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By James Falconer on 29 May 2007 11:35 am EDT

GrandCentral.comToday we came across a cool site that is offering a truly unique service. gives you one phone number that can ring on one or more of your phones. Want your home AND mobile number to ring when someone calls? Give them your GrandCentral number and that's exactly what will happen!

One of the huge benefits of this as I see it is you will NEVER miss a call again if all of your phones ring at the same time!

Some cool features offered from GrandCentral:

 - Forward calls to all of your phones at once
 - Share funny voicemails with friends via email
 - Allow people to call you from your website
 - Receive phone calls on your computer
 - Visual voicemail

Unfortunately, GrandCentral is only available in the US at the moment. I tried to sign up here in Canada and service up here is currently unavailable.

Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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Reader comments - Never Miss a Call Again!


We signed up for this for my brother about a month ago so we wouldn't miss any calls for him while he was in the hospital at the time, it's come in very handy for us while he's been in and out of the hospital so his wife doesn't miss any calls that come in on his BB and when she's not available, others step up and take care of it. The great thing that we really like is the ability to setup a "ringback tone" for certain callers so we can record a message and set it for a group and when they call, it plays that message to them.

My husband and I own multiple businesses. One that requires us to be available around the clock. Sometimes we don't want to give out our personal cell phone numbers that's where our GrandCentral number comes in handy. I love the feature that lets us know that we're receiving a call from someone who is calling our GrandCentral number instead of calling our cell phones. This is a great concept and has so many other convenient features. I believe everyone should have a GrandCentral phone number.

Its great, I never miss a call now. Some great features include the ability to temporarily assign a number for all calls to go to, listen in on messages being left (and even jump in on them), force people to say their names before it forwards the call (it will remember them a second time) and setting the hours it will ring your home number.

I have had a few issues where it wont accept my "1" from my home VOIP network but thats not that big of a deal. Although when driving I can't just automatically answer I actually have to get my phone out and press that 1. Thats kind of annoying at times.

Other than that its a great service. Its the only number I give out especially now that I'm hopping carriers every 30 days waiting for the storm :)