Great Little War Game comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook

Great Little War Game
By Adam Zeis on 31 Mar 2012 01:06 pm EDT

I've only been playing this game for a few hours, but already I'm totally addicted. Great Little War Game is an awesome strategy game for the BlackBerry PlayBook that I can already see will take up wayyy too much of my time. The premise of the game is simple and and it's super easy to get the hang of it so you can jump right in.

Take command of your army and battle the foe on land, sea and air but be sure to make wise decisions as you go. You want to deploy your soldiers to take full advantage of the higher terrain, natural choke points, ambush spots and defensive walls. Get it right and the bad guys will lose to your superior strategy skills. 

Great Little War Game features various modes including skirmish, multiplayer and campaign as well as various difficulty levels and much, much more. While the price tag is at the higher end for a game at $4.99, it's well worth that and more. Check out more at the link below.

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Great Little War Game comes to the BlackBerry PlayBook


Looking at the screenies on app world... Really doesn't look $5 good. Am I gunna be sad if I buy this? from a graphics standpoint?

Definitely a potential buy. I haven't found a strategy game I'm crazy about yet, but this says turn-based so that is my style.

I was tempted to try this game.
I usually allow myself one app a payday just to support rim. Sorry im on a budget.
i may wait for more reviews

Bought the game for $3.75 just now, stellar graphics and sound nice gameplay as well worth the money :) buy it! Its a shame that rim cannot fix the screenshot on appworld.

This awesome game is native and not ported.

screenshots in appworld on 2.0 look distorted and low quality. thats across all apps, its not anything youve done. they are working on a fix for it

dont waste ur money...u will regret paying 5 dollars for this game. i would of payed 1 or 2 dollars for a game like this but not 5.

Um okay, 4.99 is too much to pay for this game? It's the exact same price on other leading mobile app stores. iPhone/iPad App Store 2.99 + 1.99 add-on and Google Play 2.99 + separate 1.99 All Out War add-on.

The developer has posted in the forums that the Playbook native built version has all the updates/add-on's built in.

25,696 have rated this game an average of 5 1/2 stars out of 6 on Google Play.

1,023 have rated the built in add-on All Out War an average of 5 1/2 out of 6 on Google Play.

22 have rated the game 4 out of 5 stars on the Google Chrome Web Store. (browser based game recently released)

5 1/2 stars out of 6 on iTunes App Store.

The developer has also posted that since they built this game for our Playbooks that all future updates and games will be released simultaneously as the other 2 leading platforms.

So you're saying you've not played it then?

Damn, most people have to play a game before offering feedback, but I see you've optimised the process nicely. :)

@RubiconDev: I agree with you. No one should comment negatively when they haven't even tried the game. That said, it's disappointing that it's $4.99 in BlackBerry App World and it's $2.99 in the iTunes App Store. BlackBerry App World has the ability for in-app purchases of add-ons, if that's the issue.

That is the reason, yes. We did um and ar over handling that, but we felt the backlash over a higher price might make a pleasant change from the backlash of us having the nerve to charge for extra content. :)

One thing we've vowed to do is pull out of this pricewar race to the bottom because we think our products actually have value.

And we're still only talking about a visit to McD's even at this "high" price.

I'm happy to support an honest dev, especially one who comes on CrackBerry :)
Great game! Definitely worth the $4.99.

i got this for my nexus s when google had the 10 days of 10 cent apps. great buy then. fun game and super challenging. i just got the tank hero: laser wars but this is probably going to be the next game i buy

Ha, ... nope, that would be awesome if they did. I'm just a huge turn based strategy game fan and to me, and as the numbers show, many others, this game is worth it.

Upset? Yeah a little I guess since you are here telling others that they are going to regret paying $5 for a game when we all know how empty the App World is.

How much does a bottle water cost in your parts?

To me, it's exciting when one of my favorite games is on the Playbook now since it's my go to device.

Different strokes for different folks. ;)

Thanks for sticking up for us. And I can confirm he's neither a shill nor being paid! :)

I didn't butt in myself as after a year of this on other mobile platforms, I just get tired of people whining about paying almost nothing for two man years worth of work.

I don't bother with analogies with burgers or bottled water anymore. My favourite comparison is getting into Mm Tussauds in London. Traipse round there for an hour and it'll cost you the same as over 30 copies of great little war game. And still there's a two hour waiting line.

I'm in Afghanistan for a little bit longer, so can't buy it yet... But as soon as I can, I will. I'm a big fan of Advance Wars style games, so I plan to enjoy this. Thanks for supporting us, you've got lots of new fans already!

Any plans for more games for our awesome Playbooks?

Keep up the stellar work over there, we're behind you here.

We have a couple of smaller games that we're thinking about porting over soon. But now we have a native build of our engine that "just works", PB and BB10 will get the same billing as other formats for our next releases.

Many here are waiting for Skype and Hulu and.... Ad naseum! Not me. I've been waiting for GLWG.

Never dreamed all the missions would come and all running native. I've you like turn based strategy games you will love this. Very similar to advanced wars on Nintendo for game play. Very smooth; the graphics and audio are top notch and hilarious too.

This app will help sell Playbooks. Thanks RubiconDev. However Absolutely no mention of a PB version on their site after a quick look. (Even psvita has a coming soon graphic!)

/Device agnosticism or bust!

It's coming, our site guy is away over the weekend and the speed at which GLWG went from Beta to published took us all by surprise tbh. Thumbs up for RIM on that one!

I follow @BlackBerryDev, and other developers are always telling them the same thing. Very encouraging to hear that they've gotten that squared away, and now it's actually good!

I think I'll buy it, I don't really have the time to play games very often and because of it I likely will not spend more than 30min in total on the game, but I appreciate your hard work - and also admire you for getting on crackberry to mingle with the end users a bit - my support is on its way - thank you.

I bought this game just because CrackBerry featured it on the main Page (and other users commented that it was native and included the expansion content). I'm glad devs are finding the conversion process to be easy, thanks Rubicon for bringing this game to the PlayBook!

I'm not a gamer....I use my PB for business. However - as an old soldier, I was intrigued by a game that focused on military strategy. I bought it today for my flight home tomorrow. And BONUS! It costs 20% less in Mexico!

I pride myself on owning every good PlayBook game... it goes a long way to silencing critics who only care about Apps.

I guess I shall add this one to my collection. I love strategy games and look forward to diving into it

A great game. I haven't been into gaming on my mobile devices. I am a strategy game player; Sim City and things of that nature. This game is right up my alley. The 4.99 was well worth it. You pay for quality in my opinion. This is not a crap app. Great job fellas.

War games used to be fun until Bush pushed the US into the war buisness full time and now all the games are modern simulators that numb the mind. Long Live Wolfenstein,,!!!!! :D

It's a great game and a lot of fun. For those of you complaining about $5 for a game, people do have to get paid to make products. Five dollars is not a lot of money.

I used to love a game called Advance Wars on the Gameboy. How does this compare? Same kind of concept?

Awesome that the dev is here - AND commited to native game for the PlayBook!

I'm not an RTS or war game type really but I am going to fly the flag for devs like Rubicon! And Kudos to RIM guys for getting this turned around fast!

(So, have you got a great adventure game in the works? Space based maybe? :-D)

Two updates within the past several days. Up to 1.1.5 now. Don't know what the upgrades did though...