Grab a BlackBerry PlayBook for $69.99 today only from eBay

Grab a BlackBerry PlayBook for $69.99 today only from eBay
By Joseph Keller on 30 Jun 2014 12:16 pm EDT

If you're looking for BlackBerry PlayBook, then we have a deal for you. Ebay is currently selling the 16GB version of the PlayBook for just $69.99. That's a sharp discount from its normal price of $499.99.

This price is about $32 less than what is listed for the 16GB PlayBook on Amazon right now. However, you can double your storage for just about $16 more, picking up the 32GB PlayBook on Amazon for $117.97. Ebay's deal is for today only

Will you pick up a PlayBook at this price? Let us know in the comments below.

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Grab a BlackBerry PlayBook for $69.99 today only from eBay


My wife and I have hard feelings toward the lack of BB support for the PB.
We both have units that were purchased in the first days of release.
With only initial OS updates, the PB has fallen well beyond expectations. With NO app support- what app dev's would want to make new up-to-date apps for it?
When BB broke many of the functional links that we had from our OS7 phones to our current OS10 phones, that was the last straw.
Our PB's have long since sat on the shelves, unused.
Our Z10's take care of our present needs, though, we would prefer to have the PB's 7" screen.

I found a new use for mine. When the sleek looking BB classic is released this fall, I can simply link presentation and excel files to the PB and thus utilize the larger screen size for editing. Guess I should have waited 'till now to buy one. The build quality continues to impresses me.

I have a TON of apps sideloaded on my PlayBooks. With Android app support, there is no reason not to get it at such a low price. I got my 16gb PlayBook when it was 299.99 and later added my 64gb when it plummeted to 199.99 from 699.99. Its a bargain at this price.

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I do lines off mine everytime I think about the wasted money. A $50 used used ipad1 is more useful then this brick of shiny glass

Normal price. Chuckle. The wishful thinking of RIM Product Managers. There will be lots of comments about how everyone will get one... please begin:

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Exactly... they have already started with the comments :)

Posted with a Verizon Z30 running and CB10. [URL="bbmc:C0004F9BB"] My channel with zero subscribers but has Frenchie pics :) [/URL]

Yeah. But have to admire the ballz it took to put up this post here lol.
Just keep reminding us how BlackBerry's own CEO promised us the update and had us get our hopes up for nothing. I still use my PlayBook, but part of me thinks it should be like the bad guy in Harry Potter that no one mentions his name ahahahah.

Frosty white Q10/

My 32GB Playbook is running fine.

I'm saving my money for the Passport if I don't win one through CrackBerry!!!

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At the time of release, I'd say it was the best tablet ever made. Lack of software updates combined with a locked bootloader is what would make this $70 purchase questionable.

That is total bs. I have a playbook and it's flawless and smooth and pretty much no lag. It rivals tables today and it's years old. It the app support was there it would have been awesome.

Posted by Antoniius via my sexy Gold and White Q10.

Because it doesn't have app and software support. Hardware wise at the time of release it was awesome. 1gb is what ipads still release with. Dual speakers are amazing, I've dropped it times and times again. Battery life impeccable

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Just because other OS can use less than 1GB... doesn't mean that 1GB limit is "enough", as most of us hoping for BB10 on the PlayBook have learned.

The PlayBook was a great device.... but this is 2014 and the PlayBook can not compare to what other newer device provide.

As for Battery Life.... look and see what the life expectancy of a Li-Po battery is from manufacture date. As Wi-Fi PlayBooks have been out of production for almost two years now, I'd say paying $70 for something that might not last another year, isn't all that great of a deal.

LiPo battery life depends on charge/discharge cycles more than age.
I have an Android tablet the same age as my PB, and the PB is faster and nicer to use. It isn't nearly as good as my wife's Tab 3, but this price is less than a quarter of what we paid for that. I basically use the PB as a media store, and for that it's pretty good.
If you want a cheap tablet that is a bit slow but far from cheap and nasty, it's pretty good. I suspect a preschool grandchild may get mine.

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+1 Web browsing performance still rivals current tablets. Battery life is excellent. It wouldn't take much to make the current PB a marketable device.

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You kidding me? The OS is great but the device is heavy for its size, the battery life is terrible and the browser is horrible. Email is ok and the keyboard was fine.

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No lag ? Mine is lagging on internet. Slow to open BBM.. Hard to use it anymore.

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Maybe you haven't giving it a clean load.

Posted via CrackBerry 10 (CB10) application using my BlackBerry Q10.

This past Christmas, I bought a brand new $75 Android 7" tablet for a gift. Based on my experience, I'll still gladly take a PlayBook over any new tablets out there at that price point.

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These crackberry writers make news out of non news. You have to give them a little credit.

I hate hearing that. Just die already? It's just a device and some people have uses for them and like them. So ignore it. You don't need to be here. That's the same answer I give to all the fan boys on BlackBerry article comment sections, YouTube and pretty much any social media when they say "just die already" when referring to BlackBerry.

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A dead App Store. Video/music store closing. Lag browser, outdated android runtime. It's not even worth $20 now.

Sure it's a cheap video player, email, half arsed surf the web with its chug a lug browser(sorry the 3rd party one is no better) beside it having hdmi out, it's the only good thing.

Better off getting a nexus 7 2nd gen that runs circles around this dinosaur for a few bucks more.

Good old crappy Playbook.

It was top even in 2013. For slight browsing via 3rd party browser and listening to music while dropping my daily pressie or shower.

But today??? Outdated. I would buy it for 15 $.

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The palybook still does a lot of things great;

Streams my favorite radio stations
Plays the 20 or so games I bought for it
Has some of my favorite music play lists
Easy access to box
Kobo and kindle

Web browsing is slow, but I still use it to waste time while watching TV. (origami browser)

So is it worth 70 bucks? Depends on your needs!

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Mine is too, I had to get the rapid wall charger just to keep using it. Thankfully the accessories for it are as diet cheap as the tablet itself is.


Yes, USB charger connections are bad on all three of ours. Bought rapid chargers. Sure glad my Z30 from Verizon has Wireless Charging.

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Best tablet ever made at the time it came out. They would of sold a ton had they made it affordable. Crazy to think that it was priced at or higher than the iPad.

Well built, great sound, forward thinking OS but way to damn expensive. This said, I bought 2 at full price (64 and 32).

Posted via BlackBerry Z30

Same here:( feel a little ripped off when the price dropped faster than BlackBerry stock prices.

I still use both though. One is for my 3 year old in the car or at the trailer to play his movies. Mine is seeing less time these days but still good for watching movies on. Light storage and media player at this point.

Can't see myself getting another one. Even with a baby on the way, I only see myself giving my son's to my daughter (to be) and I'll give my 64 gig to my son while they both still run.

Once I'm ready for another tablet, I'll shop more carefully and if BlackBerry sells another one, I'll be extra cautious buying one from them as to not get bitten again!

A slow climb to the top is always more rewarding. Sent using my BlackBerry Z10.

Had they gone the distance they said they were going to (before BB10 came out), the would have been able to justify selling it at that price. Nonetheless, I don't think the iPad was worth that money and still don't.

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I agree. I was using mine every day mostly surfing while watching TV, but haven't really used it at all since BB10 came out.

Next BBM update....BBM Peek

It's very slow. It ok for a media player or for games but very little in the way of apps still coming for it also which is a problem.

I would pay the extra an grab a Nexus 7.

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If I buy one with this discount will I be able to resell at the normal price once this deal is over? That would be a handsome profit :)

It'd be great with an OS update that brings it with an updated Android runtime that works.

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I got mine for a bargain price and it's still a great media player with Kalem soft.

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It should be stated that these are refurbished models, and "may show signs of wear"

They aren't spankin' new, folks.

Don't really need to, since I have two already. All things considered, though, I don't regret it, one little bit.

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I agree, the latest runtime would give these a whole new life.

You know what else would give them a new life? I think BlackBerry Blend will.

Is this actually a serious article on Crackberry??

I pre-ordered my 64gb Playbook and got it delivered on release day. Despite the promising specs, the lack of any quality apps, the missing basic communication features, the abysmal support and the plummeting price tag have left me feeling cheated well and truly cheated.

Whilst I'm aware a LOT has changed at Blackberry, articles like this just remind me of how much I was screwed over by (the then) RIM.

Leave this in the past where it belongs.

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Is a refurbished PlayBook. I have two PlayBook, one working properly (except for the micro USB port) but it is obsolete.

God Bless You!

As soon as I find my fast charging stand, I'm going to set it up as a digital picture frame. As is, I leave mine on all day for tracking top stories on Mobile Nations through Chartbeat's Big Board.

May get one, cause it makes one hell of a clock radio with the charging cradle. seriously, where can you get a sleek looking alarm clock that shows you your texts, bbm, and email for that price? Or any price?

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Why bother? For those of us who already have one, we are stuck with it. To go out and purchase a product that the manufacturer has abandoned, is just plain madness.

Blackberry always.....

I don't get why BlackBerry won't release a "light version" of OS10 for it!

Just to get apps from the AppWorld and BBM Video/Skype etc.

It's still an awesome device!
Great screen, great loudspeaker, good cameras.

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All I've seen was their were some notes about Blend on the PlayBook... these were written before the PlayBook went EOS. Maybe they release an updated version of the Bridge or a new Blend App that allows all of this content to be viewed on the PlayBook.... and maybe that idea has been scraped.

I replaced my playbook with a Surface Pro. A real business tool. My playbook is used only for occasional browsing now - but the browser has become unstable. Save your 69 bucks - its not supported any longer.

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I bought the Playbook (at the original price) purely for all the potential it had. And it was IMO the only device to truly have multitasking. I refuse to get rid of it because of how much I paid for it. Hopefully one day I'll be able to come back to BB when they release a proper Z10 2.

Can I stream netflix or hulu plus on PlayBook without having to sideload or do anything special ? That stuff is pretty difficult for me

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Screen is to small for a tablet. That's my only hate towards it. And why can't we install BlackBerry 10os? Come on. I have one but use it very rarely and have to constantly stack charge it to get it to work. Because I don't use it for months on end

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Haven't felt the need to even look at my PB since I got my Z30. For that matter, I don't even feel the need to have a tablet. But I did enjoy it when I only had my 9810.

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I love my PlayBook, but it's gotten old as has other tech from its time period. To invest in it now can't be advisable.

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Bought my 32 gb for $200 in 2011. Doesn't get much use these days but as a media player, browser, email and e-reader she's good. Plus Pacemaker is still a lot of fun. And the hdmi out gets some use still.

Sent from my Z10. Or was it my Q10? Either way, it was sent from an awesome phone.

Why would CrackBerry do this to me on a Monday?! I thought we moved passed this sore subject? We had such a nice weekend discussing the Passport and many other exciting things BlackBerry has coming. Please CrackBerry let this PlayBook discussion in the forums - NOT on the homepage :)

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Agreed. Monday morning reading was not what was expected after an eventful weekend.

PB maybe @ $70.00 for 64gb would be a good deal. THAT I could throw $70 at no problem.

All early playbook adoptees should get a credit in the amount one paid for the playbook. We supported a new venture blindly and now the support is gone. I would apply the credit towards the new passport.

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We have three PlayBooks in the house all still in use. That being said zero chance of buying another, the passport will be next purchase.

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Ah ah my girlfriends usb is borked. i also had to buy a charger, because she had to get some notes she took on doctogo there. i wasnt thinking of having use of mine, but bbm video doesnt work with my parent z10 and mine (no show of the video icon), but it works fine between our playbooks. Still better having a 7" though to chat and staying mobile.
Playbook is now outdated, and i enjoy my ipad mini instead. At least i have office 365 on it, can use the same hp bluetooth keyboard on it. Still better than on my nexus 7 thanks to the 4/3 or on my bulkier surface rt. prefer the z10 hub for managing the emails though, thanks to the keyboard and its multi-language support.
Sad BlackBerry didnt get it right with the playbook os 1.0 so that a new iteration could have happened. I'm skeptical for the passport... May have taken it when combine to a 7 inch tablet. Hope the next full screen will take the same approach xxwide, to be a tablet replacement, but not sure a 4/3 a la lg vu 3 would be dared.

Why would I want to buy dead product. It was good when I sold Playbook just before it was announced that bb10 will not be coming to playbook.

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Wow these comment show up as two whole pages on my double typing Q10. Let's see if we can get it to a couple of more so that our friends in BlackBerry land will realize we still want a tablet that runs BB10 or 11.

Unlike most owners I got my 64gb Playbook after the huge price cut. 299.00 wasn't that big of a deal for 64gb of awesomeness. And bridging it with my Tour took my phone to a whole new level.

Even now as dated and appless as the tablet is it still is a much better music player than my wife's iPad and the iPad is less than a year old. Those sterio speakers are still very good.

Who the hell wants an outdated device like this, no matter how cheap it is, I bought mine back in 2011, anybody thinking of buying one now is a fool.

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You couldn't be more wrong. The PlayBook is still faster than anything available today. If you're looking for a cheap device that packs a powerful punch, I highly recommend it. At this prices, you can't go wrong.

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At this price it's hard not to get one, purely out of curiosity... I'm sure it's fine for bedside reading, worst case... I still have a TouchPad and I still use it time-by-time... :)

If you can't see the value in something like this then it can only be for lack of trying. It doesn't matter that BlackBerry is no longer supporting it. It still plays movies incredibly well, it still video chats, plays music through Neutron and Pacemaker very well and it still takes surprisingly good pictures. It works really well in a vehicle where you can also tap into your vehicle's computer and get all the realtime info. If someone can't see the value for themselves then that's fine but to assume that nobody else will find any value is very small-minded.

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Get the e-Mmanuel Audio Bibles.

Makes an awesome reader. Very loud. Reads the WHOLE bible to you, without lifting a finger, or let it read one book until you fall asleep.

Pasted via CB chen

Let me tell you guys, if you're looking for a good tablet, this is a great bargain. After 3 years, my PlayBooks are my go to tablets over my Galaxy Tab3 and my iPad Air. The browser is faster than both and multitasking is a breeze. If you're worried about apps, don't be. The Android runtime allows me to sideload many of the big name apps. I have a 16gb for work and a 64gb that I keep at home. I wouldn't trade them over anything on the market today. I hope BlackBerry makes a BB10 Tablet sometime in the future.

'Men's Fashion & Lifestyle' C001214D9

Only thing I'd recommend it for ( I have four in my house) is as a media player and cheap Internet browser for the kids. It's no longer a tool or a toy for adults.

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Even at $49 I could not recommend the PlayBook. No Instagram, no Netflix, shoddy Wi-Fi, and a a.. wipe browser. Also, Bridge is 1/4 of what it used to be considering it was the only thing that made the PlayBook worth while. I'm sorry but the PlayBook was a colossal failure and continues to be. And now the Passport is going to be so great, right.

Lol why would anyone get one now? It's been useless since Thor dropped the hammer on the PlayBook and BlackBerry fans everywhere last year. I have 2 that I'd give away for free if anyone actually wanted them.

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I will pay you 20 for each plus shipping and handling, put your play books where your mouth is lol


I use my BlackBerry PlayBook all the time. Great for surfing, watching movies etc.
But the thing I love the most is its my filing for everything. I use print to go a lot. It's so easy to use. Have everything in one place. And totally mobile.

Yeah I will be getting one, they make for good movie players for the kids on road trip considering that a monitor for the car is around the same price if not more. I have done the math and I can justify this purchase


Love My PB, BlackBerry Bridge to my BlackBerry Z-10 make it totally worth it. No I don't need a ton of apps either. BTW, it's suspicious that some people here are still saying RIM.

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I have a friend who purchased a new 1 on ebay at Xmas for 100$, gave it away. Wasn't even able to link up with Z10. No help from BB for the playbooks any more.

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I just read the listing and these are seller refurbished items which may or may not be in original packaging and may have cosmetic issues.

Posted from my awesome Z30 :-D

.. so my question is, why is CrackBerry sending its user base to buy a refurbished item from a particular vendor on eBay? EBay isn't like Amazon, the latter sells items as general purchases, not an actual person's online store.

Posted from my awesome Z30 :-D

Definitely bought another one, seeing as how my ex refuses to give me mine back. I'm thrilled!

Posted via CB10

Q10 makes for quick web surfing on the clock easier but the PlayBook screen is better for relaxed web surfing. Great sound, camera and video recording for such a compact light-weight tablet size. Print-to-go and Bridge is an unbeatable combination unavailable from "lesser" tablets. I feel safer performing financial transactions and stock trades on this BB OS. If I my PlayBook was broken....I would pick one up today, especially for the price.

Funny. I have a 32g and after 2 yrs, I'm actually looking for a replacement. I don't use it then just to watch TV shows to and from work. Sadly the Playbook doesn't do it for me anymore. Suggestions?

T-Mobile USA Z10

Unfortunately for customers like you Blackberry doesn't have any product to sell ypu. I've been saying this for a long time, that Blackberry needs to address this gapung hole in their product lineup. If they had new Playbooks running BB10 and available only online direct from Blackberry they could solve this nicely.

I'm really curious when I see people saying there is no lag and it rivals today's tablets... I just wiped mine... twice because the first time was just as slow as before wiping it. The keyboard lags the browser lags just everything about it is slow. I try to use mine as often as I can but i'll just grab my Z30 and look it up while the old clunky thing loads a basic website. As a Playbook owner I wouldn't pay $70 for a brand new one today.

I have a blackberry PlayBook. I love it. Despite the fact that they won't even update the software anymore. I think that it is such a waste. The BlackBerry PlayBook is an incredible piece of hardware.

Ojani Noa

I rarley use mine anymore, sadly. Love it, but I get more use out of my HP Touchpad that I loaded Android on. I only use my PB for the occasional presentation when I can use the HDMI port and want to remote control from my phone. Day to day use just isn't there anymore. Too bad we can't hack a port of BB10 with a current Android runtime....

Posted via CB10

I'd assume these are just being cleared to get rid of old stick and free up shelf space for iToys. Really with Blackberry would have stood solidly behind this tablet, instead of dumping it. Didn't win them any friends that's for sure.

Still using mine, which I bought instead of a Kindle Fire. Wouldn't buy another now, though.

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Let me know when the 4G model is available, I've been looking everywhere!

 Posted via CB10 on my BlackBerry Q10

BlackBerry could outsource the support of the PlayBook to an approved third party.

This third party could provide updates to the software and offer solutions to problems.

This could be for a limited time until such occasion arises for BlackBerry to produce a successor.

This is all about cost for BlackBerry.

If this were to happen there could be a resurgence of the PlayBook .

The price is low enough for this to happen.

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Sadly mine is collecting dust... may consider using it as a product display screen at work...


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I own two 16GB wifi only playbooks. They both run just fine and have for the last 3 and a half years. The build quality on these things was incredible. Blackberry: PLEASE Build us a new tablet. I don't want to lose the bridge functionality of file sharing. Windows tablet has its balls in a rubber band, Android is clumsy, and apple is neo-natzi. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BlackBerry give us a 2015 version of a Playbook. I'll wait in line for it!

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I wonder if the people who say the PlayBook is still a high end tablet with no lag have actually tried a modern tablet.

PB was a good first tablet, but it's slow, limited functionality, and end of life. Save your money and get a Nexus 7. Way better tablet.

Posted via CrackBerry App

And use Google stuff?

You can root it and put Ubuntu Touch Tablet OS onto it, if you want the specs, but no Google snooping.

All supported phones and tablets listed:
throw Android off, use real Open Source, all fully "hackable" (modifiable), plus commandline support.

Pasted via CB chen

I would have if BlackBerry was still supporting it. It's ridiculous that they continue to support phones older than the PB, but stopped support completely for the PB.

Posted via CB10

What's the point? I bought one at the last discounted price when there was all the talk about the OS being updated properly to run android. But when the units were shifted suddenly it's 'were not updating it now, we're not bothering with it anymore ' Cheated and conned spring to mind

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My daughter uses the YouTube app to watch her princess shows, that frees up the bug screens for the rest of us to use.

Posted via CB10

We own two playbooks, but a great Price. Love the Device

Wenn du das Weinen verlernt hast, bist du bereits tot (Sayumi Whisp)

The browser of my playbook has crashed from day one. It is sometimes almost impossible to run without it continually closing applications. Loved the form factor and OS but super glitchy.

Posted via CB10

I only watch training videos on mine when I'm laying in bed. Great form factor and a great piece of hardware. I also travel with it and use it on long flights to watch movies and play games. Use my Z30 for everything else

Posted via CB10

Paid full price the PlayBook back in time, promised wonders from BlackBerry for OS2, than dropped us like a piece of sh*t.
This PlayBook will remain a dark stain on BlackBerry's flag, whatever the future will bring. You lost confidence after being fooled once, no need of second time.
Point blank.

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My playbook is a few years old and still works great at work and at home. I would like to see some more support for the product, but I understand why BB stopped supporting the Playbook.

BlackBerry needs to bring out some Playbooks with the latest hardware and their latest OS. I'm running Windows 8 on my Dell Venue 8 Pro. I'd switch to BlackBerry PlayBook, but they really need to bring something new to market running OS10

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This is not worth it in my mind. I love BlackBerry but the PlayBook doesn't do BlackBerry justice.

Posted via CB10

I have a 64GB PlayBook that I still use regularly. It has the last OS update. I use it for email, ebooks, browsing, photos and videos, Word and Excel.

It takes beautiful HD video, and is a beautiful piece of hardware.

The whole PlayBook program was mismanaged, but the platform is great. No support means that one day I won't be able to use it, all my stuff is backed up and /or in the cloud.

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Sure, I've not used my PlayBook in a while, but my three kids LOVE watching videos on them and I have yet to find another platform as easy to load videos on. Three kids, three PlayBooks.

Kids also use them to listen to music, browse the Internet and watch YouTube videos :)

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I hate my PlayBook, I prefer my Z10 over it by a mile! I only use my PlayBook as a bedside clock and to stream movies.

Posted via CB10

Just thinking about this unpolished turd... Uh, I mean Playbook, gives me a headache.

The Playbook's functionality absolutely pales in comparison to cheap Windows, Android, and Apple tablets. At $69.99, you get what you pay for. Bleh.

A Nexus 7 or iPad mini dance circles around the Playbook. Even when the Playbook was introduced, it was not anywhere near as robust software-wise as iOS or Android. Save your money and buy something worthwhile.

What is the point having a Playbook? Z30 works much better.

Plus. Kijiji, you can find them for $50 or less.

Posted via CB10

I still use and dig my 32 GB PlayBook. As a Web tool and music, photos, etc works great. Bought a Nexus 7 last year and took it back 2 weeks later. I am not a "gamer" so the lack of apps really meant nothing. Played around with my friends iPad 4 a couple months ago and did not like the size. Love the reader mode on Web pages. Just my. 02. At this price a great Web device for a kid and Internet learning sites.

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Just got a 64GB from Cash Converters. Second hand it may be, but at £79.99 it will do me as I'm just learning to use computers and tablets. So far everything I know I've learnt on my 9320. I nead a Classic. Roll-on November. Will it be available on TM, on PAYG??

I suppose I could always use another paperweight that changes screens...

Let it die already...

Smoked by my BBQ10

If just they (BlackBerry) give us the bridge application with enhanced capabilities to use the PB as a big screen for my Z10, as a mirror or duplicate screen, it will be more than enough for me. Just let the Z10 be the CPU and the PB it's big screen.

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Ha I just posted almost the same thing. A little bit of neural quantum entanglement going on here.

Posted via CB10

Just needs an app to make it a portable extended monitor. Via USB or hdmi cable blue tooth or wifi.

Posted via CB10

If you search ebay you can find a 64g same condition (seller refurbished) for 89.99

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