Grab a 32GB BlackBerry PlayBook for just $129 for a limited time at Future Shop!

BlackBerry PlayBook at Future Shop
By Michelle Haag on 4 Nov 2012 12:11 am EDT

If you're looking to pick up a new BlackBerry PlayBook in Canada, there is a fantastic deal going on this weekend only at Future Shop. From 8PM EST to 10AM EST Saturday night and 5PM EST to 10AM EST Sunday night you can grab a 32GB PlayBook for just $129 with free shipping. With Christmas looming and BlackBerry 10 on the horizon, this is a great opportunity to buy the 32GB at a reduced price for yourself or as a gift.

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Grab a 32GB BlackBerry PlayBook for just $129 for a limited time at Future Shop!


I Just popped the cherry.. er.. i mean blackberry - er playbook! You know what I mean!

Thanks for the heads up Crackberry

It's unfortunate that this is at Future Shop. They have one of the worst online ordering systems that I have ever tried to use.

I had no problem ordering. Actually quite easy. I didnt have an account but i just gave my ordering info for the tablet and once the transaction was complete they asked if i just picked a password my account would be set up with no further info reqd.

I did end up making an order and the first time that I went through the checkout process at the very end when I pressed submit order it redirected me back to the shopping cart. My items were still in the cart, no order confirmation, nothing. I went through the process again and luckily it went through that time. The last time I tried to order something from their website I did this 6 times before getting sick of it and got nothing.

No freaking joke!!! Just ordered a PlayBook a few minutes ago and it was tough going! I must have gotten every error possible thrown at me, and after all the errors I even ended up with 2 separate orders. Tried calling them at one point but got the message the customer service department was closed for the night. That kinda ticked me off, because if you're gonna run an "overnight sale", you should have someone working overnight!!

Hey guys does anyone know how to get it shipped to the US? I live in NYC and I lost mine a few months ago, could anyone help!?

I checked their site. Shipping within Canada only.

Too bad. I just bought a 32GB that turned out to be a complete dud, and RIM charges $50 just to talk to them. Returning it tomorrow and this would be a nice way to replace it.

Thanks for the heads up Michelle. Just ordered one because my 16GB is busting at the seams. 32GB will become my primary tab and my 16 will become a kick-ass alarm clock! :-)

This is a great marketing stradegy by RIM. Get tons of Playbooks out there by the time BB10 comes. Then they can give free BB10 upgrades to all the new Playbook users, which solidifies BB10 in the marketplace. Great move RIM.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

I thought it was a good way to entrench the devs. More of these out there means more possible $ for them.

+1. And fortunately we are the ones benefiting.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

They also have an add on special at time of order you can get the journal case and charging cradle and screen saver for about $ 39.95

While it is a great price, RIM really should have had their strategy a little better planned for tablets. They may have killed their chances permanently in that market and it's a market they absolutely NEED to be competitive and VIABLE in.

They need to be releasing a MINIMUM of 2 Playbooks per year, one 7 inch and one 10 inch. They are up against iPad, Android and now Windows RT. They need to get in the game again and they need to commit to rapid development and support multiple size options. Q3 2013 for the next tablet is an eternity. Even Apple will have released 2 more new iPads by then at the rate they are going now.

RIM also needs to upgrade Docs to Go to be a real complete Office suite as having actual Microsoft office on Windows RT and Windows 8 tablets is going to be a big draw for a lot of people. If RIM doesn't think it can make Docs to Go into a full fledged Microsoft Office compatible business suite then they need to get libre Office or open office ported to BB 10 and they need to bundle it with the hardware.

Perhaps the strategy isn't to attack the tablet market, but the mobile market.

RIM is in survival mode and has had to focus on streamlining and focusing its resources on what it has done best-- innovate for the mobile market and enterprise solutions. With the launch of Microsoft Surface, the race has tightened if it were to launch a RIM 10" display to compete with the Microsoft Surface. Instead, RIM has played its card on its niche market-- a mobile tablet, mobile device and BlackBerry Fusion Enterprise solutions.

I'd say I'm more glad to see RIM not distracted, and willing to put everything into execution. I think Thorsten shares the same feelings.

March on into Thorsten's office and tell him that you should be running the PlayBook business. Tell him you've crunched the numbers for running a rapid development hardware business profitably and also used your bus dev contacts to bring on board the key apps needed.

Maybe a good start to let people know that the Playbook exist at such a price, rather than relying on Crackberry to do it's work for them. I bought a 64gig for £129 in Currys and have never looked back! But people (in the UK at least) don't seem to know about the deal and it seems that word of mouth is what they're relying on.

Bring on BB10!!

I really really want a 10"+ PlayBook. I almost bought an android tablet last night because I want that bigger screen.

With RIM building a device that is fully capable of updating with its powerfully system unlike most manufacturers. I understand the strategies there using. Sale the ones they have to pay for the new models. Once they release bb10 with full android functionality as far as apps they will override the competition. Because once more people use the os it's easy to see it out performs all other competitive brands...So before you know it they will release a new model with a pricey tag.

Just asking, but can I order a 32GB PlayBook online here in the states (Michigan) and get the $129.00 price (USD to CAD exchange rate) and will it work here in Michigan? Just using Wi-Fi for a signal?

Of course! PlayBooks work well anywhere!

Once you receive it, it will do the software update using your US location based on your IP address.

Just talked to a future shop CSR and they do not ship internationally. But? If you are lucky like I am, and live within 45 mins to Windsor, Ontario, you can drive over the bridge and buy one in Windsor. Lolz

I'm sure Staples in the USA will follow the lead of future shop, and lower the 32GB PlayBook to a similar deal before the holidays.

Leftypepper, I'm in windsor. Send me an email to kris (dot) creed (at) gusrevenberg (dot) com and ill get ya set up :D

Well, this to me seems like RIM is finally realizing that the fight in the tablets market is almost over for it. And so one after the other, online stores will be awash with ridiculously low Playbook prices. I got a 64GB tab in September this year for £129 from Currys (UK) and I'm sure more stores will come up with low prices.

Bearing in mind that the Christmas season is just around the corner, no store will want to have idle stock lying around. I guess this probably suggests the fact that RIM is gonna or has already done quite a bit of stocks write-off.

I still love my Playbook though and really looking forward to the BB10.

Thorsten didn't create the mess that was the PlayBook launch. He inherited it. I think PlayBook is a great product, but it wasn't well launched, it materially impacted in a negative way and he allegedly had a glut of inventory in the channel.

I might be wrong, but my sense is he's cleaning up the mess, focusing on BB10 phones and using the PlayBook as a means to get apps on BB10 and test features for BB10 with a 2 million customers.

It was very well launched. The problem was the inferior software that was introduced with it. If they'd have introduced Playbook with great software like 2.1, all this garbage of RIM almost going bankrupt because Playbook was an ''industry flop'' would have never happened. Playbook would have been right up there with the iDiotPad. Software can either make or break a tablet, which is why BB10 has to be outstanding. It's RIMS last chance of survival.
I’d rather be a Black Sheep than an iSheep any day.

Hopefully RIM can make a turnaround. We're all betting on the multiple PlayBooks we're buying at bargain prices.

The PlayBook must live on for at least another year or two. It must become a BB10 device.

Fingers crossed.

So will BestBuy since they are part of the FutureShop umbrella (or is it the other way around?) Anyhow, they'll match prices too...

How will you guys/gals get Walmart and BB to price match if this is only an online deal and will be over by store opening for those other stores? Its not in a printed flyer (from what I know).
I only ask because my bro wants 2 for his kids.


Just checked,
BB wouldnt do it. Stupid thing about "if its a sale item we wont match it"..

Yea, well wtf is the use of that, the only time you will have the price lower than another retailer is if it is on sale!

No wonder BB is going down the tubes.

I guess I'll give Wally a shot!

I just reviewed their Lowest Price Guarantee

And it appears you are correct since I would think it falls under a limited time offer perhaps? Honestly, I thought they would match it because these two companies are connected...

This is a copy and paste from the above link:

Our Lowest Price Guarantee does not apply to advertising errors or misprints, Boxing Day prices, special educational prices, restricted offers, mail order offers, rebates, coupons, premiums, free or bonus offers, OEM products, limited or minimum quantity or limited time offers, close-outs, liquidations, clearances, and financing offers.

Walmart would have matched but they were out of stock.

Ive had insomnia the last few weeks so i will just search and check with some other retailers 1-800CustomerSupport through out the night:)

Just print the online ad out, take it into a Wal-Mart, and say price match this please. WalMart price matches everything! Good luck!

I own 2 playbooks which I bought 3 years ago when it came out. It is the most chopiest, laggiest tablet i've used. It's complete shit, no apps, laggy interface. I can't even sell this crap, now that it's only $130 for a brand new 32 gb one.


I cant believe you couldnt sell it. 32G on Craigs or Kijij were going for $130-$150.

I call BS on you. Go eat an apple!

I call BULLSHIT on you too for the PlayBook has only been out since April 19 2011

Three years ago my ass!

If you're going to troll then you need to do a way better job than that. You get a 1/10 because you spelled ridiculous correctly. The only one ridiculous is yourself since you actually took the time to come to Crackberry and not only read, but sign in to post your nonsense. Get a life loser!

My mistake, don't know why I wrote 3 years, April '11 seemed so long ago lol.

And FYI, there's no way in hell I'm an Apple fan, I don't know where you get that from. You people are too sensitive that whenever someone says something about BB you automatically assume that person is a troll.

Anyway, they might be going for 130-150 but now that the brand new one is 130, no one will buy a used 32gb for that price. Read what I wrote!

My bro has Nexus 7, the browser is so smooth on it, PB's browser is complete junk, laggy as hell compared to it. I don't even know what BB updates about the browser, it's the same shit every time.

I own a Galaxy S3 just for your info, you sensitive pricks! Don't have false hopes buddy. Admit it, playbook sucks! It's only good for watching movies after you transfer from the computer. The price wouldn't drop to 130 for no reason, i paid full price for a 16gb, over $600 bux.

I supported BB for a long time until recently when I just gave up and had to move on. Was getting sick of the delays and unfinished products. I had 9900 before, no Apple as you can tell.

Well go away! To bash a Canadian company and not appreciate what they offer is very stupid. It might be JUNK TO YOU but it isn't to others who love it. People these days, they put themselves to complete SHAME!!! /facepalm.gif

He/she wrote "just gave up and had to move on" lol.

I see they gave up all right, just cant seem to come to grips with the moving on part!!! HAHA.. WHO IN THE WORLD has the time to go on a forum about a product they dont care about just to show how much they dont care about it by posting on that forum???