Grab a 30% discount on phones and accessories from ShopBlackBerry until August 31

By Richard Devine on 11 Aug 2014 10:04 am EDT

A quick heads up to anyone who fancies going on a BlackBerry shopping spree that ShopBlackBerry has a 30% discount on all its BlackBerry 10 phones and related accessories. The last such deal was only for white phones but now you're free to grab the black – or pink or red in the case of the Q5 – versions as well. Excluded is the Bold 9900 and the P9982 Porsche Design BlackBerry.

The discount drops the price of the BlackBerry Z10 to $209.30, the Q10 to $279.30, the Q5 to $244.30 and the Z30 to $349.30. Audio accessories, cases and cables are also included in the sale, so it's a great chance to grab everything you need while you're there. It looks like it's available in the U.S., UK, France and Germany, too. Sorry, Canada.

If you want to take advantage you'll need to act fast – but not too fast – and get your order in by August 31. Hit the link below and get shopping!

Thanks Carlson for the tip!

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Grab a 30% discount on phones and accessories from ShopBlackBerry until August 31


Gah! They're never included. I think maybe it's to not piss off the major carriers, since they actually all carry every BB phone (including Z30) unlike most other countries.

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Lol, they stock it now, if you seen some ads around, they are back at rogers due to popular demand, at least thats what they stated

I guess fido is not a major carrier, they only have Q5 until inventory is gone. Virgin doesn't have Z30.

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Alright I hate to piggyback off of your post but does ANYONE else here not see links anymore in the CB10 app? Driving me nuts..

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90% of Canadians live within 100km of the US border.

Just deliver it to a Kinek point and pickup!

Btw, we were already getting a 10% discount from the currency conversion.

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Had to open up the article in the browser before I saw it. Thanks though.

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Ah, didn't realise you were in the app. Yeah, source links on CB and Connectedly don't seem to show up in the apps for some reason :/

Agreed! Even though I just got 2 free Z30s renewing 2 year contracts...I would have loved to buy two more factory unlocked for my parents.

Like seriously, why is Canada not included? Are they allowing these sale prices in countries where BlackBerry has poor market share? If that's the case, isn't Germany and the UK decent BlackBerry market share in comparison to the US?

 BlackBerry Z30 smartphone on Telus Network

No, not kidding at all. The link doesn't show up at all in the CB10 phone app (they used to, but something changed in the post formatting, and now they no longer do).

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Canada can order from US and have them delivered at home, can't they? Why the complaint?

Are all these discounts in preparation of the Passport release? It seems they are... again, too late. 6 months ago would be nice.

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The US site will only deliver to US addresses, they will not allow you to input a Canadian (or other) address at checkout.

As to your other point some people will always find a way of complaining.

This is so tempting. Z30....
... or a lill' qute Q5...

Looks like they're making some room for new stock, aka Passport and Classic...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Granted the Z30 is a better phone than my Z10, but I shall patiently wait for the latest all touch device Z10 part 2, Z30 part 2, or the rumored Z50

I want a  Z50

I just bought two Z30s at for 0 dollars on a two year term in Canada. I am so happy!

From my  phone

BlackBerry is Canadian, CrackBerry is Canadian. Special offers ARE NOT CANADIAN! This is ridiculous!

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I'm not 100% sure but I don't think cb is still Canadian as far as I know it's now Usa based

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo B4B Apps all the way!!!

Yup! And here in NYC you can score a new/sealed Q10 for $200 or less. The Z10 is two almost two years old, they should be giving it away.

The sign I've been waiting for. Been hesitate to buy the white Z30 for my wife, and now I'm going to. Awesome!

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Does work for INDIA??? Don't know, but really want to try a few things for my Z30... it's very hard to get accessories for BlackBerry 10 in INDIA.

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Wtf why not Canada you have it in the US so why not Canada!!!!!! I live in Canada and why do we not get it? Maybe it will come to Canada at some point but but by then it will likely be to late.

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Yeah, we might be made 30 percent more than the American? I'd checked the Canadian selection and it still $499! Blackberry said: " Canadian, loyalty won't help!" I wanted to grab two z30, but i guess I have to end up buy American instead.

Wow, literally just bought a Q5 for £150 in white. Unlocked and brand new from some random website. I was waiting for a deal like this to come by but couldn't wait any longer lol.

If this deal came just a week earlier, I would've paid the extra £20 to get a red Q5. Oh well.

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I just dont understand BlackBerry's decision to always exclude Canada or side line us. It's hard enough dealing with carriers for products.


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Unbelievable, do our carriers have blackberry by the b@lls? I don't understand why we are not included. In this sale. I would order Z30 right now

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But when trying all places other than US, prices are same old !! why so :(
I want to buy it from
please help..

ooops...sorry....i got it....actually i was comparing with the prices in US....There is a huge difference :(
Though to add Z30 to my Garage if i could get it for 250 Euro :)

I think the reason Canada is excluded from these sales is because everything's just more expensive in Canada--and kept that way. From the most trivial (Redbox DVD-$1.50 vs. $1.20 in the US,) to most expensive of items (homes, cars, etc.) It's the price you pay for living in a country with good employment security (as I've heard from Canadian professionals,) free healthcare, relatively low crime, etc.

The first part is right, but the reason we pay more as Canadians is because we are used to taking it up the ying yang. So I guess we are sort of desensitized to it as anyone whom got reamed all day would be..

Classifieds Canada and GeoYeo B4B Apps all the way!!!

But why would you guys be willing to do that? I get you're much nicer and all (speaking from personal experience here,) but at the end of the day, money is money. If everything is more expensive, let's say compared to the US, but the incomes are at best comparable, how is there not an uprising?

I live in Italy. But personally, these kind of discriminatory moves reminds me that BlackBerry is not a class company. It's bothersome. BlackBerry should be on sale in Canada at the same price/ conditions as elsewhere. In fact, if someone were to look closely at the various trade agreements this activity cod be suspect...

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Urgh! This is a little tempting! I just sold a new Z30 I had purchased and got a nice OnePlus One. At least I've got till Aug 31 to think about this :)

Thinking of getting a Z30 and using it for question is how will I get update since the phone is not directly from Tmo???

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You will get updates pushed out by BB. FYI WiFi calling will not work on the Z30 as TMobile doesn't officially support it. Other than that, it plays nice with TMobile LTE. Solid phone.

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This offer excluded Canadian, this is so stupid and pissed off me so bad, I wanted 2 Z30 for the family and upgrade myself to a new pk up coming release, but I probably change my mind because of this retarded excluding to Canadian.

I just placed an order for a Z30 from Vancouver but used a Blaine, Wa. address for parcel pickup. Used my CDN billing address to match my CC but left it as a the U.S. cause there is no Canada option. Went through, got confirmation email. We'll see where it goes from here.

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Any concern with a US version phone being used in Canada network compatibility wise?

I might use my cross border shipping Addy to get the US discount.

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So no white Z30 available only black.....I really want it in white but might still pick one up by end of this month!!!

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So how do I find the phone store on CrackBerry? It was there the day I first read this article, but now when I select the phone I'm interested in, it takes me to a page that only gives a description of the phone and all related articles concerning it. Is the phone store not available in the U.S.?

I believe the 30% off is only available on ShopBlackberry site and not on CrackBerry.

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Thanks. I got an email from BlackBerry on that too. But I could have sworn I saw a phone store on CrackBerry the other day. Must be going crazy!!