GRave Defense HD: Now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook

GRave Defense HD: Now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook
By Bla1ze on 3 Nov 2011 02:10 am EDT

If tower defense games are your thing you might as well just go ahead and fire up BlackBerry App World on your BlackBerry PlayBook right now. GRave Defense HD has landed for the BlackBerry PlayBook and is now available for only $2.99. Another stellar game brought to the platform care of Marmalade. Take Field Runners -- add in some zombies with set paths instead of them being free-roaming and a ton more weapons and you've got GRave Defense HD. If you're looking to see the game in action, you can jump past the break for a look at the Android version's trailer as the gameplay is the identical.

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GRave Defense HD: Now available for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Buy on Android Market!
-good to know at least games are at least identical and not worse on PlayBook, we'd never hear the end of it otherwise...

Fun game. Best tower defence game for the PB so far! It's a little weird to have to scroll to see the whole field, but that doesn't detract much from the experience.

So you just set guns up & the zombies walk into the line of fire? Kinda like the Ron Popeil Zombie Killer, just set it & forget it. Seems a kinda boring to me, just my opinion though.

I have to agree with elle. i thought this would be boring since you don't maze yourself and the towers have to go in predefined spots. but after playing 1 level i learned that theres is still a lot of strat. that needs to be taken into consideration. its hard too if you dont pay attention. Its not one of those TD games that you can just set your towers and walk away for a few waves.

def. worth the price. good game

Save the humanity? Did the guys who translated zero wing take this on too?

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