Gowalla for BlackBerry updated to v1.0

By Bla1ze on 31 Aug 2010 02:57 pm EDT

Gowalla has been going head to head with Foursquare for a long while now in the race to be check in leader. Gowalla though, has announced their updated mobile application for BlackBerry. Previously, the Gowalla application wasn't exactly as robust as that of Foursquares but v1.0 changes a lot of that.

  • Trips
  • Items
  • Take and post photos
  • Ability to post threaded comments 

The above is a list of new items added to the application. As well. UI enhancements have been made. Since the application was previously beta, Gowall has now put the official stamp on this one and released it to everyone.

Source: Gowalla Blog

Reader comments

Gowalla for BlackBerry updated to v1.0


downloading now. the beta was horrible compared to foursquare. hopefully it actually is usable like the others have been saying.

What is gowalla? What does it do?... Your post only compares it to foursquared..what if I don't know what foursqaured is and I don't have the time to check out numerous reviews and descriptions? All this shows me is what's updated... When you do an update post, can you put in a small description of what this app actually does...otherwise it might just make some people say.. Well that was a waste of my time reading about something only other ppl know about..and then just go about their day as if they never even knew it existed.. What I'm saying is app descriptions (even small ones) for updated apps are good..thank you for letting me rant :P btw what is gowalla?