The Guardian backtracks on UK BlackBerry 10 security story

The Guardian on BlackBerry Z10
By Simon Sage on 20 Mar 2013 03:00 pm EDT

This morning The Guardian posted a story that a British government-funded agency, the Communications-Electronics Security Group, had fully rejected BlackBerry 10 for government use due to security concerns - specifically over the Balance feature. Our own James Richardson dug around a bit more for a statement from the CESG about what's going on with BlackBerry, and found simply that BB10 hasn't been out long enough to be fully tested yet. Since then, The Guardian has pulled the story and are currently making corrections, according to the story's author Charles Arthur.

Personally, we've got no beef with The Guardian (they have a fine BB10 app that nearly made my top 10 list) or the article's author, Charles Arthur, who took a fair bit of heat for the misinformed story. They did the right thing and retracted information that was officially clarified, and it's worth commending them for it. It just would have been nice if they didn't cause this much confusion over the issue in the first place, especially at times like this when BlackBerry stock is so volatile.

For those curious, you can see a cached version of the original article here

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The Guardian backtracks on UK BlackBerry 10 security story


Terrible reporting. Can't believe the negative stories and doom that still get pushed out on BlackBerry. So tired of it.

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Thank you Tram CrackBerry for getting right on top of this before any nasty rumors had time to spread. The Guardian is a great news outlet and they have a fantastic BlackBerry 10 app so let's let all this be water under the bridge!

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I agree, not sure I'd thank them. I'd commend them for being professional about acknowledging the mistake (... unlike sites like iVerge and iBGR). Charles Arthur should punch his source in the face for passing off completely incorrect info.

and all the blogs and "journalists" who re-posted that shit need to correct themselves. They all jumped on it like free jameson at a party. shameless...

Sorry bee_rye , I don't know where you are from but your comment re "a nude chic in a boys dorm" is shameful , with everything in the media regarding Rape culture it is uncalled for. Your valid post didn't need that tasteless ending

Last time I checked, iBGR posted an update, but left the headline to make sure they continue to add to their click-throughs. I think we hold iBGR and iVerge to too high a standard. They may have resembled tech news outlets in the past - with some journalistic integrity - but after visiting the sites over the last few months I think they're more like tech tabloids. Pretty consistently shameless stuff.

It sucks to because I use to be a "iBGR' reader about 4-5 years ago when he use to be more balanced but now it's like he's on a crusade to defame any manufacturer that doesn't have a product that starts with an "i".

He's only doing the bidding of his masters.

They're "advised" by Mr Wozniak. For adviser read "major investor". Apple doesn't leave PR to chance.

That's a great question. It's a phone after all. It's like Blackberry slept with their mothers and then kicked them to the curb to hail a cab.

Too right. Why would people working for media that depends heavily on advertising revenue from the worlds largest consumer products industry have an issue with BlackBerry? ;-)

Not to mention the tens of millions made every week playing a volatile BBRY on the markets.

The issue is money - and lots of it.

First chance these people get they will jump on the "BlackBerry is doomed " bandwagon
Jeeez man WTF seriously research your shit before you publish man

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Stupid for them to even publish the story in the first place. Problem is that people cite this and don't bother correcting it later.

My thoughts as well. If you read the article carefully it wasn't a 'mistake'. It was deliberate negative spin and I don't think I'd be too quick to forgive.

Simon, why do you always look so depressed in your pics? Did Kevin make you lick-clean his white Z10 again?

My dad posted this picture on Facebook for my birthday last month. We had a little back-and-forth on the expression.

Simon Sage: Also, I look like Wile E. Coyote in this picture, just as cliffside gravity is about to kick in.
Michael Sage: Just so -- the quintessential intersection of anxiety and depression. The perfect birthday pose.

I'm not always that worried though, honest.

Too funny. I think the writer from Guardian had just about the same look on his face when the editor hauled him in for an explanation ;-)

Glad they at least pulled the story and are doing the right thing now. Not publishing the crap in the 1st place would've been better but this is better than just letting it sit there and festering.

That Guardian writer is definitely not a BlackBerry fan or the story(lie) would not have been released. I see everyone kissing Guardian butt. How was the writer disciplined?

BGR was quick to publish a negative article today but have not updated it since the Guardian recanted. Typical for a blackberry hater. What us also interesting is the isheep comments in the said article.

Posted via CB10 has just come out with another article related to the gaurdian's and although they do say the US and German govs have approved it, the Z10,the article is negative,once you lite the match it's easy to start a fire .this seems to be thier goes on and on one story after another they trully are a relentless bunch

Found this in a comment on MarketWatch

Here's the official word from CESG (UK's Communications Electronics Security Group) on the matter:

"Discussions with BlackBerry are ongoing about the use of the
BlackBerry 10 platform in government. We have not yet performed an
evaluation of the security of that platform, but we expect to be issuing
Platform Guidance in the summer. This will cover a number of platforms
including Blackberry 10 (and the use of 'Balance'). We have a long
standing security partnership with BlackBerry and this gives us
confidence that the BlackBerry 10 platform is likely to represent a
viable solution for UK Government."



Funny thing is though people are miffed about this lazy journalism, the next response I'm sure we'll hear is "How Blackberry supporters are mean and nasty for bombarding the source with flak". Yes, holding the trash-peddlers accountable is just outrageous.

Sometimes such confusions result in higher net positive results at the end when the dust settles down.

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Other sites, like boys who consider themselves Genius', jump on false reports when they are bash BBRY! I guess it's a good way to get clicks :)

Well we shouldn't let Mr. Arthur off so easily. Just read the first sentence of his article. He says the Z10 was "rejected". Pretty clear and strong stuff. Of course, it was completely wrong and he didn't have a shred of evidence. Just 3rd hand innuendo. Sorry, but sloppy, sloppy journalism. And don't cut him slack about pulling the article. He only did this once official statements came out from CESG and Blackberry that made him look like a goofball.

Someone needs to tell them Apple slave yahoos over at the Verge that their story now has no source and thus is false.

NY Times has already quoted and included a broken link to the article in their Bits Daily Report email. Looks like they need to retract as well.

Unreal. They don't give a cap about who they take down in there path. Nice work Crackberry. Thank You!

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Poor guy is being demolished on Twitter, he's trying to keep up. I guess he's not fast enough on his beloved iPhone.

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I'm not sure what the journalist was thinking when he wrote the article but one thing journalists should always question is the motivation and timing of the "Source ". After all, this information had to come from someone as no media release was issued so this was a story that the reporter dug up. Sounds like he didn't do much of a job checking his info. Shoddy work at the very least.

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Agreed. The Guardian was caught lying. This wasn't an error, but a deliberately written article.

Can't blame them for trying, so much other trash gets published bashing Blackberry, especially from the analysts Pac Crest, Canaccord or from media outlets like Forbes and BGR

Just another example of how certain journalist just want to write-off BB and push out these negative stories.
Glad for the retraction!

What's even more pathetic is how the usual trash talkers like CNET & BGR, and even some newspapers, quickly picked up this story overnight and reported it as fact.

This story was not retracted out the kindness of their hearts. It was retracted because I personally called the CESG this am and asked them to put put a statement, which they did. I took that and threatened the editorial staff with a press inquiry as is being I thrust upon the Telegraph currently.

They did the right thing and jumped on their sword, but please don't call anyone heroes for that. A lot of poor people lost a lot of money when the Telegraph ran its hit job. These editors have a responsibility to live up to.

Charles failed his.

Thank you, Michael, for taking action to quash misinformation once again.

Love your articles on Seeking Alpha, esp. the UK retailer and channel check piece.

He was a right d*ck to everyone on twitter who pointed out he was wrong, he told @eugenbaban (who's on here and was Blackberry's official fan of the month) to "P*ss Off." really glad to see the Guardian did the right thing. Really shouldn't have happened in the first place though.

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As of this moment CNET still has the original article posted. They know it's wrong because they just deleted all the readers comments from the article! Most of the comments were critical of the article and quite a few people were demanding the article be updated or removed. Really unethical of CNET!

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The hedge funds in the U.S. that are short Blackberry have hired a PR firm to trash Blackberry at every occasion, including providing BS stories to naive Apple fanboys like Charles Arthur. If he prints the BS without checking his facts, he is asking for trouble and somebody has obviously called him on it. About time! Is it a coincidence that the last Apple fanboy, Eric Savitz, that published garbage from James Faucette from Pacific Crest without fact checking recently left Forbes? I guess the hedge funds and their PR guys are looking for another patsy to publish Jame's crappy research without checking any of his facts and have found it in Charles Arthur. How about that fiasco of a report out of Pacific Crest where he said that Blackberries were being discounted when they weren't that was so thoroughly debunked. When I read such crap research from a small no name firm like Pacific Crest being quoted, without fact checking, in major publications, something sinister is up. Why not quote Goldman or Morgan Stanley, nope gotta quote a no name whose work is repeatedly debunked? To you big New York hedgies, stop playing dirty, a lot of investors are getting hurt by your sinister actions and those of your paid for analysts, let the facts speak. And, while you're at it you may want to cover your shorts before you lose even more money.

Keep in mind there is ALWAYS a reason for this kind of thing. As long as the people speak loud enough this kind of thing won't last long. Enough voices will quiet the BB bashing and leave BB to it's fate, whatever it may be. Keep up the good work and remember it for other transgressions of liberty, policy, etc.

I used to be an avid reader of the Guardian newspaper, but for the last few years in appears that the lunatics have taken over the asylum. On the one hand there are supposedly leading environmentalists wrongly tweeting about innocent people and then on the other, there is guardian tech, a more unbalanced and biased online publication is hard to find.

You mean Microsoft? Apple or Google marketing dept.? Nokia? Samsung? Who would sink low enough to pull crap like that ......
feeding a twisted version of the facts as if it's a real story to this guy?

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D

"After all, BlackBerry doesn’t need to be the market leader.  They just need to rebuild a sustainable business that produces profits."

This is totally agree able! I mean, we know how BBRY Has been struggling in the recent years... And right now the most important thing that BBRY need to achieve is gaining back their credibility. things needs to be taken steps by step...

Key is right now BB10 is awesome device! Because os it, the BlackBerry name has gone up with it. And me being a fan of BlackBerry, totally proud of them.

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US Department of Defense to buy 650,000 iOS devices?

This story is being plastered everywhere, especially from sites that love Apple and hate BlackBerry's guts. All I heard was the DOD is opening up to other companies for mobile choice, doesn't mean they are ditching BlackBerry. They claim they will have at least 8 Million smart phones when everything is all said and done by 2015. Perhaps CrackBerry can post a new topic on this to remove the miss-information.

All those misinforming articles need to be removed for f**k's sake. This is why In don't read the news anymore, or even watch it much less skim through articles occasionally, only to FACEPALM at them.

I emailed Charles Arthur the day I read that crap. I expect more out of our British friends, factually wrong reporting on blackberry is done well enough by the americans

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Folks, the best revenge is to keep buying BBRY stock. If the Book Value is at $18.36, but I've seen the value placed at $19.32 just this week, then make it tough on the shorters with regards to the upcoming short squeeze. I've also seen estimated of 60% to 67% of the percentage of long term holders, that means we are here for the next 4 quarters.
I originally got in at $6.59 last September after I heard the talking heads on CNBC and FBN say for the umpteenth time that Blackberry was on a death watch. "The heck with it I said, Lazarus rose, so can they. Especially under Mr. heins guidance".
Hmm, another thought: Maybe the name Lazaridis is the modern equivalent of Lazarus?