GroundLink app now available for BlackBerry smartphones

By Zach Gilbert on 12 Apr 2012 06:45 pm EDT

Every business person needs that constant connection to the world and to their business. While we all know that the BlackBerry is the best device for doing that, there are a few applications that could make it just that much better, and this is where GroundLink enters into the picture. GroundLink for BlackBerry smartphones is an application that allows you to get almost any time of ground transportation and book it.  The app lets you connect to their service with is fuelled by some of the top transportation providers in the world like Expedia, Jetblue, Kayak, and a whole bunch more.

Use the GroundLink app to:

  • Book a ride: Ride Now, Ride Later
  • View a fully transparent list of all charges before you book
  • Watch while your driver is assigned
  • Track your driver en-route
  • Share your progress with friends
  • Rate your driver
  • View your ride history
While some of you may be reading this thinking that they offer a lot of the same things that have been made available to the BlackBerry Travel app, there is one key differentiator.  The key difference with GroundLink is that they are able to tell you when your taxi or limo will be at your location, something vital to those who are always on the go. GroundLink can be found in BlackBerry App World as a free download and if GroundLink isn’t your thing let us know in the comments how your BlackBerry helps you travel.

Download GroundLink for BlackBerry Smartphones

Reader comments

GroundLink app now available for BlackBerry smartphones


Hi, it is correct that GroundLink is part of BB Travel but with limited features only. For example, GroundLink's Ride Now (on-demand) service is not available on BB Travel only on GroundLink's native BB app. You can also not see you driver coming to pick you up - track the ride progress from the moment you made the booking until the driver drops you off. That, among other things, make our native app easier to use and much faster too.


Daniel, GM Mobile GroundLink.

Thanks for this comment Chris. Sorry you are having problems, we are looking into it. Can you email us with your info to Mobile [at], so we can get back to you?



I did e-mail you guys--you replied "yeah, it has issues on some models and we hope to resolve them soon." And the guy's email has a great signature--"Sent from my iPhone"


BlackBerry Travel blows this out of the water easy. It tells you when your limo is arriving??? What about complete calander integration? Kayak? Kayak is a major nuisance. Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass,,...

Ohhhh Vic rd, Dartmouth. I actually live nearby, on Portland St!

I do believe the CEO of the company heavily invested in this app was on CNBC last week talking about it. Really great idea.

We were not on CNBC but you are right that we are investing heavily in mobile. The next version of our app will make booking even easier and more fun. Stay tuned.