Grab some Crackerjacks - MLB At Bat 13 for BlackBerry 10 is here!

MLB promised it and delivered. MLB At Bat 13 for BlackBerry 10 is here in time for Opening Day

MLB At Bat 13
By Richard Devine on 29 Mar 2013 07:51 am EDT

It was promised. MLB At Bat 13 was promised for BlackBerry 10 by Opening Day. The MLB season officially kicks off this Easter holiday weekend, and true to their word, MLB has posted At Bat 13 for BlackBerry 10 into BlackBerry World. And, for those of you who worry about this stuff, it's no Android port either. A fully native BlackBerry 10 version of At Bat 13 to see you through the season ahead. 

It isn't a cheap application, but it never has been either. For Baseball fans At Bat has been a staple of following the sport for years, and to have a full fat, BlackBerry 10 version is fantastic news. 

So, what do you get? Quite a lot actually: 

  • Watch the Free MLB.TV Game of the Day
  • Access a MLB.TV Premium subscription to watch every out-of-market game live
  • MLB.TV Premium subscribers may access complete archives to watch every 2013 game on-demand
  • Home and away live radio broadcasts
  • In-progress video highlights
  • Gameday pitch-by-pitch tracking, including realistic ballpark renderings from all 30 MLB ballparks
  • Condensed Games
  • Classic games library
  • Breaking news, standings, schedules, rosters and stats
  • Favorite team selection for priority placement in scoreboard, news and video
  • Video library archive, searchable by player, team or keyword

The At Bat 13 applications on other platforms are really well done, and this is a definite score for BlackBerry 10. Hitting opening day, and coinciding with the U.S. launch of BlackBerry 10, it's sure been a good week. Grab a copy now from BlackBerry World for $19.99, and settle in and enjoy the season. 

Also note, if you're an MLB.TV Premium subscriber you can get a full refund when purchasing this app. Check out the comments for more details. 

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Reader comments

Grab some Crackerjacks - MLB At Bat 13 for BlackBerry 10 is here!



Now that that's taken care of, I can't wait to get my Z10; if the MLB.TV package isn't too expensive, in conjunction with this, I might consider this application. The lack of a live broadcast option has been a dealbreaker in years past.
Proud owner of a Bold 9900 (soon Z10) and a PlayBook

"Where's the back button? Where's the home key?"
- BlackBerry 10 naysayers


MLB.TV Premium (required to watch out of market games on At Bat 13):

MLB.TV Premium includes a FREE subscription to At Bat 13 (the top sports app of all time). Watch games LIVE or on demand in HD on your favorite mobile and connected devices including <strike>iPhone, iPad, select Android phones and tablets</strike> your BlackBerry Z10. Also includes choice of Home or Away broadcasts. Plus, all standard MLB.TV features.

Get MLB.TV $129.99 / year
Get MLB.TV $24.99 / month

MLB.TV Premium includes:
* Free At Bat 13 Subscription
* Watch Games on XBOX 360® and Sony Playstation® 3
* Watch on Connected Devices
* Home and Away Feeds
* HD Quality Video
* In-Game Highlights and Stats
* LIVE Game DVR Controls
* Mosaic® View
* Full Game Archives
* Audio Overlay
* Pitch By Pitch Widget
* Clickable Linescores
* Fantasy Player Tracker

I'm not sure if all of the above standard features are included in the At Bat 13 app, though.


Current MLB.TV Premium subscribers who purchase At Bat 13 from BlackBerry World are eligible for a refund of the At Bat 13 purchase price. For more information, purchase, download and log into At Bat 13 using your MLB.TV Premium account credentials, then launch MLB.TV Premium content, and follow the instructions by which eligible subscribers may request their refund. Please contact Mobile Customer Support at with any questions.

The great part about MLB.TV is it works on just about everything NOW. If you have a Roku it works on that. Computer/Laptop. Tablet (PlayBook needs a work around but it works). Even some DVD players (my Samsung for example). And now, the Z10! With this its impossible to miss a game!

I'll never understand the obsession with "First"...that said, very happy this has made it to BlackBerry 10! Worth It for baseball diehards...

Posted via CB10

I just wanted to do it this one time. This is my first first. In the future, it won't matter .as much

You did quite well with your "first" and follow up content.
For myself, I aspire to be "first!" and have something to offer as well..... but alas, it is but a dream.
Anyway, I wish I could find a way to get "in" to baseball.
If there was a college football app...with live video streaming... I would pay $200 a year for it.

We got bad news about Johan today. Going to be a rough year for the Amazin's. Lets hope we get to see the kids give us a hope for the future. Wheeler, Harvey, D'Arnaud, and Syndergaard along with Wright and Davis are a nice start towards the future! I remember when they brought up kids we had heard about in 1984 and what that meant for the franchise, along with some key additions. I think this could be a year like that.

+100. Big loss not having Santana but I think us Met fans almost expected that, although not to the extent of losing him for the whole season. Hopefully, Howie Rose will get to say "put it in the books" more than 90 times this season. For those of you that are huge baseball fans and live out of the NY metro area, try to listen to a Mets game on the WFAN feed since our broadcast crew, especially compared to the Yankees broadcasters, is pretty much at the top of all sports.

Lets Go Mets!!

Glad to see a "First" again, it made me smile that there is still some fun in people around here.

This will come in handy for following the Jays this year.

Posted via CB10

Here's hoping R.A. Dickey continues his success in Toronto; hopefully, his knuckleball translates well (though I'm unsure whether the lack of wind in a domed stadium will negatively affect it.)

Wakefield always said that consistent conditions are best for the knuckleball, and that weather can wreak havoc on it (in a bad way). And Dickey's best career game came indoors.

The knuckleball dances because of unpredictable variations in the airflow caused by the seams on the ball. The wind can smooth out that airflow, and keep the ball from doing the crazy things that make it effective.

I did some research, and yes, the domed conditions are definitely the most ideal. Any disruptions in the laminar air flow parallel to the direction of the knuckleball can cause it to tumble a little less or more than it should, yielding a flat pitch. No such disruption will happen in a well-covered domed stadium. A knuckleball that only rotates 180 degress from start to finish (halfway rotation) is ideal, if I'm not mistaken.

Why is it 20 bucks? I buy the premium package every year, and I never have to pay for this app on ios.

Posted via CB10

I posted this in an above comment:

Current MLB.TV Premium subscribers who purchase At Bat 13 from BlackBerry World are eligible for a refund of the At Bat 13 purchase price. For more information, purchase, download and log into At Bat 13 using your MLB.TV Premium account credentials, then launch MLB.TV Premium content, and follow the instructions by which eligible subscribers may request their refund. Please contact Mobile Customer Support at with any questions.

I will be rooting for the Jays to be the Yankees in AL east. Still big fan of Jose Reyes and RA Dickey.

Posted via CB10

I'll be rooting for the Jays to beat the Yankees in the AL east. Plus I'm still a fan of Reyes and Dickey.

Ok, Blue Jays, Let's play ball...

You have a friend in Mets fans not only will we root for RA who was a great Met, but we hate the Yanks as much as you do!

I hope this isn't a battery hog! But looking forward to using it this season... Go Jays Go!!!

Posted via CB10

Now we need BlackBerry 10 on the PlayBook so we can watch games there!!! This is great!

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It sucks that if you subscribe to MLB Extra Innings on DirecTV or cable that you have to pay for MLB.TV. Should be included the same way NBA mobile is included when you buy NBA Laague Pass.

My last "must have"!!! Too bad my bank "Chase" has decided to not support their Blackberry apps in the future but no show stopper for me. Z10 order going in on Monday.

Post their customer support email address and let people flood their service with requests for support. Pressure, pressure, pressure!

Awesome. No more sharing TV with the wife. Let me get this correct. I download the app, pay the 20 bucks. Subscribe to premium and then apply for refund on app. Is this the way.?

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Be careful if you're planning on watching your local games. Mlb tv blacks out any games that you are in the local tv area for.
Eg. No mets or Yankees in ny.
Or no blue jays anywhere in Canada.

For me, At Bat is worth it just for the radio broadcast streaming, which aren't blacked out. Jays games aren't streamed on the Fan590 website, but they are available via At Bat.

Ohh man this is AWESOME!!! i loved using this app on my ipad. Perfect for the upcoming Jays Season.

Great stuff. One by one we close the 'app gap'.... :-)
Oh and Kudos to MLB for creating a native app.

This is awesome, i can't wait!!! Hopefully this year will be a whole lot better for Jays fans!!!! As i see it, its all going to come down to our pitching staff!!! Josh Johnson will be a CY Young candidate for sure!!

Not 1 comment addressing the fact that they did not release an app for prior BB devices. I guess if we just ignore the fact that more than 90% of current BB users are on legacy devices that whole concern just goes away.

Having been there for years I feel your pain even though I have a Z10 and can finally get the app myself. Its not fair that the prior OS is neglected, but MLB has pretty much neglected us for years now with no sign that would ever change, it was one of the reasons I went to Android I really like this app.

If I could share mine with you I would as I said and if you look back over the years there was a blog post with me gnashing my teeth in every one prior to each season we couldn't get it. I hope you can upgrade soon is shallow wish I know, but it's all I got right now.

I am testing z-10 for my office. My pain wasn't really the point. My concern is that the lack of BB's push to get many of these types of applications onto legacy devices will eventually force many from the legacy devices. If they are very tech aware, they may now know that all these apps are available for the Z-10, or they may not. As well, many may feel so 'put off' they may leave the platform entirely. the MLB app for 2012, was the same as 2011, and the same as 2010. The only change in the programming necessary for 2013 was to change the allowed calendar. If BB couldn't cojole MLB to spend 1/2 day on programming and re-testing for the majority of its users (and in the process make MLB a boat load of money) than it is a sad statement on the present power of BB in the marketplace and a disservice to BB users.

I think the long-term support of an "official" release for a legacy device doesn't make a lot of sense from a profit/expense perspective. I'm a legacy user at present, but I don't expect app support at this point. It's easy to say "why haven't they developed an app for <this platform>" but it's the actual supporting that app over the long term that is the real expense.

Great to have MLB AT BAT on the new OS. Only one slight correction, Richard,...and I am not trying to be picky (though I am a little)...The title should say "CrackerJack"...the product is always singular. Most people sing the Take Me Out To the Ballgame song wrong as well by putting an "s" on the product. Just a tad bit of almost useless info for future reference. ;)

You submitted it right and the editorial staff got it wrong...but in the end who cares because the good news is MLB AT BAT 13 is here!! Go Cardinals!!

20$ isn't that bad considering you can connect via mini hdmi to the tv and your good to go.. This app looks sick!

Posted via CB10 powered by BB10

Hint: you can still set your favorite teams by using the swipe from top gesture (still not totally used to that - took me a while to find it).

Posted via CB10

Good to see more native apps, news like this will shut up some of the trolls and whingers i see on the forums, this is one of their complained about apps too

Hello from Paris, France.
I'm a "At Bat 2013" subscriber for I'm happy to see it for Opening Season !
Someone knows if my paiement is also valid for BBerry App World ? To pay twice for the same service from should be unfair, no ?!
Congrats for the CrackBerry's website, the BB10 App perfect. Let's go Red Sox !

What happens if I buy the app first and then subscribe to MLBMTV premium? Will I be able to get a refund for the app then?

Posted via CB10

I agree. Anyone know. Maybe signing up for the premium online and then getting app on bb10. Then go collect at mlb at bat website

Posted via CB10

The closed roof at Rogers center is better for dickeys knuckleball
Got the app. Works great. Watched the pine tar game in the classic games section.
Great app. Worth $20 if you follow baseball.

I thought this day would never come considering how long we have been waiting. I am truly happy about this news! It's one of my "must haves" as I have MLB TV Premium and am a baseball fanatic.

My fantasy draft is tomorrow (hey - I got Matsui), I will be showing this bad boy off while I am there!

Well MLB just trashed the idea of subs getting a refund after just buying the app, i followed the instructions in to get the credit MLB said err no.....

Your request for a refund will need to be requested from BlackBerry World as they are the point of purchase. does not have access to BlackBerry World accounts or purchases. Please contact the BlackBerry World for your refund request.

You're eligible if you're an MLB.TV Premium subscriber (not the regular subscriber), and the premium package is needed to unlock the bonus At Bat features. If you're a premium subscriber and they refuse to issue you a credit for the At Bat app, asking instead to request it from BlackBerry World, this might be grounds for a legitimate dispute, perhaps through the BBB. BlackBerry should not be responsible for, or accrue financial losses just because some of the At Bat app purchasers just happen to have MLB.TV Premium subscriptions. Something about this is innately criminal, if this is the case.

Too bad that it appears Canadian fans will be blacked out of all Jays games, at least according to MLB.

According to the notes on their website for MLB.TV, "All live Toronto Blue Jays games are blacked out throughout the entire country of Canada."

Can anyone confirm that this is the case or not? Hate to pay $20 and not be able to use it.

Posted via CB10

Confirmed. That's why I don't buy this app. MLB is killing me with their BS blackout policies. I don't have cable at home so they force me to watch the games through "other means", and I don't mean going to games! (Although I do go to a few, but not all). Unfortunately the radio broadcast is not enough for me... I must have the video feed.

Whisky Tango Foxtrot . No Jays if I live in Toronto. What if I buy the premium package. Will I get the Jays if I live in Toronto.

Posted via CB10

Just watched the 9th inning of Game 1 of the 1988 World Series...the access to archived games is awesome!

Wow. It had been indicated that MLB would be on board, but I didn't expect it to be a few days early. Nice surprise! For me, the app story is nearly complete.

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So if I listen to a radio broadcast away from home, that eats up my data from my data plan right? How much data would an afternoon of listening to a game on the radio be, roughly? Newb question.

How about some love for us baseball fans who are waiting for the q10? I want this for my 9930!!!! Or at least for the PlayBook while I wait.!!!

You can thank Rogers for the blacked out Jays games. That's the crappy thing about media owning sports teams. You watch it their way or not at all.

Posted via CB10

If you're into baseball, go and buy this app!!! You can't complain about the lack of apps if you don't support big releases like this one. I already bought it, GO BRAVES!!!

Nice work by Blackberry making sure that those of us who are on legacy devices are supported. I'm gone as soon as my contract is up and I've had a Blackberry since 2004.