Guess what rolled up to my house? The BlackBerry Police Cruiser, v2!

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Sep 2011 03:44 pm EDT

I think my neighbors got a little scare when Mobile Innovations' new concept Stealth Police Cruiser w/ BlackBerry PlayBook Integration came rolling up to my house the other day. This is one mean looking cop car!!

The last I saw of the BlackBerry Cruiser was in Waterloo after I got tossed into the back seat after trying to steal a BlackBerry Bold 9900. That was the first concept cruiser -- which got sold -- and what you can check out in the video above is the new version 2.0 concept police car. It still has a BlackBerry PlayBook integrated and running the show, and in addition has seen a bunch of other updates. They've now integrated a Grabba scanner into the work flow for scanning licenses on the go, along with a printer for printing out reports. They've also re-jigged things to open up a lot more space within the console. You'll also notice some new lighting inside and out.  

Having one of these pull up to your house for fun is pretty cool (the Cruiser was passing through town on a Western Canada tour)... but man oh man I'd hate to have this thing track me down for real. Check out for more details and be sure to watch the video above!

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Guess what rolled up to my house? The BlackBerry Police Cruiser, v2!


if AT&T doesn't release the Bold 9900 soon, that car may be patrolling my neighborhood looking for the 9900 I stole from RIM.

LOL! Oh hell that's some funny sh*#. I can understand where you are coming from though, and I'm sure there is an element of truth in you comment. AT&T sure didn't become one of he top monbile companies be giving a damn about their customers apparently. Still, sounds like something I'd say so your anger is understood.

I think that just by having some of these around, crime numbers should drop. It would be a morale boost for officers and a decrese for criminals.

Great job there.

That's actually exactly how it works. Speaking as someone in Law Enforcement, it would be great to have a car like this. Definitely improve morale.

Criminal activity decreases with more police presence. Who wouldn't feel a bit intimidated by this thing??

I would really like to know where to get a tablet mount like that one. It isnt specified on their website and all the other manufacturers just want to add a tablet sized mount to their existing windshield sticker.

I'm sure Kevin did with the camera off. He seemed a little hesitant to film the PlayBook didn't he? lol


Hopefully, you were able to get the bong put away....

Hey, any word on ATT - Word on the street is 9900/9860 @ ATT on 10/11.......

Tell them to stop by my 911 Centre in Black Diamond on their way through southern Alberta! I'd love to see it along with local law enforcment.


Two things...

1. I spent 22 years in law enforcement and that setup is badass!

2. Cut your grass for heaven's sake!

This is why RIM is not going anywhere. They are known to plug themselves in places than just your wallet. That cruiser will get attention and will be seen. There is no way Apple or Android pulls something like this with anybody taking them seriously. Playbooks in every cruiser and a bold9930 on the officer's hip.....right by the gun....two lethal weapons, ha.

They need to start marketing those in the states. If they get both city state and county police in those RIM will take over the world.

Not bad - but no law enforcement agency will use a 7 inch screen - minimum 10 inch. There's too much info that has to be seen at all times, including suspect photo's. Great car and idea though.

Two o' the things I'd really like to see in a car. LED blinkers and a PB... rolling in hot....
+Great set up, wonder if there would be more videos on the PB's dash-deck keyboard in a car combo.

Link this story with the one on RCMP approving use of the Playbook. Now if only they'd retire the white Crown Vic's and start rolling in these babies!