helps.
Please send requests directly to if you have questions and I'll answer as quick as I can.

Phil C.
LCA Mobile Inc.

Darn , I thought it worked a little differently. I need something that will let me lookup tabs/chords on the go. Like if I'm somewhere and someone asks me do you know how to play this, and I say no, but let me pull it up. Still pretty cool though.

I have seen a similar app for the iphone and was totally excited, thinking someone would put something together for BBs. How bout making this one avail for us *forgotten* Storm 1 users? (speaking of iphone, that puppy can come to Verizon anytime now...)

Well... For us storm users at least? I do understand that coding for the storm series devices is a longer process, as one needs to properly code for the touch screen controls, but it isn't like there is ~that~ much difference between the devices. Especially the tour and the storm... They are practically the same device with minor differences... And one major difference in the screen.

Man I thought I was going to get the perfect app! I am a worship leader/guitar player at my church and often need to look up unfamiliar chords. This app would have been the perfect tool. Too bad it does not work on my Pearl Flip!! :>(

It is a shame it's not more generalised in the models it works on, however if youre having difficulties with finding the tabs, just link to the internet go on, and type the title, if they have the song with them, but not the correct title, use Shazam for free to find out what it is. Also, I managed to download the tabs straight from ultimate guitar which is really helpful