????gram will soon have a name and provide full native Instagram app functionality for BlackBerry 10!

You'll soon have a great Instagram client for your BlackBerry Z10, Z30, Q10... you get the picture. (Get it? GET IT? The PICTURE!) :)

By Kevin Michaluk on 22 Oct 2013 10:17 pm EDT

A few weeks ago we dropped word here on the CrackBerry blogs about iGrann, which claims to be the first fully-featured Instagram client for BlackBerry 10. The post got a BIG response from the community and the forums action on iGrann has been hot and heavy ever since - clearly so many of you out there (myself included) want a well-built native Instagram app for BlackBerry 10.

Now it appears iGrann may get beat to the punch by another developer with an Instagram client who's name has yet to be given out. Currently going by ????gram, you can check out the video above and photos in the gallery below to see this native Instagram client coming together for BB10.

The photos and videos were sent to me just a little while ago, along with the following brief note:

"We plan to publish the first version for certification by the end of the week with basic functionality (registration, picture upload, public feed browsing) and complete the app (with video upload too) in next few days after that."

So there you have it. It shouldn't be too long of a wait! In the meantime, let the rumor mongering begin.... I wonder what name this Instagram client will go by?! It's gotta change from ????gram to something!

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????gram will soon have a name and provide full native Instagram app functionality for BlackBerry 10!


It's amazing... we (BlackBerrian) get excited as soon as a developer copies a killer app and brings it to the appworld and still play around with tons of Android ports.... while SMARTphones users of other kind just enjoy their engeniered versions. BlackBerry is being boycotted and I'm kind of tired of those "hey hey killer app is coming to os10!... maybe.." Come on! That's ridiculous.

Me?! I keep movin'!


How about Willigram...lol
Still hope that the native Instagram for BlackBerry would roll out someday!!!

Posted via CB10

Since its not the official app, the developer could be sued by instagram if he uses that name without having a formal agreement with instagram

well, i don't know if the developer has the company's permission to use the name or doesn't. if he does have, that would be fantastic...it saves Instagram the stress of dedicating in house resources to build the app and gives the Blackberry ecosystem a major app boost...it would be a great collaboration with all round benefits

Someone tell this guy that Instagram won't accept any name containing the word "gram"!

Posted via my sexy white Z10

Well, they would need to sue the one who created and named the Telegram...

Proudly Z10 owner...

I wonder if this is the real deal, like they're releasing it at the same time as the WP version...

Posted via CB10

Or maybe not. Video description says third party.

But the UI is very convincing.

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Amazing news. I've been running the Android port of IG for months w/o serious problems, but it's still not as responsive as the native BlackBerry apps, so I'm totally looking forward to this app and will gladly pay for it if needed.

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I say call it Mammogram because it's about taking pics and everyone is acting like boobs over it.

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Middle recording tab is not native and very hard to do. Which means,if my assumption of a solution is correct, we are dealing here with a very capable developer. Excellent.

iStat, EyeStat, CamStat, Viewage, LensGram, EyeGram, SeeGram, bbGram, bStat, bCam, bView, Lenshare, MyFocus, SayCheez, OpenView....okay, keep it rollin' ;-)

Call it anything as people will know about it if they Google BlackBerry10 instagram.

Those who are unable to do that shouldn't be using it anyway.

Posted via my CB Q10

can somebody explain to me the point of instagram? everyone posts pictures on their facebook account, why need another social media tool? just wondering. as for me, i will not download any instagram app, but am happy that one is coming to blackberry for the users that use it. so good job to both developers for taking the plunge and building them.

going out on a limb here! didn't someone post in the forums that there was some announcement being made on October 24th along with the release of the z30. I have a feeling this might be the official app! but im just guessing and Im probably 100% wrong and if it isnt I cant wait to support the two developers bringing there version to us. If I knew how to develop apps I would have done something like this too!!!!!!

Photogram, Photagram, Fastagram, Pictogram, Pictagram , Swiftagram Quickagram, Speedagram, Flashagram, Expressagram, Expressogram

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All well and good, but the BlackBerry core filters pale in comparison to the Instagram ones. Hopefully basic photo upload is just the first step to a clone.

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Let's call it Berrygram.. this will single It out from blackberry world of app.. can't wait to use it

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