Groovy baby! Groovy Notes manages your notes in style

Groovy Notes
By Ryan Blundell on 23 Sep 2011 01:07 pm EDT

Now while it is true that there are memo apps a plenty for the BlackBerry PlayBook, only a few are noteworthy for note taking. The key is to provide various means to record information, and allow users to do so effectively. Groovy Notes is one of these apps that not only mastered note taking, but also note management. On second thought, forget I said it was a memo application- this is a full bodied personal assistant that hangs on your every word. Within it, you can save task lists, voice recordings, calendar entries and (of course) memos. What really makes it stand out is the crisp design of UI. As the description says, it does feel as though you can turn the pages. You can search through items using color coded tabs. Features:

  • All the notes are well organized by categories, tags and date. What’s more, the categories can be customized with attractive colors and icons to make them funkier, fun and easier to manage and notice!
  • Searching for that crucial note, in the nick of time, is as easy as tapping a button on Groovy Notes. Use the calendar to find the notes by dates, pick a category, tag or just type in a keyword and search.
  • With a single tap you can record your voice memos and convert your regular notes into voice notes. What’s more, you can continue taking notes from the same meeting that you are recording. Both functions working simultaneously, now that is an added advantage. Organize the voice notes just as you would other notes with tags, category, date and text but yet feel, or should we say hear the difference.
  • With Groovy Notes maintaining a diary has taken on a new meaning. A diary that is portable (without the additional bulk), intelligent, organized, versatile and talks to you! With a sleek and stylish design Groovy Notes is a fashion statement.

Groovy Notes is available for $4.99 from BlackBerry App World.

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Reader comments

Groovy baby! Groovy Notes manages your notes in style


If they could find a way to have it sync with the Playbook's own memo app, a regular Blackberry phone's memo app, and Outlook at the same time, then this would be perfect.

In fact, why doesn't RIM partner with this team and bake the app into QNX OS v2? And QNX PhoneOS? Add in OTA and wired synching options, and this could be an all-in-one productivity app!

[Imagine this working smoothly with Gist,, Calendar, Memo, etc! Brilliant!]

I know this is weird but can I just write a book with this app with the voice feature?? Because I wanna write one but dont actually wanna type it. lol

So, if I purchased this for Playbook, do I have to purchased it again for the Z10? (Don't have my Z10 yet, as my recent purchase was returned due to a service issue on LTE, waiting to see if it gets fixed. I'm getting my Z10!)