Guardly Mobile Personal Safety app now available for BlackBerry smartphones

By Kerri Neill on 25 Aug 2011 09:07 am EDT

A new application just released today is the Guardly Mobile Personal Safety application. Guardly is the first mobile personal safety service that instantly connects you to friends, family & authorities in just one tap. Here's a brief overview of what the app can do:

  • You feel that you're being followed, so you launch Guardly. After a short countdown sequence, an emergency alert is sent to your safety network via phone, email & SMS text. This includes a link to your current location.
  •  Since your default group was set to autodial 911 if no other selection was made during the countdown sequence, Guardly then dials 911 for you. (Note: this setting can also be disabled on-the-fly)
  • While you're on the phone with 911, you switch back to Guardly to send instant message updates to your safety network using the Guardly Connect emergency response website.
  • Your pursuer is getting closer, so you take a few pictures that are automatically shared with your safety network. As you start walking, your location updates are shared automatically.
  • As an additional deterrent, you activate the loud siren. Your pursuer realizes that you're not an easy mark, and moves on.

You can read the latest press release here and then head on over to BlackBerry App World and download the Guardly Alerts application. It's a free application with the following features:

  • Emergency alerts: Send location-based emergency alerts via voice call, SMS and email to your personal safety network

Sign up for Guardly Connect ($1.99/monthly or $19.99/yearly) and you'll also have access to the following options:

  • One-tap activation: Guardly alerts two safety networks simultaneously - a user’s personal safety network by voice, SMS and email, and 9-1-1 or any other emergency phone number
  • Contact collaboration: Users can collaborate with emergency contacts in real-time by conference call, instant messaging and map-view showing nearby locations of responders
  • LocationAssure™: Guardly uses GPS, cell-tower triangulation and WiFi hotspots to find a user’s real-time location for the entire duration of an emergency incident, even if the user is on the phone with 9-1-1
  • NetworkAssure™: Built-in intelligence to detect network failures and wait until a signal is present to transmit data and make calls to 9-1-1 to ensure users are connected to their safety network
  • Auto-dial emergency services including 9-1-1
  • Photo sharing: Users can share photos with their personal safety network instantly and securely
More information / download Guardly Alerts

Reader comments

Guardly Mobile Personal Safety app now available for BlackBerry smartphones


Would this one work outside US where the emergency number is different? Can one change it out?

btw - first :)

From their website: Territory. The Services are intended for use only in the countries and territories listed as follows: United States and Canada (the "Territory"). Guardly may change the Territories by posting a change on its website and such posting shall be deemed to be notice of the change.
I have no clue what the emergency number is in Canada but if it's different than the US, I would imagine it can be edited.

Hi. Currently Guardly is only supported in Canada and the United States. Both countries use 9-1-1. You can also configure Guardly to call another number such a campus security or building security.

Considering the increasing numbers of weirdos, bullies, and stalkers out there every female and teen should have this installed on their device. At the very least, it will provide a level of comfort that they are never really alone when they most need a friend or good samaritan. Software can be easily turned on when needed.

Heck, this may be useful to anyone stuck in an unforeseen circumstance such as a car accident in a remote area.

Hmmm. If someone is pursuing you, do you think that you will have the wherewithal to grab your cell phone and launch this app, take pictures, etc. How about RUN! Get to the most populated area you can find. I can just see someone tinkering around on their Blackberry while getting konked on the head. Relying too heavily on a cell phone, thinking that you are somehow safe because you have it, is no trade-in for common sense.

Life is like a cup of coffee

Hi. The first thing a new Guardly user generally does after installing the app is create an emergency contact group. They also move the app icon onto their home screen. If that's been done --- there's absolutely no need to tinker. Just tap the Guardly app icon and the user's emergency alert is sent.