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Guess my Picture Password and win contest!

Make it an extra-special Valentine's Day for your sweetie. Win this contest and we'll hook you up with a $200 pre-paid Amex card!

BlackBerry 10 Picture Lock
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Feb 2014 01:27 pm EST

Okay, so it's been a while since we've done an awesome contest here on CrackBerry, so to get back in the swing of things I'm actually taking a suggestion from the forums for our next one. In honor of the release of BlackBerry OS 10.2.1, we're doing up a sweet quick contest that will show just how amazing this new OS is. I call this one the "Guess my Picture Password and win!" contest.

It's as simple as it sounds — watch the Instagram video here of me entering my picture password right in front of your face, then see if you can guess exactly what my password is. That's it! I'm showing you the answer!! If you win this one we'll hook you up with a $200 pre-paid Amex card. Since we'lll announce the winner this Friday, we suggest you put it to quick use on the significant other in your life in honor of Valentine's Day.

Everyone gets one guess in the comments. You'll have to tell us what number is going where in order to unlock the device. Be specific! If multiple people get it right, whoever got it first will be declared the winner. And we're only running this one for a few days so you won't have too much extra time to try and figure it out. 

Sound good? We're going to prove just how awesome Picture Password is with this one. I'm guessing no one will be able to crack it.

Contest: Leave a single comment on this post with your best guess for what my password is. You'll need to tell us the number as well as what specific place it goes on the photo. Contest is open until this Thursday night at midnight PT. We'll announce the winner on Valentine's Day here on the blogs. Good luck!

Topics: Contest Contests

Observation Junkie

Darn, I still can't figure it out how to set it up :(

Catapulted from my Z10.

Anthony Roberts5

I can help you if you want. What problems are you having?

Posted via CB10


Better hurry Anthony. Crackberry about to rob ya!!

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON!

Kevin Michaluk

we'll do a tutorial on it!

Observation Junkie

Thanks Anthony & Kevin.
I get stuck after choosing the number dragging it to the area of the screen, then after it states I have chosen the combination, next step. Wow, big fail.

To nervous as I'll end up locking my self out of my own darn phone.

It's not quite the same as losing the keys to the house, as I can always kick the door down. I can't kick the screen to get into my phone.

Think I'm getting too old for this technology stuff.

Catapulted from my Z10.


after 5 unsuccessful attempts it gives you 5 tries at alpha/numeric password


IMHO this is one another proof from BB they made BB10 not an OS for cheap phones. People who buy cheap phones want everything work without thinking. You or me, or any loyal BB User start to ask when something doesn't go smooth with BB10. Other Customers just give up before giving BB10 a bit of time to get used to this really unique system. BTW, what is doing BlackBerry with tutorials? They are being done almost the same past way. When my Students years ago were informing me they had a lot of problems with Logic, I wrote for them some creative eBook to let them start to have fun with acquiring this quite complicated matter for most of Students. All of them passed exams and like logic until now. BlackBerry seems to have a problem with thinking like a Customer before...

[...] First ever London smartphone story powered by Z10: www.blackassistant.com


I love your logic definition of "how to overcome security at times of need" or the lack thereof a work around on BlackBerry if we mess up the password

Posted Via CB10 on my Zed 10

Anthony Roberts5

You are never to old for technology. Even on the TTC I saw woman easily in her 60's using a Z30 I was shocked and asked her how was the learning curve l. She said it was so easy and doesn't understand how people find it complicated lol I was dying of laughter.

Posted via CB10


So glad you only went with only one demonstration, more than one would have made it too easy on a video.
Now let's get crackin'! >:)


Is it a six on the orange ball

Posted via CB10


A 4 on the white/yellow marble towards the bottom of the screen


First key is do not touch your number just tap the screen and scroll...i hated it at first, now it's the best !
Really people have a hard time guessing the code.
Today my code is #8 on the red tile, by 4pm its # 3 on the side of the building, yesterday it was # 1 over the 3rd cow out of the 12 scattered farm animals tomorrow its ???

Posted via CB10


Wow, thanks jic999. I kept trying to drag the number to the spot with my finger, and it would take several tries to get it just right. It's much easier this way.


This vid could help...

My guess is the number 4 with the final position on the white/yellow ball. in the video before you play it, it is marble where the 2nd 2 is on the line 2 0 2 9 4 1 9


Thank you, that video is just what I needed.


It's so easy

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10


8 ball, "corner pocket" (black ball top left corner)

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!


I believe this guy is right. I have same guess.

jc dla

It's the zero, placed on the green and with a single yellow striped marble. But, only on the green portion of the marble.

Posted via CB10

Paul Collins4




7 on the Orange ball :)

C001B7B16 The Gif Exchange


Number 8 in the orange bottom right balloon

Posted via CB10


That would be my guess too.
8 in the bottom right orange marble.

www.livingtruth.ca www.carm.org


Darn. My guess exactly. Gotta try another! Good one

Posted via CB10


5 on big blue ball in the middle.

Posted via CB10 on my blazing fast Z30 running


6 on the orangy, swirly marble. (next to the big orange marble in the middle of the screen)


Yup that's my guess too

Posted via CB10 on ZED10


Think this right. 6 on marble just left of big orange one

Posted via CB10

Peter Morris

5 on the big blue ball.

Posted via CB10


4 in the white and yellow circle.



8 on the blackball

Posted via CB10


This my first guess, but I was like "...noooo, Kevin wouldn't be THAT obvious..."

...would he? Lol.

Posted via CB10

Armin Osmanovic

4 on the white/ yellow marble on the bottom.

Armin Osmanovic

The first 4 under your finger to be more specific 3 over 2 up(ish) from bottom left corner


2 on the light blue marble all the way to the right.

Wissam Karaky

6 in the middle of yellow-orrange...

Posted via CB10


Number 4 on the emerald marble on the lower right side.

Posted via CB10


EDIT: Adding more info based on need to get as accurate as possible.

From the middle of the screen ( where the blue marble is dead center), move down 2 spots, then turn to the right until you get to two marbles together, the green-yellow one on top of a pure green one, as mentioned in my first post. Slide the 4 there, and Bob's your uncle.

Posted via CB10


That was my guess as well.

Posted via CB10


8 Orange right bottom ball


2 between the big blue ball and little yellow ball, where at the beginning of the video there is a 3

Posted via CB10


6 on gold swirl marble above finger

Posted via CB10 with a Z30


8 on the small black ball on the right side between the mute and volume down button.


Damn!! That was my guess. :(

ken Ontae

The 5 on the far right which is also 5 up from the bottom

Z!0, Nothing Compares

Rider Prider

My guess is 8 Orange....Bottom of screen


0 on the light blue ball



4 - in the yellow and white ball. (note: took me 4 views, so clearly the password pic works)


i made my guess further down, but i now think you are correct. kevin would have made it easier on us so we could guess. also we know it cant be any number above his finger when it ends. he makes it way to easy on us :D

this is where I think you were saying



curious why it can't be a number above his finger?


i explain here. would like to know if you agree/disagree


sorry link got removed. i updated it here



Yeah I disagree too. When I use picture password I almost always drag numbers in from originally offscreen until I find the one I want, then I put it where it needs to go. Just seems more secure. I would think that Kevin would do the same.


disagree -- as long as the position is above his finger, the number can even be offscreen above his finger (provided the distance from the edge of the screen to his finger allows it)


Correct. That is my guess....


Not specific enough, maybe? 2 from bottom, 3 from left.


I would probably have guessed the same as bobshine, and playbookster is clever getting two guesses in one answer -- but I think I am going with the 2 to the right of the finger at the space between those three marbles.


To be exact: the 2 in column 6 row 5. In the space between three marbles.


Obviously the 4 on the yellow three in from the left and two up!

Posted via CB10


How do I get this type Password

Posted via CB10


Update your device to OS 10.2.1


The number 4 on the half green peeble. From bottom right third peeble up there's a green peeble covered by a two tone green peeble. The one on the bottom is yours

From Z10 to Z30


I think it's this one too, for now :)

Posted via CB10


Man, that's my guess too. You got it first though. The problem is all my other possible guesses have been guessed already too. Oh well - good luck everyone.


My guess as well, but I believe I beat you to the punch by 10 minutes. :)

Posted via CB10


I concur with this guess. Most logical choice based on tendencies.

Posted via CB10


shoot! I was going to say the same as zamboni08. 4 on yellow and white marble.


#1 between the marbles? I have no idea. Let's see if there will be even a winner lol.

Posted via CB10


7 on the swirl orange ( bottom right quadrant)


2 over the light blue ball, right side of screen.

Posted via CB10

Kevin Michaluk

Reminder to be VERY SPECIFIC in terms of where the number is ending up....  say the # of rows from top / bottom and # of marbles in and color from left / right.  BE. SPECIFIC.


The number six that's on the gold marble above your finger. Four rows down and three in from the top left corner.

Posted via CB10


Number 7 top left corner between 2 blue balls. Upper ball is blue and the bottom one is dark blue. Between them there is the number 7. The top of the number 7 is the line that cross the two balls - and thats the code to enter.


6 on the gold above your finger

Posted via CB10


How do I get this password on my Z10

Posted via CB10

Patrick Pierobon

2 in between three balls, white/brown, blue/yellow and green/brown/orange


8 on the last bottom right orange


'Not sure this is gonna work, since one person's yellow is another person's orange....


Number 2 over the orangey/brown swirly marble?


Lucky #7 in the middle of the dark blue ball at the center of the screen!

Posted via CB10


6 on orange bLl

Posted via CB10


Picture password was it that do you need 10.2 and up to utilize that feature? Sorry by now I am sure you guessed I am in the U.S. One day!

Posted via CB10


8 bottom right in center of orange ball

Posted via CB10


Ah this is simple, 6 on the goldish yellowish ball

Posted via CB10


You moved the 5 in the top left of the screen (second column of numbers at start) to the large blue marble with a hint of orange (if a specific part of the marble is needed to unlock then the final position on the large blue marble was a bit to the right of the center of the large blue marble.) in it close to the lower center part of the screen.


Okay...the 6 (4 down, 3 across) in the white and yellow/orange marble.


8 ball, as in pool :) 8 is on the black ball

Posted via CB10


It is at the left of screen at/near center

Posted via CB10

Pam Pam Naraidoo

It's a number for one to ten I pick 6


Posted via CB10


its a number 0-9, ten possiblities


0 over white ;)

Posted via CB10


6 in the white ball close to your finger at the end


2 row, 3rd column, #4 on yellow and white marble.


2 on the green marble below the big blue one.


I'd say it's a 6. Unless there's some fancy finger work :)


1, between the big blue ball in the middle, the yellow ball and the two other balls

Posted via CB10


8 on the red ball top left

Rocking my Z10


5 on the big blue ball.


2 from white to 2 yellow


2 at the end of the white stripe on the blue marble


1 Below Blue marble, to the left of Yellow


5 on the pale blue marble just off centre right.

Posted via CB10


Number 2 the orangey-brown swirly marble that's on top of the blue marble.

Posted via CB10

Myles Levandoski

2 on the green yellow brown swirl ball.

Posted via CB10


1 in the blue ball in the far bottom left corner


4 to the yellow marble in the bottom left quarter


#2...on the 4th row between the big blue marble and the yellow/green stripped marble.

Posted via CB10

I am JT

6 on the white spot, left mid- screen next to the two larger blue ones.

Posted via CB10


Number 2 on top of the greenish marble and dark blue one right over top of where they meet. (looks like a blue Crescent moon).

Both are about three rows up from the bottom of the screen and approximately 3 over from the left of the screen.

Posted via CB10


Fourth row, third column: #6 centered in toffee swirl marble.

Posted via CB10


9 middle of screen between orange and blue marbles


4 on the dark green marble.. 2 from the right of your finger

Posted via CB10


5 on the light blue of the big blue marble


I think it is a 1 on the black bubble/marble on the left hand side of screen.


2 on the small blue marble

Posted via CB10


8 in the black marble in the top left corner! I hope :p

Posted via CB10


5 to the big blue marble with the orange streak in it.

Cheers. :)


Number 0 bottom right at the yellow and white marble


2 on the yellowish marble beside the bigger blue one.

Posted via CB10


It's 4 on the small yellow marble, 3 in from the left and 2 up from the bottom.

Posted via CB10


Top of the 8 touching the top-left side of the dark blue marble closest to the lower-right corner of the picture.

Z10 STL100-3 | | Bell | CB10


Number 5, to the bottom of the large blue ball

Posted via CB10


6 on the right side of the white marble, top left quadrant, surrounded by the blue and orange marbles.


My guess is that it's the number 4 and the spot is the White and Yellow marble under Kevin's finger at the end of the password sequence. (above the all white marble, under the multicolored marble; 2nd number row up from the bottom, and third number row from the left-hand side of the display).


Number 6 on the beige/brown ball beside the big orange one near the middle of the screen.


The number 9 on the blue ball but at the same time between the blue and bigger orange ball.

Posted via CB10

Mohammed AlShehhi

4 on the yellow ball

Posted via CB10


6 on the amber marble to left of the big orange one.


no 7 on the red ball right side down below under no 4


8 on the edge of the yellow marble

more specifically....


This contest just goes to show how effective BlackBerry's picture password feature is. Look at how many different answers there are and if Kevin did another video, he'd be dragging his finger from a different location.

Brilliant, BlackBerry! :)


oh crap, mine are already taken. 8 on the left, 2nd row from the top (green sparkly marble)


Hell, why not?

I say it's the 8...lower right corner on the blue ball.


Number 8 in the center of the orange marble (between the black and yellow) in the last (bottom) row in the right-hand corner.

Pulkit Kakkar1

4th row from the top .. number 6 which is below the no. 6 and right to the 1 and left to the 3 (although any six can be used :) ) ... the 6 number is place over the golden ball just left to the big orange ball


Its the number 2 and you placed it on the top left of that goldish ball. You love gold Kevin so of coarse it will be a gold ball and the 2 is for 10.2 for picture password :)

Posted via CB10


4 Large blue marble just off to the bottom left hand side

Posted via CB10


Number 2 (2nd column from the left, 2nd row down from top, under the number 5) slides down and to the right close to where the number 3 is (3rd column from the left, 6 rows down, where the blue and green marbles meet) ending slightly onto the green marble.


The 9 hitting the blue ball and the organge ball

Winston Loh

Number 2 to yellow - bottom right of screen...well, that's my guess...thanks for the competition!

Posted via CB10


Wasn't this JC's idea?

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!


8 on the center of the bottom right orange marble

Posted via CB10


1 on the yellow bottom corner ball

Posted via CB10


You use Porsche not Z30. Hence, I win

Posted via CB10


Number 6 in the beige ballon (the one over your finger, to the left of the big orange ballon).


9 on the cats-eye on the right hand edge :)

Asif Khan7

5 no on biggest blue marble

Posted via CB10


Dragging the 4 to the partially covered green ball roughly in the center of the screen.

Posted via CB10


#2 below your finger dragged to the left corner of the greenish yellow marble near the blue marble were the number 3 starts at; third from the bottom up and third across.

Arda Uzun

The orange mixed colour one next to the big orange. BlackBerry 

Posted via CB10


Its the 4 in the partially covered green ball that is 2 above the black ball at the bottom


#4 in green 3rd row from the bottom 3rd row from the right


6 on the gold marble! I Cracked Crackberry Kevin!

Posted via CB10 on my  Z10 


2, Spot is the bottom left corner, between the large blue marble and the small green marble.


If you are supposed to guess here, THEN BASICALLY HE MOVED THE 2 TO RIGHT BELOW WHERE THE 3 WAS. They have it at an angle so you can't really tell. I'm on Sprint, so I have never used it before either and I can see the password.

Posted via CB10


which 2? which 3? This is the exact opposite of 'specific'.


5 just to the right of centre on the blue ball

Posted via CB10


2 on the light sky blue upper right.

Posted via CB10

Billy Tretiak

The 8 in the yellow and white ball, near the middle of the screen just to the right of your thumb.

Posted via CB10


Penultimate row, number 7, orange ball (next to the blue one with the number 8)

Posted via CB10


navy blue #2 upper left


2 in the light blue marbel on the far right side mid-screen

Posted via CB10


I believe bobshine, pbpg, Rider Prider Superfly_FR, wineng all may have it before me. 8 on the very bottom, right side orange marble. Maybe. :)

Posted via CB10


4 on the yellow marble


no 4 on the green marble (above the black and orange marbles)


im gonna have to say # 4 on the white and yellow marble that's above the white marble in the bottom row.


Number 4, center of the green marble about a quarter of the way up the screen. *fingers crossed*

Posted via CB10


#8 over orange mix with white and yellow ball first row from bottom, second row from right

Posted via CB10


Starting from the bottom left of the screen, it looks like the number 2, about 3-4 rows up from the bottom, 3 columns to the right, on the upper left edge of the green/goldish ball. Just below where the 3 is at the still shot before the video starts.

Posted from my Z10 via CB10


4 on the white marble with some yellow in it


It's the 6 in the dead center of the the gold marble next to the orange One

Posted via CB10


5 on the top left green marble


0 on the green ball with a yellow stripe

Posted via CB10


Number 4 in the light blue sphere.

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4 on the white brown marble.

Posted via CB10


4... very tough to guess though

Posted via CB10


#4 over yellow and white ball, third row from the left and third row from the bottom

Posted via CB10


It's the 9 on the bottom right red ball

Posted via CB10 on my Zed10


4 in the centre of the yellow and white marble (from bottom left corner - over 3 to the right and then up 2)


7 on small red ball near the bottom portion

Posted via CB10


the number 6 on the white marble


Number 8 into the orange ball at the bottom right side.

jojo beaconsfield

You beat me to it,Good Luck!! Thanks Kevin that was fun,I might even start to use it soon.


The blue ball and tan ball with orange swoosh. Near the bottom just to the left of center. The number 7 goes centered exactly where those two balls meet.

Posted via CB10


it's the number two and you slide it to in between the big marble blue ball with the orange at the top of the ball and the pale yellowish greenish ball. It has to land right in the gap between the two balls


4th row, 3rd six in from the left on the caramel looking marble!!! :D Fingers Crossed


the 3 on the top row , specifically in the triangle between the (orange/white) & (Navy/light Blue) & (black with wite dots) marbles


The number 4 that is 3 rows from the left side and 8 rows from the top over the white and yellow marble


Digit is 7
and place is bottom - centre between blue and multicoloured marble

Posted via CB10


8 black!

Posted using the best phone ever, the white Z10!


4 on the green marble 3 in from the right and 2 up


2 on the yellow ball

Posted via CB10


4 in the middle of the white/yellow marble, slightly above and between the two blue marbles at the bottom towards the left.

Best password system, period!

Posted via my  Z10 - - C0012139E


0 on the Green and Yellow marble in the middle right of the screen.
Specifically on the green part in between the two yellow parts of the marble.


i love the picture password. tho kevin does make it easy on us (i think). unless he is totally messing with us there is only a limited area where the number could be.

i explain here. would like to know if you agree/disagree

Erik Lehman

8 on the black ball :)


Erik Lehman

The black ball on the left that is


Eugene Naidoo

Its either number 4 in column 3 2nd row from bottom on the yellow/cream marble or number 6 in column 3 4th row from top on the golden marble....and if it's not those two then I'd guess you played it smart and didn't use a number that's dead center on any of the marbles


Number 4 down on the bottom the third white ball with a yellow strip close to the edge


#7 in the third row from the top (only 7 in the row), right edge of the green marble.


# 6 over the gold colored ball to the left of the big orange ball


The number 2, a bluish green one, on the far right side of the device, 4 rows from the top, right beside to the volume down key.


2 on the left side of the weird yellow and red marble that is just under the big blue marble that has a little bit of orange on the top left. (3rd marble going from left to right, and 3rd marble going from bottom to top).

Even though this is really hard to figure out since you do not need to be touching your number when you drag it.

Observation Junkie

After watching Kevin's video at least a dozen times, guess it's No 8 on the blue ball bottom right.

Catapulted from my Z10.


4 on bottom dark marble! :)

Posted via CB10


7 lower right red marble.

From my new z30


8 on the orange ball, bottom most row.

Posted via CB10


the 0 between 3 and 6 in the top left that goes right in the middle of the two balls (I'm colour blind but I'd say blue and grey)


The "4" on the green ball, that is half hidded, in the bottom fourth of the screen, left to the orange ball on which you put the "7"... You put your finger left to your number and brought it down to the middle and right...
I am convinced it is the "4" on that "half hidden green" :-D sadly cant't post a screen shot in this comment.

Posted via my BlackBerry*Q10, Germany - Running OS


4 on the yellow bottom left

Posted via CB10

you sir name

My guess is 8 (from third row, third from right) and the location is the upper left of the blue marble in the bottom right (the one that's fully visible).


Here's mine:

4 on the yellow / white ball
(8th row down, 5th row from right)

Posted via CB10


Number 6 on the gold marble just to the left of the large orange marble in the centre.

Posted via CB10


8...dark blue marble on the right.

BB9700, 9790, Q10.2.1.537


It's number 7 which is on the red marble from the bottom between two blue marbles.am I right?

Posted via CB10


6 white

Posted via CB10


6 on the yellow/white marble next to the big orange one ;-)


8 bottom right blue marble???


8 orange right bottom ball

Posted via CB10


4 on the yellow white marble below your thumb.

Posted via CB10


Number: 0
Place: Left Black Marble (on this picture it shows a 9 on top of it)

Posted via CB10


Number 6, on the all white marble above the finger.

Posted via CB10


The thing with a video is that you can rematch it, play it in slow motion and all that.

If you saw him do this live, in real time with no replay... no way you could guess

Like if you saw it in a snap chat lol

Posted via CB10


Number 6 on the pearl white marble.

Posted via CB10


I read your update about wanting a very specific answer.

The number 6 over the small pearl white marble in the 6th row touching 3 blueish balls just above your finger.

Posted via CB10

Edward in Toronto

4 lined up with the green marble to the right of your finger. The green marble that's half poking out from under the yellow/green marble.


The number 4 on the white and yellow marble, the one in-between the blue marble and the red and white marble.

Tater Tots

9 on the edge of the blue marble

Posted via CB10

Tater Tots

Let me clarify, I'm talking about the small blue marble in the middle.

Posted via CB10


The #4 on the half covered green Marble in the row 1473!

Posted via CB10


6 on the small white ball above your finger! 5th row 3rd column