Grooveshark - Another New Streaming Music App for your BlackBerry Smartphone

By ObiGeorge on 1 Jan 2010 11:01 am EST

Grooveshark is a music streaming application that compares to Pandora and Slacker, but also differs from them.  Let me start out by saying that Grooveshark is not free if you wish to use on your BlackBerry, it requires a VIP pass that costs $3 per month. That being said, it is worth every penny in my opinion.  The application does have features like radio stations based off of your favorite music, but is not totally centered around it.  You can simply play any song you wish instantly, then search for your next song/album an "add/add all after current song" which really gives you the feeling of total control over your music.  Grooveshark also features multiple custom playlists, favorites, and making songs accessible offline for those places where your service is not so good.  Overall I think Grooveshark is a great app that sets itself apart from the rest with its song and album playing features.  It  is available for all BlackBerry's running OS 4.2.1 and requires a 3G/Wi-Fi connection to stream/cache music.  As an added bonus Groveshark is available in Canada and (from what I can tell) most countries as well. You can download directly to your device from If you give it a try, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.

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Grooveshark - Another New Streaming Music App for your BlackBerry Smartphone


I use Grooveshark exclusively as my desktop online music streaming choice...this may just be what pushes me to spend the $3/mo for the VIP membership.

There is no free trial. But, if you want to get a feel for the service, try the web version. It will give you a pretty good idea of what's available.

I have tried this on my PC and it lacks in content. I'm sure that will come with time but as of now it's pretty useless to me.

this is way better than slacker (appropriately named) and Pandora is ok... but judging by this apps online community best 30 bucks i will spend...

I love it, I have a feeling content availability depends on your musical tastes so far I haven't found it lacking. I signed up for the VIP right away, at $3 a month what's to lose.

My new favorite app.

One thing not mentioned which I think is very cool is the ability to upload your own music to the library. This essentially gives you the ability to stream your music collection anywhere you go.

Leave those mp3 players at home from now on.

For 3 bucks a month its a steal.

I love Grooveshark and use it on my laptop. Is the monthly charge only for Blackberry or will it apply to Iphone and Android?

I saw this, read the article a bit and paid for VIP. It works great! Since Pandora doesn't work on Telus' new HSPA network, this is a great substitute.

I got so excited for this kind of thing, I paid the $30 yearly VIP fee immediately ... downloaded the beta, picked a song, saw it on their audio player, pressed play, and ...... nothing! Happened when I try to play via artist, album, or song - even showed cycling to the next song (on the dispolay), but, on 3G or WiFi, not a sound came out, nor did I see the song time progress. And, I have a ton of apps on the phone, all others work fine, no jave errors on anyhting, so, I don't feel my device is a culprit ... disappointed :-(

What device are you using? It works amazing on my 9700 Bold. I didn't do a battery pull or anything after installing but did you try that?

Hey, I was excited too about grooveshark, had already installed it on my bold 9000, first song always plays but even if the radio icon is active it dont play in a non stop way, then when i press next song it try to load it but suddenly the BB become frozen and i have to make a hard reset :( I don´t know what to do... Help!!

Same issue as jeffharris... paid the $3 to try it out, installed fine, but trying to play a track results in nothing, just the song listed in the Now Playing screen. A bit frustrating. I emailed them about this, so I guess we'll see how good / responsive their support is.

Specs: Bold 9700, OS 3G and WiFi are enabled.

i love the web version of it and was excited to see it available for my BB. I just signed up for it and glad i did, works great and very fast, i think its worth the 3 bucks a month if your gonna actually use it and i am for sure. btw i have a Tour and works great.

I'm confused about how this can be legal. It appears that they use the pool of songs that everyone has uploaded to allow anyone to listen to it. Otherwise this seems very cool!

I'm wondering the same thing, and...if apps like Slacker cost more and don't allow you to pick the song, how can Grooveshark?

Actually won't stream anything for me either on my 9700. Anything I set for offline works fine, but I can't get anything else to play.

i installed this app on my bold 9700 and curve 8900 and it doesn't work on either one. Both phones are running OS5. its very bad business to come out with a new app and not give a free trial. Now i have to spend time that i dont have contacting them for a refund.
not a very satisfied customer

i downloaded it and purchased it on my storm 9530. after install, it completely locks my phone forcing a battery pull...did this twice. i'm sticking with pandora. refund, here i come. anyone with the same problem on the storm 1?

go to option, applications, groovshark, hit the menu button, then disable comp. mode....i think that might work.


the app needs a little work, but I have been using it for a couple weeks and I have been very impressed. Also can't believe its legal, hope it lasts.

I checked it out with my computer and was ready to buy it, but when I went to the site with my Storm 2, I see that Storm isn't supported.

Guess I'll wait for them to get Storm support and then take another look.

Grooveshark (as long as it is legal) will be one of the best music apps... its exactly what each of us would make if we made our own music app.

1. One of the features I love is choosing songs being available offline (even if you are always online, when you have this option on for a song it plays as if its the real music player on your phone!!) Im still trying to figure out if the default memory for this is the phone or memory card thats my only worry.

2. If you have songs that they don't have, you can upload them to your playlists, so that you can access them thru the mobile app. not only are you improving the community but its your music on the go without using up memory card. if your like me.. im good wth my 8gb, but I still have another 20 gb of music i would like access to randomly.

3. The mobile app itself at the moment is terrible I will admit. I did expect it to work a bit better with making a official debut on Crackberry, but I can appreciate in the direction this company is going. once they work out the kinks in the mobile app and your account syncs and streams flawlessly between web and mobile version it will be jaw dropping.

4. I have heard different reviews of the streaming working or not. I think this comes down to your 3G, Verizon Tour users have faster internet compared to Tmobile 9700 users. Idk if there is a speed mimimum but maybe tmobile will be at the point with there 7.2mbps release here soon. I do want to hesitate on this tho because the app doesn't work very well on Wifi either on my 9700. (oh that icon is WiFi btw, like letting the app know you are on wifi, doesn't make sense but whatever)

I think grooveshark is worth the 30 dollars for the year personally even for my desktop (they have a desktop app for mac and windows) and i think the mobile version as it improves will just get better and better.
I would like to see the radio option on my mobile app, and streaming to get better like pandora or slacker apps.

Now a couple of things if you pull the trigger on the VIP subscription.

A). The password gave me problem when I had a number in it i.e password1. when i changed it to just password then I could log in just fine in case anyone else runs across this.

B). If this will not stream for you, you can try to click on the song and click "make available for offline playback" The song downloads to your phone in like 30 seconds and is available for you to listen whenever (even after a battery pull) Not all songs become available, but i would say 75% do.

Personally the app works perfect for me, I think the majority of problems are occurring with T-Mobile users. Connection doesn't seem to be an issue with me. I have been streaming on EDGE despite the requirement of 3G/Wi-Fi.

Yeah, I can totally agree with what you are saying. I think it is something to do with our data settings. I don't think it is a speed thing anymore, one because of your comment, and two it isn't working on wifi and I don't have a speed problem there lol.

I have been emailing back and forth with the designer of the application. He is updating the application that are specific to my personal needs.. which is blackberry 9700 and Tmobile. that should help out a lot of people here. They are very responsive with support... i really think this may be worth every penny.

Great app, love the fact that it is finally available on Blackberry and that we here in CANADA can take advantage of this.

However, it will not play through bluetooth onto my car stereo. I hope that's available in the next update, until then Starbucks will see my 3 bucks a month :)

Works great for me on Rogers. Like others have mentioned, seems to be a T-Mobile 9700 issue since most with the problem are clearly using that device and that carrier.

This is just what I was looking for - the ability to play the song you want to hear when you want to hear it. I have been playing with it on the web and now on my phone for about 3 hours and I love it.

(I will still keep Slacker because I don't see a way to create a station on this app. based on a song/style. Add that feature and I won't have a need for Slacker any more)

I gladly forked over the $3 for the first month and do not regret it. I am taking advantage of the offline availability mode so I can play it no matter what the coverage is where I am.

Thanks Grooveshark!

..before signing up. Guess I'll be waiting to get VIP till they support the Storm. I like the program a lot, though. May be replacing Pandora for my desktop listening.

Ok, on second thought.. the more i use it and get the feel of it, the more I like it.. I mean !!! When I find an entire live album by RATT 1985??????????? Holy hell!!! Im rocking out like I was back in highschool!!!! I gotta say, this app is growing on me.. Love how playlists synch to your phone when you log in ... Im diggin it and rocking like no buddy's business..

The little signal indicator for in the lower left of the player window? Oh thats just the strength of the connection to the RIAA servers where they monitor who is listening to royalty free music on this soon to be shutdown app.
Or not, just a guess.

Not worth the money. Not even worth keeping for free!!! A complete waste of time--A LOT of time waiting, and waiting and waiting. I've had it one day and am cancelling now. Does not work on my Curve 8330. Does it work on other BB's?

So has anyone else been using GrooveShark regularly yet? I am giving it a try and am a bit disappointed to discover that it doesn't have a huge library of music like Pandora or Slacker does. It provides you a way to upload your own tunes, and when you search it lets you see what other users have uploaded as well..

This means you often get stuff like "Track 01" for a track name when people out there don't keep the metadata up to date in their ID3 tags.. Somewhat of a let down.

Anyway, I'll play with it for a while and see if it can really take the place of Slacker, but I'll continue to look anxiously for Rhapsody for Blackberry! That will be the shizzle..


Also having issues getting anything to stream to my Bold 9000 with OS on AT&T.. Nothing streams at all...

MrSimmonsSr (aka Mojoski)

...why I want to pay each month to listen to my own music from a battery-draining internet stream when I can listen to my music for free off my sound card?

I purchased the VIP membership and then saw that they did not support the Storm. I feel very cheated by a service that I otherwise love. If they do not support the Storm, they should be more upfront about it and make sure that I am aware of that before I even have the option of downloading the app which just freezes up your Storm, requiring a battery pull.

...still has many bugs on my 8900. I was not expecting the bugs since they don't mention it's in beta and they do not offer a free trial or anything. Offline music works great and I like how it synchronizes with the website; the only issue I am running into is I can't stream anything, it's weird, if I highlight a song and select allow offline playback, it will play, if I just click play now to stream, it will not do anything, and the radio won't work at all. It has to be a bug since I'm in full coverage with wifi.

I have the exact same thing on my Bold 9700. It's really frustrating. I already contacted support, let's see if they can fix this problem because otherwise there service is worth nothing.

However they charge monies for some access. which would put them legally in a hotspot for potentially selling pirated and unlicensed music.

I dont expect grooveshark to last into 2011 without another way ot making money, or license agreements.

and with valid license agreements, maybe they can get a legitimate music source instead of user uploads.

Indemnification, Limited Liability

You hereby indemnify and hold harmless, and upon EMG’s request, defend, EMG its affiliates (and their respective directors, officers and employees) from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages, costs or expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs) arising out of any claim, action, or proceeding brought by a third party based on: (i) a breach of any warranty, representation, covenant or obligation of yours under this Agreement; or (ii) any allegation that any User Content provided, uploaded, syndicated, linked to or authorized by or on behalf of you hereunder or EMG’s or any User’s use thereof violates or infringes the rights of another party. You will reimburse EMG and its affiliates on demand for any actual payments made in resolution of any liability or claim that is subject to indemnification under this Section 14, provided that EMG obtains your written consent prior to making such payments, such consent not to be unreasonably withheld, delayed or conditioned. EMG shall promptly notify you of any such claim, and you shall assume control of the defense of such claim upon EMG’s request. EMG shall have the right, at its expense, to participate in the defense thereof under your direction.

I, for one, would be very careful about using this service. If they do not have an agreement with an artist the artist and the record company can/will sue the USERS...

Thanks for posting this. I've been wondering about the service, but haven't had the time to really get into the details. I am really second guessing this service.

I was going to sign up for the VIP plan but I've noticed that their billing page isn't encrypted, no way in hell I'm putting my credit card info in an open source like that. Just beware of that.

Won't stream anything, and doesn't even have its own library, that I can tell. I just deleted it and will have to count that $3.00 as a dummy charge for not looking into closer before I signed up.

If you install this and sign up for a VIP account and decide to kill it like I did, make sure you cancel your reoccurring subscription so you don't get charged $3 every month. I bought my VIP account through PayPal and it is easy to cancel the subscription from their interface..


we could sit here and decide for hours on legal or not. Im not here to argue either, i just know the company is working on rewriting its ToS, and working with record labels.

On the APP itself, which is what we are here for. I personally have been contacting support.. and they are VERY responsive. I agree they should put the word BETA next to the app, but there was a 'bug' causing the streaming not to work. I have received the fix, and the release should be soon and available for download. I am can tell you I have a version that allows for streaming on my tmo 9700.

Also the icon on the bottom left is radio mode. Since streaming wasn't working, we never knew... but when you pick a song on your own.. and then click that icon.. the app now starts playing songs based on the genre of the song you original chose to play. im impressed at the moment.

So far im lovin this! it of course has a few bugs. Sometimes it loses connection with the server and ill have to shut down and restart. The song cache-ing is official! quicker than slacker and it can just be one song to cache. try to cache one at a time for now as doing that to multiple songs may cause the app to crash. ive also experienced less cut offs than slacker and pandora. Biggest thing i like, the app loads quickly. least thing i like, how do i send them feedback. No feedback option in the menu. Worth the $3 a month? IMO,yup!!

is to set the app for "radio" its a feature on the PC site that selects songs to play next if you dont want to choose yourself. Its basically a "Pandora-like" feature.

I used to use Rhapsody as my sesktop online mustic streaming choice. I dislike the monthly charge of $12.99, and I was unable to listen to what I wanted to on demand. Grooveshark is now exclusively on my desktop and my Blackberry 8320 as my online music streaming choice. $3/mo for the VIP membership, and being able to list to songs on can't beat that. The only negative side is that Grooveshark lacks a few songs in their collection, but for $3/mo, and being able to listen to what you want when you want...thats not bad at at.

THIS APP ROCKS!! I had some issues installing on my Tour, but after getting rid of the bogus Viigo I was able to do it. This app is great and if you just download a couple of songs by moth you are overpaying the monthly fee (compared to iTunes price) and also you can stream almost any songs!!! P.S. Tambien tiene muchas canciones en español y actuales para los latinos!!