Guitar Studio For BlackBerry Looking For Beta Testers

By Bla1ze on 29 Jan 2010 06:48 am EST

This is so cool! LCAmobile is seeking out some beta testers for their new BlackBerry app, Guitar Studio. With Guitar Studio you can load Tab and Chordpro files onto BlackBerry and play them. Not only can you play them back but Guitar studio also has a guitar tuner, recorder and finally a 30,000+ chord library with fingering to guide you.

If you're a guitar enthusiast and have a Curve, Bold or Tour you can get in on the beta testing right now. Just remember folks, if you are beta testing to provide feedback, it's key to making an app better.

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Guitar Studio For BlackBerry Looking For Beta Testers


I don't know about this app yet, but let me tell you about their registration process...

You would think you were registering for top secret clearance registering for their forums. Your password MUST contain an upper case character, a lower case character, and a number. Give me a break.

And this pales in comparison to their confirmation code. I can read ya know. What I can't read is the difference between upper and lower case in this little widget. I made around 40 attempts before, by some miracle, I accidentally guessed right.

OH...and for beta testing you get a DISCOUNT. What about a free copy? If I'm going to take my time to give you feedback make it worth it.

This app better be sweet for all the trouble. And it better be really sweet if they won't even give their beta testers free copies.

Experience so far on a scale from 1 to 10: 1.414


complex passwords should be the norm by now, their site doesn't sound extreme, especially compared to some I've run into

I'd pay money for an audio tuner, one that would analyze the pitch of my instrument and tell me if it was sharp or flat, but this one won't. Supposedly related to CDMA phones, but I'm no coder, so I don't know

I play guitar and this does look like an interesting app. I know there are limits to what some of the BBs can do for guitar tuning (CDMA BBs for the most part), but I've tuned guitars by ear before, so from what I saw in the video, it would be usable (I'll still carry my electric tuner with my guitar, though, but in a pinch...).

The large library of chords interests me.

Owning a Storm 9530, I am unable to beta test, but I did read the statement about the discount for Beta testers. That's what makes me think that this is going to be ANOTHER OEVER-PRICED BB APP! I hope I am wrong. It would be really nice to have an app like this at an affordable price. I get somewhat jealous seeing all of the guitar apps for the iPhone and how low priced they are.

I agree with was a process to register. After coming up with an overly secured password, you had to wait to be "authorized". Is there something top secret here?

Sounds pretty neat. My old sony phone had a similar guitar app that I miss but Xopher brings up a good point that any guitar app on a phone is going to be limited. I would still pay $5 MAYBE $10 to have the ability to tune by ear and reference chords (what my old sony app did), but nothing more than that. I've never understood the point of playing back tabs when all you do is read and then play them yourself? It's much better to listen to the song you're trying to learn than the chordpro file...I'd rather have the ability to write my own tabs so I can remember licks I come up with when I don't have pen and paper handy. Just my two cents.

Also if it's not in Beta for the Storm does that mean it likely won't be released for it?

I've been trying to pepper Agile Partners with emails to port Guitar Toolkit over to the Storm 1/2 but they don't have enough interest. It is far better looking and functional than what I saw in the video. I actually had to buy an iPod touch (I call it the iPad Nano) in order to get Guitar Toolkit. It's amazing.


Im not scared to load their inbox with email about this, do you think if enough of us bugged them long enough we might get a BB version of this, or are they just stubborn apple developers? i always had to use my roommates iphone to tune my g-tar when we were out of the house. Guitar Toolkit is amazing...

This is good news, finally someone has decided to give the blackberry platform some Guitar love... Ive wanted a good guitar app since I bought the storm many moons ago! So hopefully this does well with the other berrys and makes its way to the storm I & II! anyone know if the tuner is chromatic or is just midi notes you have to match, or what the deal is? that and the chord library are what id pay for...

I've been using it for about a week. Songs have to be in ChordPro format (.chopro) to view. The autoscroll feature is cool (and necessary for a Bold screen) - but I can rest my BB on my guitar and play through a songsheet without having to flip pages. I don't know what final cost would be; but I'm I would be willing to pay $5. Chord list is extensive; but a little difficult to search. You can type a letter (A-G) to jump to those chords; but then you have to scroll through to find the exact chord you're looking for. Maybe they'll fix in the final version.

I wanted to sign up for the beta but they had enough people and it was closed on Jan 6. I'm happy to see though, that the BB is getting audio/music stuff going beyond yet another streaming music service. The iPhone can't get *all* the cool stuff.

Although the post for the announcement that we had enough beta testers was dated jan 6th, it was actually a post from jan 6th that was edited in Jan 30th.

We have received over 600 requests for beta testing and have selected a variety of device models and users located in various regions for testing.

Thank you all for such a great response to this app, we are excited to be able to bring this to Blackberry and guitar enthusiasts!

We have a thread for price discussion in our forum if you want the latest info on planned pricing.

We will be sending a discount code to all those who requested to be a beta tester so you can save money on the app when it is released.

Thanks again for all the interest!


The Guitar Studio application actually supports both the Chordpro and Tab file formats. The chord lookup library does allow you to jump to the chord category by pressing the first letter of the chord, but it is also fully searchable by pressing the Blackberry button.

Scrolling of the song you are playing is supported for both Chordpro and Tab files and tabs can be displayed as a single seamless scrolling line.

Mp3 playback of loaded songs is also possible concurrently with the scrolling view, allowing you to play along with the Mp3.


It's nice to find an app which does what it claims to do. IMO GS is one solid app! Kudos to LCA Mobile - this is one application I will be using on a regular basis. Gotta go - time to play me some geee-tar :)