Grow A Beard, Win Prizes From Telus And SportsNet!

By Bla1ze on 30 Apr 2009 05:19 pm EDT

Here is a cool contest from Telus And SportsNet. It's play off time for hockey and qualifying teams are all on their way to a long fight for Lord Stanleys cup and with that comes many, many traditions and superstitions. Some players may not change their socks, some may put their gear on in a specific order and others, well others grow big bushy beards and that is not limited to just the teams. Hockey fans get in on the action as well to show their support and growing a beard is just one of many things that goes on during playoffs. This year Telus and SportsNet have teamed up for a wicked contest for the fans that grow the bushiest beard. You and six of your friends could win big.

  • 47” HDTV
  • NHL tickets for next season to see either the Leafs, Senators, Flames, Oilers or Canucks
  • TELUS Mike handsets for their entire crew

As well Telus has set up even more fun for everyone at their site where you can try out the Text to Speech function on devices such as the Curve 8350i. Try it out and you can send friends and family members some funny messages you have personally created.

Check Out Full Contest Details And More At No Ordinary Phone>>>


Michelle Haag

I'm no good at growing a beard. :(


That would be difficult... nay impossible, for me.
Thank god.


Check out this ring tone... flashback for 70s bruins fans!!!


No love for us chicks??????


Umm No I think would be the answer. :)


I'd have the dream team, if only the contest was eligible in the states :(


I would join your team...i was sad to read in the rules only for Residents of Canada...


Hehehe... Even Telus hates the Habs. GO BRUINS!!!


I don't think I can! lol!! this is the grosses contest every!! that is just nasty the way they did that. I'm actually ashamed that I have Telus! (hiding in shame)