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Fancy a free turn-by-turn navigation app on your BlackBerry? We test out Gokivo

Gokivo Hero
By James Richardson on 10 Aug 2012 07:37 pm EDT

*Note: Gokivo is available in the UK only.*

Being a bit of a GPS app geek I was pretty excited to see Gokivo arrive in App World. It wasn't an application I have heard of before however, due to the recent arrival of Telmap that we reviewed I was looking forward to giving it a try and comparing it with the other UK alternatives, although free options are rather limited for BlackBerry.

I am rather particular when it comes to voice guided navigation apps. There are a few things I require and if they are not present I tend to go off the app really quickly. These include: speedometer, showing current road name and the name of road for next turn. I also need some nice color schemes. Lets see if Gokivo lives up to my needs.

The Review

Developer: TeleCommunications Systems Version (at time of review):
File Size: 3961 KB
OS Requirements: BlackBerry 7+
Cost: Free to U.K. users Website:

For this review I have used Gokivo on both the Bold 9900 and 9790 and they each worked perfectly. With the app being available for all BlackBerry 7 smartphones you Torch users may well get the most from Gokivo due to screen size.

Opening the application you are presented with the home screen. At the very top it shows your current location and by pressing the share tab you clearly have the ability to share your location. This can be done via a message or you can update your Facebook status with your GPS location.
Below that you are presented with the current weather conditions for your location. If you fancy a more detailed overview of the weather just press the screen and you are shown the forecast over the next few days.
The navigation starts with the two big icons at the base of the screen; ‘Go To' and ‘Map'.


The map non-surprisingly shows you your location and you have the ability to zoom in and out as well as search for some local amenities.


The ‘Go To' tab is where the action begins. From here you can search for an address or place, view your favorites, view recent destinations, your home, work address, airports and contacts. As you would imagine - if you are searching for an address it is just a case of typing it in, either street or postcode, and Gokivo will locate it. If you are happy with its choice just press the ‘Go' button and you are off.  


Searching for places works much the same as addresses. Here you have the option to phone the search result from within the app. A nice time saving feature.  



Also from this screen you have the option to jump into the settings and change a few things such as your mode of transport (useful if walking), if you want the fastest/shortest/simplest route, you can avoid motorways, tolls, ferries and also switch the view options from 3D to 2D or list mode.



On to the navigation goodness. Performance wise Gokivo does a pretty good job. The UI of the navigation screen uses some sweet colours and using the car icon instead of the normal arrow is a nice touch although not one I got too excited about.
As you may well have seen from the demo video; when Gokivo calculates the route it says out loud that is 'getting route', however the funny part is it sounds like it is saying 'getting rude'. I found this most amusing each time I went for a drive.
All the information you need is on the navigation screen including your next turn, current location, time remaining, distance to destination and current speed. The only criticism I have here is that the arrow icons are quite large and intrusive to the map, but only a small niggle.



If you need to jump to your exact location you can do and even the longitude and latitude will be displayed. Handy i suppose if you are driving a boat!


by TeleCommunications Inc

The Good

Gokivo seems to work seamlessly which always helps. With a vast array of features and a bright colourful user interface it will get you to your destination without you getting lost.

The Bad

In terms of comparing Gokivo to Telmap and I am leaning towards Telmap as my preferred option. It may sound daft but I just prefer the colour scheme a wee bit. Remember that if you are going to be using Gokivo for an extended period of time you may need to make sure you have a car charger as GPS doesn't do battery drain any favours.


Overall Gokivo is a well worth download. Considering it is free there is no reason why you shouldn't have it on your BlackBerry just in case you need it one day. It looks good, sounds good and with a vast array of searching options it will ensure you not only don't get lost but also that you have simple access to local points of interest. 

It does what it is meant to and does it well.


Download Gokivo Navigator for your BlackBerry smartphone


Gokivo web link

Reader comments

Fancy a free turn-by-turn navigation app on your BlackBerry? We test out Gokivo


What are some of the other options, free or paid? Besides Telmap? Neither of these seem to be available to me in Canada on App World.

I tried to use Waze. I've never moved so much by standing in one place since before the Edomondo app was updated. Google Maps has never done that. Using Waze on my Torch9800 the touch screen is rendered useless and only buttons work, even when scrolling through menus. Huge fail.

Is it availiable outside of the UK?
The problem with Telmap that you mention in the article is that it's only for UK users :(

I just tried to access it with my 9900 & it didn't show up...seems it's not availiable in Canada :(

it's UK only as is Telmap. I am wondering about the usefulness of highlighting this on a global website when it's only available for what? 10% of your readers, tops?

also, the review never says that at all.

Back in the day on the 9000 and even the Storm, I would used Garmin Mobile for BlackBerry. That was the ultimate turn-by-turn navigation app for the BlackBerry. Now I just use BlackBerry Traffic since Garmin doesn't work on OS7.

BB Traffic is okay, but since I am still on a 6.0 Torch 9800, and in the US, neither app has a chance to work for me.

I did, however, sample a pay app (Wise Pilot) a couple of weeks ago, and it worked very well.

1) It is UK, US, and Canada friendly.
2) I live in a rural area 50 miles north of Atlanta and it had the road names down well. In fact, some new roads in my area (less than a year old) were showing up in their proper locations with their correct names.
3) I like that it had a night driving mode.
4) I looked at Wise Pilot's subscription schedule, and it was none too shabby. If I compare a standalone GPS device update prices for Garmin, TomTom or Magellen, the Wise Pilot cost is very affordable. I particularly like the menu of fees where you can pick and choose what is important enough for you to buy.

1) The licensing is tied to both the user and the particular BB device you download to. Other reviewers of the software noted that when they bought a new BB, they could not repurchase theapp under their user name for their new device. I am sure this is something the developer will resolve
2) The search by business name returned way too many choices.
3) It displayed temps in celcius with no option to changeto farenheit.
4) The voice was not changeable.

Even with the PROS, I would load the app on my 9800, but I am holding out for BB10, and hopefully Wise Pilot -- or something equally as good and affordable -- will be available. Hey, can't blame a guy for being cheap, right?

RIM is partnering with TomTom for BB10 (Apple made the same partnership agreement with TomTom). I'm not sure if we'll then need other apps for mapping because the native map app should be quite robust... at least I hope so.

Thanks for the review ...

Wondering why in the article the application is called GoViko and GoKivo, while on the picture is GoKivo

Not available for my 9810 on ATT in the US....looks like a great app though and I would love to have it.

*Note: Gokivo is available in the UK only.*

The above statement is at the start of the article, for those of you that are complaining about the availabilty and asking if it is available in Canada and the U.S..

Reading and comprehension are not one and the same. :^)

We do tend to speed read past little captions under images. Had that little caveat been in under the main title, I don't think most of us who didn't see it would have missed it. Besides, suggested apps reviewed by CB are not generally tied to one region/country.

I'll agree with your first point, but disagree with your second point. As quite often there are reviews of apps that are only available in Canada and the U.S..

Another good point for Gokivo is the option to toggle between three display modes - 3d which is the one in the screenshots with a car icon, 2d which is a top down view, and "dashboard" which just gives you a big arrow and a distance, like Nav4all (RIP) used to.

Overall I prefer this to telmap, but the only niggle is that the arrow icons for roundabouts seem to be selected at random - it shows a left turn (first exit) for anything other than straight on, so I have to look at the navigation screen a little longer than I'd like to while trying to get around an unfamiliar roundabout.

Another good point for Gokivo is the option to toggle between three display modes - 3d which is the one in the screenshots with a car icon, 2d which is a top down view, and "dashboard" which just gives you a big arrow and a distance, like Nav4all (RIP) used to.

Overall I prefer this to telmap, but the only niggle is that the arrow icons for roundabouts seem to be selected at random - it shows a left turn (first exit) for anything other than straight on, so I have to look at the navigation screen a little longer than I'd like to while trying to get around an unfamiliar roundabout.

For those who are complaining that Gokivo and Telmap aren't available outside the UK, you should know that BlackBerry Traffic doesn't work in the UK

For everyone looking for a free navigation app go to

Sign up, you get the free app and it works basically everywhere (although Canada is not in the list of countries to navigate in).
You'll need to pick a country on signup though but they don't check it or anything.

Try it ;)

I installed this app and then uninstalled it in seconds. Why? Well, it seems that it will only work if you allow the app access to your personal information. Sure it needs access to GPS, phone info etc, but if you allow this but disallow personal information it refuses to work, which to me seems very suspect. If I'm wrong and anyone has a good explanation as to why this is so I'd be very happy to hear it.

Yes, I know I'm replying to myself here, but a bit of a surprise that no other BlackBerry user seems to be worried about security of personal data, the irony.

Most of the 120 apps I've downloaded ask those basic personal questions (agree that they can use your information else no installation). They're not stealing the information you communicate. If you're worried about your personal information being misused, try writing snail mail letters... I'm sure no one reads those ;). Peace.

One thing I took away from the video, other than it being a good demonstration of the app itself in working order, is that perhaps anyone else thinking of doing the same video with other navigation apps not drive AND film at the same time because what was demonstrated is quite unsafe. There should be a driver and a passenger making the review. Other than that, nice app. Too bad it's not available outside of the UK.

Excellent! Any idea on data usage this uses? Telmap responded via email at 5mb monthly. It's about time we started to get some UK love with apps like this. :D Thanks for the review.

Been using it (Gokivo)in Scotland for a while now and I give it 5 stars, works brilliantly ;-)Hard to believe it's free...

Is there a good free GPS app for the US? Blackberry Traffic would be great, but it doesn't recognize the roads that I travel on (including major highways). Haven't made a single trip without it (it, not me) getting lost. I downloaded LifeInPocket, but it wasn't able to link up to the GPS system (plus I hated how it connected to other BB apps).