Grayonic Theme Looking Very Sharp!

By Bla1ze on 23 Nov 2008 03:08 pm EST
Grayonic Theme Looking Very Slick!

I have a confession folks... aside from being a CrackBerry addict in general, I'm also a major theme junkie. I just can't help myself. A nice new theme comes out and I just have to have it. I'm positive some of you out there can relate lol! This beautiful piece of work comes to us from Visto Themes. With the user customizable icons right down to the custom message waiting indicator, nice shade of light blue and wicked looking transparency in the menus this theme has made its way into my weekly theme rotation, without question.

Available for the Bold and 83XX/88XX Devices, you can grab this theme for $7 and many more from VistoThemes in the ShopCrackBerry Software Store and in the forums.

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Grayonic Theme Looking Very Sharp!


bla1ze your not alone i too look for new and exciting themes and just gave to have them
this one looks very sharp and i am going to buy it now lollol

Yep, I like it as well - but no OTA? I am still waiting for the link, though. Looks very nice. Crisp and clean!

There's some advantages and disadvantages to both ways of installing.

With an OTA install, you can install it instantly without needing a computer nearby, which is definitely more convenient. The downside is that the install is on a 3rd party web server, and with that comes downtime which might make it unavailable for the customer for a bit. Plus you don't actually have the theme forever. (just as long as the server is up.)

The .zip installs are nice because you will then always have the theme and don't have to depend on a 3rd party to keep the website up etc etc.

I just got this theme and it's great!! Thanks Visto for getting me the OTA so quickly; The theme is quick and very slick. Worth the $7.

Nice looking theme but not new,too many themes out there that have more punch.Iam a theme junkie myself and I don't think this well last long on my BB.$7.00 ouch :( As far as OTA,I would much rather have the theme in a zip format,if your BB goes south you can always reload the theme!

you know the theme is great, but the SMS icon is the same as the general messages icon.. Both are just plain white envelopes, so when you see the message notification asterick, your not certain if it's a txt or an email.. Kind of a deal killer for me, unless that's changed.

The icons for both should be different. They both do have the same white envelope, but the one for email/messages should have the blue "browser" icon over it, to show that it's an email and not on the cellular network. Is that what you mean?


That is what I mean. But the general icon that summarizes all my email accounts in one list, is just a plain white envelope.

I just updated the icons for you. The messages icon includes a blue circle while sms/mms only includes the envelope. Re-downloading from shopcrackberry/original download location should fix it.

Really nice theme; crisp graphics, nice icons. One very annoying aspect: when selecting a contact to email, if the contact has several email addresses, the need to highlight the desired email becomes very difficult. The highlight is black-on-black; I can't tell which one i've chosen. Anyone have a way around this??

Unfortunately the current theme builder does not allow themes to be made for the storm, but when that comes available, I definitely will produce themes for it.

it works great and looks awesome......
went to my pc and to the email and downloaded it with no

Just curious....if it's not instant, that's ok. I ordered about 10 minutes ago and haven't gotten any email yet. Just used to instant gratification.

The theme is almost always sent right after purchase via - but in some cases it can take a little bit as I believe mobihand runs random fraud checks.