Grab yourself an unlocked BlackBerry Z10 for only $200 with no contract!

By Bla1ze on 29 Nov 2013 04:20 pm EST

If you're looking to pick up a BlackBerry 10 device on the cheap and live in the U.S., then Shop BlackBerry has quite a nice deal for you to consider. A white or black unlocked BlackBerry Z10 with no contract can be yours for only $200 with free shipping when using coupon code BFEMAILZ10 after the device has been added to your cart. 

It does seem though, that the devices are limited to one device per order as when you add several Z10's to your cart the coupon code no longer works. I suppose, you could try placing two orders but your mileage may vary in regards to how well that works out for you in the end. Offer runs up until December 2nd according to the email sent out.

PS: You can TRY ordering one in Canada, some folks say you'll have to pay $28 shipping and of course, there is still the possibility the order will be canceled. No harm in trying though!

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Grab yourself an unlocked BlackBerry Z10 for only $200 with no contract!



I agree, would much rather have an unlocked GSM Z30 that worked on AT&T. Especially since I already have a Z10. They say good things come to those who wait.

This has to be because of all the excess inventory of the Z10. Remember BlackBerry announced a 1 billion dollar write down on the inventory of these things. Can't see them placing the same number of orders with the Z30 after a mistake like that.So I don't think any amount of waiting will get you a $200 Z30 unlocked from Shop BlackBerry.

well would not expect any discount right now to bring a Z30 to $200 it being a larger screen and more expensive phone. Does not mean I cant wish for a discount, any discount, on the Z30 even if I know full well the reason for this discount on the 10.

Cyber Monday?Boxing Day?Just give me a deal so I can justify an upgrade to the 30,Please,Pretty Please!!!OK 275$,Im in .Happy New Year,everybody!!

Would you kindly cease using terms spoken by Herr Heins. It sounded silly from him and moronic coming from you in the aftermath of abysmal sales almost one year later.

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

If it is STL 100 - 3 it should work. Sub models 91 and 121 have different frequencies. The 121 is the most versatile.

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just bought one for dad to replace his weak Pantech! At first I thought was a scam, but redirects to it when you go to purchase, so it's legitimate.

looks like you'll have to pay shipping to canada. as long as you don't change the currency from USD.. the estimated shipping is $28.25

And if you follow through and check out on the website, it just comes back with an error saying they don't ship outside of the US

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Yep. I tried that too. Was thinking of getting one for my sister to replace her stupid low end Samsuck that has so much lag it is not usable.

If you live near the border, you can always use a service like Kinek (@ and pay from $5 to have 'em hold it for you to pick it up, depending on the location you end up selecting. I've used Kinek in Buffalo many times, and it's been excellent for me :-D

Posted via CB10 on the amazing Q10

What's the internal model number on the US ones?? Didn't mention on the Shop.BlackBerry website.

Thats what I would want to know too. Doesn't help if it works on other GSM networks without LTE.

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It's very simple. google on what bands are (esp. 4G) t-mobile and att, then make sure your service provider uses the same ones.

Yes, it would work just fine in Canada as it's STL-3 Model number, no you can't order it if you live in Canada :(

Yes you can. Just ship it to someone's address in the US and have them FedEx or courier it to you. Still a very good deal.

:) Sorry, I'm using my wife's uncle address. Plus I am about to order the white one for my wife as a surprise too. Her uncle might be overwhelmed with 2 shipments. Lol!!

wahhhhh it won't work on Verizon though :( Do they sell a CDMA version online as well because I was literally about to buy one off contract through Verizon this week!

The Verizon ones can be obtained for a low price on ebay and elsewhere due to it being limited to Verizon.

I couldn't agree more. I am STILL on BB7 and don't have much money to throw around. $200 is in my price range too…. damn

What part of Ontario are you in? I'll sell you my Z10 for $175. It even has one of those tri fold cases. And I'll throw in a 4gb SD card if you want. It's got the leak 10.2.1 software on it right now but I can restore back. Haven't used it since Z30 came out.

...we are all connected...

Not difficult, but the early termination fees are what kill most people. They're just too expensive.

its $350 to cancel your contract early and at that point you might as well just spend$ $300 on the phone off contract.

Wonder it it has 10.2.1 already installed. This could be a way to avoid AT&T's refusal to provide us the update

Damn it. I would have loved to get a white Z10 that works on AT&T..but I ended up buying a black used on on eBay instead. Darn it!!

Posted via CB10

Doesn't work... submitted the order and it yelled at me that I'm a dirty Canadian and told me to go home.

Figured I couldn't anyways even though I got to that page. Just based it off your article.

Real curious as to why this is limited just to US customers.

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Because Canadian carriers are being more cooperative so BlackBerry doesn't want to undercut them

That's my unqualified answer

here comes the firesale! That 1 billion dollars worth of Z10's that was written off is taking up valuable warehouse space.

Just got another Z10 to verify it's not too good to be true. It also looks like you can place multiple orders for them; just one per order.

I managed to get two Z10s in two separate orders. But I got shut down on the third attempt and it says the deal isn't available anymore. Possibly tied to the account I have with them since I tried a different browser and upon logging in it erased the third discount. I hope that everyone else gets a chance to grab one for themselves!

I understand that it works on all GSM networks, but does that guarantee it will still get LTE on Tmobile's network?

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Can someone clarify whether this will work on tmobile lte here in the us. I've been looking to buy a z10 on ebay but have been looking exclusively at the tmobile branded phone since I know it works on tmobile lte. Thanks in advance.

I'm trying to find the same answer. Already have a Tmobile Z10 but I would love a white one :)

Anyone know if these unlocked ones support Tmobile's LTE?

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This is the STL 100-3 model which works on both AT&T and TMobile. I have ordered several from here so far (a couple before this deal) so I can vouch for the model they send.

I know me too!!! That's what happens when you get your device right when it comes out. The z30 will drop in price eventually as well hehe

Has anybody in Canada used ? I am thinking about using this company to get 1 or more of this deal.

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We all want a Z30, but this is one hell of a great price for the most underrated phone on the planet. Buy buy BUY!

CB10 on my Z10

Awesome, been rocking the TMobile Q10 and have been looking god a decently priced Z10 used. Well I can get one new from BB instead. Thanks for the info Bla1ze!

Fk! Just bought my replacement BlackBerry for $300 from eBay a week ago. I feel like shooting myself.

What I'll probably do is buy another Z10 and gift it for Christmas :-)

Posted from my BlackBerry Z10

At that price, I bought one... I sold my Z10 for $350 so buying it for $200 still gives me a profit so to speak. Can't afford to spend $700 on a Z30 so this keeps me using a BB a while longer until the Z30 gets cheaper.

Why do I keep seeing people say the Z30 is $700? Where does that come from? Verizon has it priced at $549 off contract.

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The best thing BlackBerry could do is go direct to consumers with unlocked devices. They put too much faith in the carriers who abandoned them for the iPhone. Time to disrupt the market place and form direct relationships with their consumers with non-subsidized unlocked hardware.

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I agree.
TM already stopped selling BB in retail stores.

They should have sold PB's discounted like that when they came out instead of a big write off.

Ye,ha! living close to border from Sumas, Washington, have account at "Ship Happens", (ya, cool name eh) where they charge only $3 bucks a parcel. Therefore seeing this tweet I ordered my white Z10 to pick up in good ol USA!! Bout time I got on board fpr BB10 as been attached to my BB bold 9900.

As much as I love my Z10, I'd consider it for a Q10 to add to the collection. Otherwise I only have funds reserved for the Z30.....or the Q30!

I used my Z10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

Man I am getting one as a spare. Or i could give it as a Christmas gift to a family member.

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This is an AWESOME deal! I have been WAITING for this moment. A good texting and email phone, with memory expansion and removable battery, and all for a decent price. RIM should initially offered the Z10 at a price point closer to this. But, whatever. It's a NEW phone!

Will go very nice with my brand new Pentax K5 II, also picked up at a substantial discount. ;0)

Rocking both a Blackberry and Pentax-oh I LOVE ME some old school!

Exactly.... Z10's are a dime a dozen all over the place (in the classifieds).

The q10 for $200??? That would be truly incredible. They are still $350 USED!

John Chen is putting in work. They need to sell the Z30 unlocked on their website along with the rest of the BB10 line worldwide direct. This is a great deal though if I didn't already have one I'd be all over this.

Already have one. Ordered one as gift. What a great deal for a second greatest phone in the universe (first being Z30).

Those spent $700 to buy the inferior iPhone or Samsung are ......


Entering the coupon code and selecting Canada as the destination seems to also work. It "appears" as though this is also a valid offer to Canadian customers as well.

Have you tried checking out? It yells at you for being Canadian. Order won't proceed after you plug in your credit card information and try to hit "submit".

The actual check out is where you're going to run into issues, the final step of the process. Tried it a couple of hours ago, thought I was home free! How wrong I was.

That's an insane deal. Picked up a white one :cool:

And I'm pretty sure it will work on TMO's USA LTE network. After all, isn't this the model for TMO's network??

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For once, Blackberry is trying to do something right! Carriers are the biggest problem for Blackberry's success, including the once in Canada. Those slimey ba$t*rds in Canada should be totally bypassed. In Canada, where the contracts are $70/month for 250 MB of Data, Blackberry would do just fine by getting them out of the picture and start selling its devices directly to the consumers unlocked. I still don't see any incentive for users to buy Z10 in Canada. With Nexus5 selling for $0 on a two year contract at Fido and Virgin Mobile, it will be hard for Blackberry to find many buyers for Z10 unless it starts giving some kind incentive.

70/mth for 250mb of data?!?!?!?!?!?

I hope you are exaggerating.

I pay $30 foe 6gb from Rogers.

Posted on a Post-It!

I called the number on the website for US BlackBerry sales and they said if it's unlocked it should work on VERIZON, but on the website it says att and I'm confused will it work on Verizon or not?

Posted via CB10

Don't be fooled, it will not work on Verizon. Says so in the descriptions!

Posted from my BlackBerry Z10

if it will work on verizon I would get one but I dont think it will. thats weird blackberry would say that unless they just want the sale lol

Posted via CB10

They actually have decent carrier support in canada so they aren't going to do anything to piss of the carriers here. There isn't much to lose in the US at this point though so we have direct sales.

I think we will see a clear out of Z10 with the next Z10 likely coming in the winter.

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It absolutely will not work on Verizon. Surprised they told you that, but maybe they're not used to CDMA carriers up in the land of Nanook of the North.

Posted via CB10

I have a Q10 on Verizon and when I travel to Mexico I put my Mexican carrier movistar and it works fine... why wouldn't the Z10 am I missing something?

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A Verizon phone is CDMA but also has GSM to be used only when outside the USA. But if you're a Verizon subscriber, when you're at home, you must be on the CDMA network.

So when you went to Mexico, you could roam on Movistar, a GSM network in Mexico. But at home, you must use Verizon, and Verizon is a CDMA network. This Z10 has to CDMA radio.

It absolutely will NOT work on Verizon.

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Ok, I just spent $215.42 on an unlocked, black Z10. I sure hope it's an STL100-3 so it's fully compatible with AT&T.

Oops! I just guaranteed that tomorrow AT&T will announce they're carrying the Z30. You're welcome!

This sounds too good to be true. I've been looking for a way to get back into Blackberry, and this could be the time. I'm almost ready to pull the trigger. I'm on ATT.

:( I want a Q10. On the other hand, maybe I can persuade my wife to replace her 3GS with a Z10.

Posted via Z10 on the best touchscreen keyboard.

Your wife is still rocking a 3GS?? If she's been OK with a 3GS until now, it doesn't sound like she even really needs a smartphone.

My wife's comment: Blackberry 'no more'.

We have two Z10's and one 9900. Also, two Playbooks.
She has negative feelings toward BB because Playbook is a failure for her.
In her opinion, no way to update the 9900 to Z10.

No, No, No for another Z10 here

Yeah. We should really give BlackBerry a 2nd chance. BlackBerry is really innovating in a fast pace in last 2 years if you ask me. Their efforts are much appreciated.

Picked up a white z10 for my daughter. Had it shipped to a work colleague in the States who'll be bringing it across the border when he gets it. What a fantastic price for this phone. Now it'll be three z10s and a q5 in the family. Awesome, awesome deal!

Posted via CB10

I already purchased my Z10 for $197 off eBay. Anyone who pays more than $200 for a Z10 is getting ripped off, at this point. When it comes to the Z30, I wouldn't pay more than $350 for it, for used but mint condition. If you're paying full price for a Z30 I guess you can afford to throw good money away on yesterday's hardware... you might as well have bought a new Nexus android phone instead.

There's more to a phone than just hardware. If that were the case, only Samsung would sell any phones.

Posted via CB10

This is utter bullshit I am a Canadian who has been supporting BlackBerry since it's early years and now I am not allowed to buy my 3rd BlackBerry z10 at a discounted rate because Americans who hate blackberry have preferential treatment over sales prices. This makes me want to switch to another company. I feel disrespected and insulted at this nonsense.

Posted via CB10

I'm an American who bought two Z10's before this amazing deal. What is worse not being offered the deal, or being too late to benefit from it? If you are a Blackberry supporter you will pass this info to your friends. The more who own this device the better the chances it will survive when they release their next gens. Maybe you'll get this deal for next years model? If you're happy with your Z10 that is all that matters.

I consider myself fortunate to get it for $199. But to our good friends from the north, have faith. I'm sure it will be $199 for you very soon.

Did you enter the code in character for character? Or did you decide that the characater "a" is the same as the character "A", etc...? (Hint: "a" and "A" are different characters)

Wow! And I lost my unlimited data for my Z10, I just couldn't deal w/that crap ass 9850 for another day! Oh well...

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I dread the fear of losing my unlimited, I'd by a Z30 right now if you told me I can't keep a unlimited

Posted via CB10

Wow and I thought I got a good deal when I got my wife a Z10 for $300 last week

Posted via CB10

Well.....I just used my Canadian Credit Card whilst online in Mexico, sent to an address in California using that someone here suggested, and will be picking up when I travel up to San Diego next week. No issues with the order being accepted with my Canuck Card.

Flawless operation for me thus far. Will likely be repeating the process a few times over the next few days.

Thanks Crackberry for the heads up! I knew there's a reason I come here every so often!

Awsome, great for the usa crowd, Buy and gift these for Christmas. This should help get bb10 out into the wild and have some exposure.

If only I don't have 4 working Blackberries already... Using both Q10 and Curve 9330 now.

Posted via CB10

If you want to ship them to me, I work for ups and can have them sent to Canada for free.

On a side note I will be opening a Z10 store selling them for $100 in the next few weeks.


Ballin' it will my Z10!

Will it work on Bell? Will Bell activate it for me? want to buy for my wife, she has a 9780 and this would be a nice surprise for her but want to make sure it will work. live in Canada but work in the US, so have a US address to ship to...

I'm glad I got on with this deal! Now I'll have a 4G Z10 when I get back to the States in January instead of the STL100-1 model I have now! Woo hoo!

Posted via CB10

Okay, my order has been placed, as of 1205, 30 November. When can I expect it? eagerly awaiting Santa!

I've got mine ordered. Now I just hope that 10.2 will be out from ATT asap. Otherwise, I may pick up a Bell or Telus Simm and update it myself. Pathetic that ATT is so slow at getting updates out.

Quickly eroding the value of mine... an extremely great deal for those who haven't bought one yet though!

Will the unlocked Z10 include or allow separate download of the TMo US wifi calling integration?

I know in the case of Androids, I.e. Nexus phones, the unlocked models sold by Google do not have TMo wifi calling.

Don't think people should complain too much about the drop in price. Z10s have been out for 9 months. A new Z10 is probably coming in the new year. Pretty typical life cycle for a phone.

Posted via CB10

Nice to see BB do as I said, flood the market at cost/loss leader with Z10 as its effective advertising for BB/10 devices.

£149 in UK, I would get one but I have BIS on my contract for another 18 months that cant be removed (read wont!)

Are you able to use Straight Talk on the Z10 without any problems? I saw a post somewhere about not being able to edit the APN settings for data and mms?

I've always wanted a white z10... I might have to buy myself this for Christmas. People are already taken aback when I say I have a blackberry... imagine when I say "No, I have two actually..."

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Been having issues with the HDMI output on my current Z10. So decided to order myself a white Z10 and donate this one to a family member.

Posted via CB10

I woke up to find a refund from paypal for this transaction!!! No email from BlackBerry to say why they cancelled! What the hell BlackBerry!

Is anyone getting order confirmation from Digital River? I got one last week after the free bundle thing, but not getting one from yesterday or today's order.

I got a DR confirmation, ordered with Canadian billing address and my US apartment address. I paid with my VISA however...

Posted via CB10

Even if you buy a z10 using this deal, how could you get it activated via Verizon, at&t, T-Mobile, etc...without a contract? Someone enlighten me because my wife would definitely be interested in this deal, I didn't know you could do this.

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