Grooveshark For BlackBerry Updated To v1.0.7

By Bla1ze on 9 Feb 2010 12:44 pm EST
Grooveshark For BlackBerry Updated To v1.0.7

Grooveshark, the premium streaming music application we looked at previously has rolled out an update recently. Sadly, no changelog was issued with the release but users opening up the application were indeed, prompted to download what is now v1.0.7. Seems a lot of T-Mobile users were having issues with getting the application to work previously, so maybe you'll want to give this version a shot to see if it works better. Grooveshark is available for $3/mnth through their VIP program which allows for unlimited streaming and caching of music played for offline usage.



first comment again baby. very good app, i ahvet eh free version. on curve 8330 5.0 hybrid..HOWEVER it uses 1.5 mb and cause a memory leak big time..but can i have a free copy (L)


Has anyone tried it with 464 on the bold yet? i had 1.0.6 working after a fresh install, but once i had all other apps and info restored, and connected to bes, it stopped working.

Anyone else have better luck?


Anyone risk installing and trying to run this new version on their Storm? Crashed my Storm on the previous version.


Does not work with .464 on the Bold.


Couldn't get it to work on my AT&T .464 Bold either and discontinued my VIP membership.


Works great. I use it everyday - both the berry version and since I'm VIP, also the desktop version. Runs amazing on my 9700 (which is a device that isn't really PRONE to memory leaks).

Also, who said anything about a giveaway? This blog post is commenting on the update. Silly goose.


been using the service for over a month now, was only really int rested in it because you could use it on a black berry, at the time i had the tour and it would never install would always want me to update to the latest 1.0.7 which i installed, now i have a storm 9530 and it just freezes the phone


Won't connect on 9700 w .442 :(


Does the old version work on .442


Sadly I downloaded it and all it did was lock up my storm!!! Bummer :(


where's the love...
no 9550 support?????