????gram will soon have a name and provide full native Instagram app functionality for BlackBerry 10!

You'll soon have a great Instagram client for your BlackBerry Z10, Z30, Q10... you get the picture. (Get it? GET IT? The PICTURE!) :)

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Oct 2013 10:17 pm EDT

A few weeks ago we dropped word here on the CrackBerry blogs about iGrann, which claims to be the first fully-featured Instagram client for BlackBerry 10. The post got a BIG response from the community and the forums action on iGrann has been hot and heavy ever since - clearly so many of you out there (myself included) want a well-built native Instagram app for BlackBerry 10.

Now it appears iGrann may get beat to the punch by another developer with an Instagram client who's name has yet to be given out. Currently going by ????gram, you can check out the video above and photos in the gallery below to see this native Instagram client coming together for BB10.

The photos and videos were sent to me just a little while ago, along with the following brief note:

"We plan to publish the first version for certification by the end of the week with basic functionality (registration, picture upload, public feed browsing) and complete the app (with video upload too) in next few days after that."

So there you have it. It shouldn't be too long of a wait! In the meantime, let the rumor mongering begin.... I wonder what name this Instagram client will go by?! It's gotta change from ????gram to something!

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????gram will soon have a name and provide full native Instagram app functionality for BlackBerry 10!



What's the point of these apps? I think Flipboard Instagram integration is better than the actual app anyway. You guys should really do an article explaining how to setup Instagram with Flipboard. Just go to Content (red menu thing in the top right) then tap Accounts, tap Instagram and enter your account then voila all Instagram content is available! It looks better than native Instagram in my opinion. Tumblr and some other services that are not on BB10 yet are also available this way.

I've noticed a keyboard issue typing in my username and password just for Instagram so I copied and pasted it over from another app and everything works great!!

This will be celebrated by many in the CB Community.

Which is sad. Just sad. Poor prosumers and their cobbled together ecosystem and sideloads. And security!!


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Well... usually I'm fairly positive about things, and of this I am sure...
I am positive that you're an asshole.

Sorry Instagram. I guess I am still hopeful that if windows phone can get a native version why can't us BlackBerry fans get it as well?

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Won't happen. The Intragram folks would have BlackBerry pull that app from World so quickly you wouldn't even know it was there in the first place. They're really against 3rd party apps using "insta" and/or "gram" in their names.

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Not necessarily, because it does not have the name "Instagram"in it. Just "Insta" or "????gram". For example, "BlackBerry" and "CrackBerry". "BlackBerry" is the product or service, and "CrackBerry" represents "BlackBerry" in many forms.

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The rules only apply to a 3Rd patty app accessing instagram.

If it has nothing to do with instagram you can use " insta" or "gram" no issues


I think it will take some time. I'm of the belief WP8 is getting a native client because of the number of people who downloaded the third party app for Instagram. If both of the Instagram apps on BB10 are successful we will more than likely see the official client come to BB10.

I side loaded and barely use it. My OCD is the only reason I need it. Nothing more :p lol

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You see my friend, a lot of people have nothing better to do with their lives than trade photos on instagram, or blab away on Facebook, or post comments on tech sites.




I don't care. Just get us the real app already. Start a petition and we'll sign it for you. Then take it to Facebook yourself and it should escalate from there.

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In what world do you live in. Facebook doesn't give a rats ass about some stupid petition. They want a cool million in their pockets.

I agree with you, but I highly doubt you got my sarcasm.

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totally agree ... I don't get it either; isn't the same purpose served by Facebook and a whole whack of other programs??

I will admit I enjoy using Instagram (sideloaded) but I wouldn't say it's necessary.

However, people will judge the platform by looking at what "popular" apps are available.

Think of it like selling a BMW without an auto gearbox. Sure you don;t have to have auto, manual works just fine and hardcore drivers prefer them.

However, consumers will think "Why buy the car without auto when every other car has auto. What's wrong with it? etc"

Crude comparison, but you get the point.

It's not just about uploading selfies or food pics. Instagram can be used to market products and stuffs too, convenient for small businesses.

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omg! I better learn how to cook vintage meals and take practice selfie shots! :p

lol but hurray for BBRY anyways! :D

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It should be free tho. It would be crazy if Instagram is "free" and there would be devs to create an instagram client app which require users to pay.

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I think not. If they charged for the app, the Instagram team would have a fit.

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Using the logic in many BBM4ALL postings.... you can get your free version of Instagram by purchasing ANY smartphone except BB.

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Lol! Won't be the 1st... look at all those Google maps spoofs on BlackBerry World....

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I wouldn't mind paying $0.99 if the app is well done and unique compared to the original app while still giving all the function that the original app provides.

For example a BB10 oriented interface (all swiping gestures, CB10 app-like interface, etc.)

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Stand in your bathroom and take a pic of your self flexing in the mirror with a plate of dinner on the counter and then use a hundred hash tags

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This doesn't cut it. We're always trying to fill voids left by the big names.

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I have to admit, I appreciate the indie built native apps over the official ones. More class and ingenuity goes into the indie versions. Now let's get some for Netflix and other big name apps and rub it in their damn faces!

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

I've been waiting to jump on the Instagram wagon until I knew whether or not an app was coming. Apparently it's a fairly popular form of social networking. I suppose I could sign up for an account now.

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lmao my bad! And to think that my friend and I were clever for making the reference hahaha

Such a good movie, I've seen it three times now loool

This looks like it duplicates Instagram almost perfectly, which is what iGramm was trying to do at first, but looking at what he's go going on now, I think I'll stick with looking forward to iGramm at this point. It should be preeeetty slick when it's done.

Not to mention community involvement. The iGramm developer has been really interactive with the forums, so it's a bit easier to become attached.

"Instad"! Looks amazing. Pretty sure it will be free though since instagram wouldn't allow for a paid app

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Yes, yes it is. But I haven't heard that Instagram is building a native app for BB10. I don't even use the stupid app to be honest. I just converted with a debug token to see how well it would work (with the latest runtime from 10.2.1.xxxx) And to be honest, it is as smooth as can be.

Knockoffs aren't going to sell the BB10 brand. I use some converted android apps like "the score" because they are better than the native version. I even have the native FB app and the converted android version because the converted version lets me sort my feed.

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I'm going to be able to take stupid pictures of my sh!tty lunches and upload that to the Internet? Amazing. Such astounding innovation. Psyche. Not. instacrap is stupid.

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Doesn't matter if it is or not.

People want it and the lack of it is hurting the platform. It could be pictures of poo.

Demand is king.

Just call it instagram and be done with it, especially if this is as good as a native official port is gonna get!

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IMHO, few months back, someone posted a screenshot with IG on the BB Hub. I wonder if this app has Hub Integration =))

Call it something like
"Kilogram", so you can just say you just so happen to use a word that contains "gram", but isn't really about instagram.

Wow.. I will just need a snapchat client and my social apps would be complete!!!!!

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Just looks like a rip of the Android port. Probably is Android with a bit of UI paint.

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I would laught very hard if this was actually the official Instagram.

"hey all. ????gram is out. Go to BlackBerry world now and search for Instagram."


oh those goldengram
crispy crunchy gram cereal
brand new breakfast treat!

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Who needs whatsgram!!!!!! I can do everything in my BBM and BB10 device, its called sharing!!!!
If you don't know how, then ask Kevin.

What if that really is the official Instagram app? Looks pretty identical to me. Either way I want it NOW!

* @DJBrianS | BlackBerry Elite | *


Perfect for the narcissistic selfie crowd. Instant 20 million downloads in the first day.

Yes!!!? Thank you!!! I've been telling igrann to hurry and drop his app. This is what happens when someone else steps up.

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That's not smart. That would only prove to them that they were right in never making a BlackBerry app

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how about foodgram, narsisgram, pastagram, shoegram, kidsgram, nailgram, or maybe uselessgram? seriously i don't know why do people like instagram? its soo boooorrreeed app ever.

They should name it Telegram since it's probably going to be slower to load/take photos/apply filters -__- but hey at least it's something native for BB10

Somebody already!!!!! Since instagram is too busy fuckin with 'windows phone'. Psssh!

BBW Lovers Unite- OOLONG. The Eye of The OOLONG :C00121B8B

How about "Persistagram" ? ...for those who will stop at nothing to get a native Instagram client on BB10.

Glad to see devs hard at work making good things happen.

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Finalllly now we just need to get those developers to making snapchat and vine tooo :P

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Yaar.. I dnt need this app.. v have a editing software on our fone.. n we can also share pik from our fone to fb.. n also we can like or follow people on fb... then.wats the use of instegram..hai??..

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Who cares about Instagram, really. Well I guess people who have nothing really important to do. The world of mobile is changing. BlackBerry is on the right track. Look what Apple did today. Put out more of the same stuff demanding more of your hard earned bucks for little in return. BlackBerry will go around instagram one way or another

Trolls should be forced to use BB10!

That totally looks like the real and native Instagram app. Another clue is: Kevin Michaluk himself posted this. The kind of guy that doesn't just write any article, he brings delivers the goods.

BlackBerry 4life!

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Can't wait this is what we need! Thanks to the developers cause this is what bb10 needs I'd donate money for devs to create useful apps for this platform and im sure many others would so maybe developers can think about this and create a forum about it! I don't know just an idea

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The real app isn't needed if the 3rd party is just as good. We used 3rd party Twitter apps for ages.

* @DJBrianS | BlackBerry Elite | *

I hope each of the native replica apps makes it into BlackBerry World soon. I wish Instagram would just take five minutes to port their Android version then create a native version sometime later. But that won't happen until the press around BlackBerry 10 improves which isn't likely with the current Board and C suite.

BBM4ALL was the best chance for improving the brand perception during BlackBerry's darkest hour, but the botched rollout and now the waiting list to get in is continuing to take its toll.

I do like the ideas of CrackBerry fans rallying on Instagram's Facebook and Twitter pages voicing the desire to have this popular app the same way Rogers was convinced to carry the Z30. Whether you use Instagram or not, it has become the poster child of the app gap on BlackBerry 10 and the most important app to add to address the perception the platform is doomed.

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Hey Kevin is there any studies about how much BlackBerry users spend on apps compared to iOS, Android, WP users? I know myself I have over $150 worth.

I really like the enthusiasm of the indie devs rushing to create a native instagram app, but I think this one is the real thing, I dont know why but my hunch says it is... im 90% of the times wrong so dont take my word for it, and if it wasnt I think its unfair for the dev of iGrann, he really put a lot of work into creatong his app and even shared hos thoughts in the community and even asked for ideas for his app for it to be just how we like it...

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#TeamBackBerry always finds a way. Whether it be porting apps or creating alternative clients for apps, we get it done.

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It's sad how excited we all are over an app... Instagram knows how many BlackBerry fans want it but yet they won't release a version if it....

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I would've even paid for an Instagram app, but they don't think my money is good enough. Obviously, someone else thinks it is. Can't wait for ?????gram. #TeamBackBerry

Next, an alternative for Vine.

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Who cares? People do. Millions of people who have and actively use Instagram. Get off your damn high horses those of you who ignorantly say "who cares". The goal should be to have the apps that there is a demand for. BlackBerry knows this and that is why they put a lot of pressure on these companies to make BB10 apps. Some have, like NFL Mobile, MLB At Bat, Crackle. Some have not, like Instagram, Netflix.

I have been a BlackBerry proud owner for 7 years. Not all of these apps are important to me. But you must recognize that there are segments of the population who will not switch to BlackBerry if they can't get an app that they frequently use on another platform.

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How about eatshitinstagramwedontneedyouanyway-stagram? It does have a ring to it if you say it fast.

Anyone else think that it could be a native Instagram app? A fun way for Instagram to introduce it to bb10?! Wouldn't that be awesome!

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Did you hear that Instagram is bypassing bb10 and creating a native app for the windows phone??? What the heck Instagram???

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How did they bypass BlackBerry? WP was out way before BlackBerry, it only makes sense that WP gets it first.

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For all of you saying it HAS to be free, there are already Instagram VIEWER app's in BlackBerry World that cost money. Instago and Viewer for Instagram come to mind right away.

Hopefully ????gram is free but if not the dev who was mentioned in a prior blog has said that his app will be free.

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And so many Crackberry members claim they don't want/care about instagram. We all know we're jealous of windows phone.

I can't wait. This will be a welcome app to my collection of 4 on my Z10.

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We had nothing, now we have a choice of two. As long as they launch before WP8 gets Instagram. Do like the name Berrygram though.

lets go with the brand BBeither way BBMgram or Berrygram !! either way BBM Channels will be the best Social e-Comm Enterprise Brand Secured Messenger period !!

I don't get it. If there was an ability to make a 3rd party instagram app why did it take so long for it to be created? Anyone understand why? With a native alternative instagram the bb10 sales number would at least be double.

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Is it just me who really doesn't get this?!

Two things I don't get:
1. What the point of instagram is. Ok, people like it so let's have it, fair enough. It questions my faith in humanity though. But regardless.....

2. What exactly BlackBerry did to piss instagram off so badly? If an unknown 3rd party developer can come in and just make their own app that does exactly the same thing in a relatively short time span .....why is it that the combined might of instagram and BlackBerry couldn't pull it off??? BlackBerry could have made the app themselves. BlackBerry could have paid instagram to do it. Instagram could have spared a few people since January and done it themselves. But no, it takes an unknown small developer with resources to come and do what two multi million dollar companies couldn't figure out between them.

Something is seriously wrong there.

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Wouldn't use it but I know a lot who would so thanks in advance for it!

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.

Hahaha! What the hell is instagram anyways??? I don't care about what you had for lunch and what it looked like before you sent it through the Sh#*tter!

But i love these guys!!!! ????gram should be its name - it's awesome!

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I did some research KEVIN MICHALUK. Guess what, I found this video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxsMClD3LTE&sns=em) on you tube. You are using a white Z10. The ????gram video shows me the same phone and THE SAME HANDS, and no sound!

Kevin you said the video was send to you, but I think it is YOU in the ????gram video. Do I get a car now? Or better, the white Z10 with Instagram.

Have_a_nice_day out

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Very interesting idea you have there. I have watched both videos and obviously it is hard to tell but maybe this is true! Kevin may be working with developers to bring Instagram to bb10 which is why ????gram was never mentioned or seen in the forums at all!!! Usually things like this are mentioned in the forums first, like Igrann. So this would be amazing and I like to believe you!

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I don't care what it's called.. will it be integrated in the hub?? Is all I wanna know

They Type... I Flick (get it).

I use a sideloaded instagram but I can't wait to delete it for this! YAY! its great to be a BB owner now a days. All friends returning to BBM and have all the apps I need via support + sideloads. Not to mention have a unique device with a premium build that no one else has.

This looks like a webworks app (that action bar looks off and the spinner is way faster than the 10.1 cascades spinner), could be wrong but hope the igrann cascades app comes out as well.

My word, I really can't understand all this fuss about instawhat?

Maybe I'm in for minority here but I couldn't care less about it, never used it and never will.

Why does everyone go on about it, drives me mad, aarrgghh!!

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I know right? Its like email, what's the fuss about? Why can't people just stick to writing good old fashioned letter mail. It's always been reliable. First the telegram became obsolete, now I fear for our letter carriers...And what's with all these pound signs people are writing with? #oldtimer