GroupMe for BlackBerry in open beta

GroupMe for BlackBerry
By Michelle Haag on 18 Mar 2011 11:44 am EDT

GroupMe is a group texting and conference call application available for iOS and Android devices that recently entered into an open beta for BlackBerry. It’s like a private chat room over SMS, or reply-all text messaging. GroupMe enables you to organize and communicate with groups of people right on your device. Even people without a smartphone can participate by creating their groups online.

GroupMe has pretty straightforward directions for getting set up and forming your groups, and walks you through each step. Each group is given a unique phone number. When you send a text message to a it, the message is sent instantly to everyone in the group. When you call the number, it automatically dials all the group members for a conference call. You can save the number assigned to your groups in your Contacts for repeated use. You can also create groups that are short-term, which can be set up to expire automatically after a set amount of time. You can even send pictures to your groups.

GroupMe seems like a pretty cool application if you have a group or groups of people that you send SMS messages to frequently, or if you have a need for an easy way to set up call conferencing. The UI is simple and user-friendly, and you will be on your way to group texting in no time. While GroupMe is free to install and doesn't cost anything to use, it does use minutes and SMS from your mobile plan, so you will likely want to be sure you and anyone you add to your groups has unlimited texting, otherwise I can see this burning through their allotted monthly amount in no time. In order to be eligible for the beta your BlackBerry must be running OS 5.0 and higher, and you have to be in the US. Hit the links below if you're interested in downloading, and check out some screenshots after the break.

For full details and to download the GroupMe beta for your BlackBerry
To download GroupMe from BlackBerry App World
To discuss the GroupMe beta in the forums

GroupMe for BlackBerry
GroupMe for BlackBerry
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GroupMe for BlackBerry in open beta


Thanks Michelle! We have a new version in the works with in-app chat - so you don't have to use SMS if you don't want to. It's still in private beta, but feel free to email us at blackberry(at) if you want to give it a spin.




Doesnt let me download the App, say that my phone/carrier doesnt support the App.

I'm on Bold 9700 with OS6 on Fido.....

Anyone else have this problem?

Unfortunately GroupMe is currently US-only. But don't worry, we'll have Canadian support soon!



You can download and use it in Canada, but currently you'll only be able to communicate with your friends in the US

The Storm 2 doesn't need this app. You can create groups on the Storm 2. I have groups of up to 500 members. I can text them all @ once.

Hi Jimmy:

You're right, the Storm 2 lets you create SMS groups, but the difference with GroupMe is that we're a "reply-all" for SMS that works on any platform.

In other words, if you create a GroupMe with friends, everyone will see each other's responses, even if they are not on BlackBerry phones.

Let me know if this helps.



They'll continue to grow. This app has nothing to do with BBM since it works on any cell (including non-smartphones)

WhatsApp requires all users to have either a BB, Iphone or Andriod phone. This works with any cell phone that can send and receive text messages.

Only one canadian number works so far. Official word is that it is still not supported in Canada. Not sure what the hold up is but Canadians will still have to wait.

I have the Blackberry Curve 8330 with Sprint in the US and I am unable to download GroupMe from AppWorld. It says 'This application is not available on your device or for your carrier'. I assume it is not a carrier issue because I have used GroupMe on another Sprint phone. Is the 8330 not compatible?

Please help.

I have the Blackberry Classic and I need Groupme for work. I cannot find it in the Blackberry world apps and I cannot download it from the Groupme website or crackberry..I'm in the US and I have AT&T carrier..what can I do?