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Government IT contractor SAIC upgrading to BES10

BES Work Account on a BlackBerry Z10
By Simon Sage on 28 Apr 2014 08:39 am EDT

BlackBerry announced that one of their big customers, the Science Applications International Corporation, has upgraded to BES 10. Their device environment includes iOS and Android devices in addition to BlackBerry. SAIC works in a lot of government-related sectors, including training, logistics, networking, and crisis management. Obviously working in those spheres requires a fair bit of security, which BES 10 provides.

SAIC's CIO Robert Facteau commented on the roll-out:

"Implementing BlackBerry's BES10 server provides us with a single management point to support mobile device communications. This helps reduce overhead costs and allows us to focus training and development on enhancing skills needed to fully support secure mobility operations within the SAIC enterprise."

Though BlackBerry didn't say anything specifically about how many devices these guys have deployed, obviously it's significant enough to warrant press release. Besides, it's always good to see BlackBerry lock down more customers. SAIC uses BES10 in the management of BlackBerry, iOS, and Android devices, utilizing features like Secure Workspace containerization.

Source: Marketwired

SAIC Deepens Commitment to Secure Multi-Platform Device Management with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

BlackBerry remains preferred mobility solution for government and commercial technology integrator

MCLEAN, VIRGINIA and WATERLOO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - April 28, 2014) - BlackBerry Limited (NASDAQ: BBRY)(TSX: BB), a world leader in mobile communications, today announced that Science Applications International Corporation (NYSE: SAIC) is expanding its investment in BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) for enterprise mobility management (EMM).

SAIC, which provides full lifecycle services and solutions in the technical, engineering and enterprise IT markets in the public and private sectors, has upgraded its BlackBerry Enterprise Servers to BES10 in order to manage both its current fleet of BlackBerry® 10 devices as well as its devices running Android and iOS operating systems. BES10 will ensure the security in SAIC's multi-operating system environment while streamlining operations for administrators with a single management console.

"Implementing BlackBerry's BES10 server provides us with a single management point to support mobile device communications," said Robert Fecteau, SAIC's Chief Information Officer. "This helps reduce overhead costs and allows us to focus training and development on enhancing skills needed to fully support secure mobility operations within the SAIC enterprise."

"BES10 gives customers the power to create a customized EMM environment that reflects the diverse security and flexibility needs across their entire workforce," said John Sims, President of Global Enterprise Services at BlackBerry. "SAIC will gain the advantage of BlackBerry's comprehensive solution that brings everything together, efficiently and securely, while still providing the best value."

For SAIC, security means protecting both corporate and client data, including that of their customers in commercial markets and federal, state and local governments. In addition to deploying BlackBerry 10 smartphones for their highest security requirements, SAIC is also utilizing Secure Work Space for iOS and Android, which is a multi-platform containerization solution managed through BES10. This technology securely separates sensitive corporate data from personal content, making Secure Work Space an ideal solution for organizations that desire the flexibility of a BYOD program with the control they demand for mobile communications.

The BES10 multi-platform solution allows customers to manage BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices from a single, highly secure, reliable platform. Around the globe, nearly 33,000 BES10 commercial and test servers have been installed to date.



That's what I'm talking about

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As per online information SAIC have about 14,000 employees. It is not a small # in my perspective

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Bacon Munchers

Thanks. The article missed that important point.


Oh damn!! That's a significant amount of employees! Keep it moving, BlackBerry!

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Noted, no effort is apparent to provide incentive to use BB devices, only improve the position of competitor products.


In the short term maybe. But now they are making money with ios and android. ND for the long term BlackBerry BES licenses are cheaper than ios/android.
So if the companies need to cut IT costs in the future they will most certainly think about switching to BlackBerry completely...

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Z10 with OS



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Boom! Wow! Surprise! Son!

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Wonder how many of their current install base has upgraded..

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Another one... didn't say how many bb10 or how many employees total they have thought

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Good news!

Sent with my amazing Blackberry Z30.

John Kastanes

BlackBerry is here to stay despite all the negative press releases pushed by Apple and Google.

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The Aficionado

Really good news

This is the first big BES 10 upgrade from the US

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Little by little progress is being made, let's just hope and keep going forward!

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Stay focused ...

Stay committed...

Stay connected...

Stay BlackBerry...©

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Q. Where is the '10' in BlackBerry 10?

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On the loading screen.



Zee coolest flicking smartphone evah


He said Q10...

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Great news

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Melvin Jefferson

Great Job BlackBerry! Keep it up!


SAIC is a major company. Anyone who knows anything about government contracting knows SAIC. Great job BlackBerry!

David Tyler

Agreed. That's good enough for me to add to my BBRY position.

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Yeah, they are practically the NSA.

I bought some used "spook" gear from them.

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Press on!!

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zoe sun

good to see this!

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Step by step, little by little.
In the waiting for BES12 before we'll get the massive upgrade.
Good news.


This is what I want to see.

I'm also noticing blackberry 10 devices in the hands of people everytime i go to the mall or to the grocery store now!

Gaining popularity

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I've started seeing them recently too. I am in Texas.


Same here in Toronto! Noticing more z10's now in the hands of women.

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Fantastic news! Keep it up.


Great news! Keep em' comin!

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Slowly but surely. Great news.


Nice! I hope my employer follows suit. They are still on BES5 and only allow iPhone for BYOD.

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Devices that are BlackBerry are the least of their revenue on this deal cal keys per device used ios/android/bb is where they make the money.

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Rolf Hed

How much (approx.) revenue will this generate? That'd be good to know... Where's Umi? Maybe he can give an estimate.


Yet the media isn't interested in covering this.

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Excellent point. They know only what they think they know...


Good name and logo to have as a customer but wish they stated how many phones were sold?

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I work for 'em. 2 of my managers have BB10 phones. I think they allow other phones, but are providing BB10 devices if a mobile is necessary for the job as 1 of the 2 just received a new Z30. My guess is that it will give BB a boost in sales, but not immediately, nor in abundance. BB steps... (<-- See what I did there?)


Media never covers this due to their ignorance of a great canadian company they want gone for good. Well, kcuf them all! This is good, which can only get better! :D

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Now the US government needs to stop playing around and jump on the BlackBerry train!

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Bravo!! :)

Bring in that money :)

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Paul Callahan

Excellent! Keep It Moving..

Q10 on T-Mobile