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Grooveshark launches HTML5 website, stream music to your BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry smartphone

By Bla1ze on 13 Jan 2012 06:16 pm EST

Back in the day, I used to be a fan of the Grooveshark streaming music service. They even had a beautiful BlackBerry app to go along with it, and I even signed up for their premium offerings but it got to a point where Grooveshark and I were no longer friends. Their beautiful BlackBerry app never got updated and they ignored all my mentions about it and alas, I moved onto Rdio who is not only glad to take my money but in return, also provide me with an awesome Blackberry, Android and iOS app for all my streaming music needs. They have not yet given me a PlayBook app but their site works when you use Simple Browser from HaTaX and I'm fine with that.

Grooveshark in the meantime, has been working on an HTML5 site for their users and having just now heard about it I figured i would give it a go and see how well it worked. It's in beta now, and they don't appear to have account support built in as of yet so if you're already a Grooveshark user you'll not be able to access anything from your account but no matter -- you can still stream the content, just not access playlists or favorites from your account.

The HTML5 website worked pretty good, not only on BlackBerry smartphones but also the BlackBerry PlayBook. I was able to visit and make use of the site from Bold 9900 and my BlackBerry PlayBook easily and stream any music I searched for on their service. Will I return back to Grooveshark as a user? Not a chance but it's nice to see that the HTML5 site works and I'm sure a lot of folks will make use of it. Check it out for yourself, hit the link below!

Try out Grooveshark HTML5


Reader comments

Grooveshark launches HTML5 website, stream music to your BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry smartphone


I have been visiting the Grooveshark site for about 5 months on my PB and it has always worked for me very well.

Can't use your account. Grooveshark still fails on mobile. Rather use full site on PlayBook and their lacking yet working app on BlackBerry.

I subscribed to rdio but cancelled after a couple of months because I couldn't handle the exceptionally bad sound quality. Grooveshark isn't any better but at least it's free...

im a huge Groveshark fan and I have a subscription. I use the android app on OS 2 beta and it's simply awesome and very functional. I had a fantastic party yesterday with my PB streaming music over Bluetooth thanks to A2DP support and using the android app to DJ the party. All my friends were pretty impressed.

groove shark sucks man. they let users upload files and i can't believe that STILL in 2011 when i last used it , people do not know how to simply rip and upload a complete album when i was doing this sht in 1999 off of Napster!! And even before napster in 1997 coding mp3's using winamp 2 years after mp3 was official. its insane to grasp the idea that people still have no idea how to use the technology they use on a daily basis 17 years after its inception. and that's exactly why you get half albums and tracks that don't play on frootyshark. it's a bullsht service and i can't believe they charge money for it. i stick with Rhapsody which is a million times better then least of the blackberry. but grooveshrak's a joke mang.

Works perfectly on both my PlayBook and even BlackBerry Bold 9700, big ups for that. But still as a VIP Grooveshark user I miss a possibility to log in and choose from my playlists. But I can imagine using the HTML5 version on my BB smartphone more than the BlackBerry app, cause it's too heavy on my phone and freezes sometimes. Another advantage is that I can use my volume buttons even with a BlackBerry in Standby mode (for the app I had to switch it on first, then change the volume and switch the display off again, doh!) + the mute button can actually pause and unpause the currently playing son from the browser (not just mute).

EDIT: And when you paly a song via HTML5 browser version, a multimedia control button appears on the system taskbar - perfect !!

Been working really well, even on bridge. I like how using it on the PB it has the pause/play on the top menu.