Got a new T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10? Here's what you need to know

T-Moible BlackBerry Z10
By Adam Zeis on 26 Mar 2013 10:30 am EDT

So you just picked up a new BlackBerry Z10 from T-Mobile but aren't quite sure where to start. Not to worry because we have everything you need to know to get up and running with your new Z10.

From firing up the device the first time to setting up your accounts to accessories - we've got your back through it all.

No matter if you're new to BlackBerry or a seasoned vet - you'll most likely still have some questions and we've got the answers.

You've probably read up on the Z10 already and know what you want to do first, but even if you have there is always more to learn. 

Keep reading to see our top tips for getting started with your new T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10.

Where do I start?

Add Account

If you want to get started with your Z10 quickly then make this post your one destination. Here we cover charging your battery, setting up accounts, using BlackBerry Link, loading up media and more. While there are loads of settings you can dive into on your BlackBerry Z10, we can get you going with the bare minimum in just a few minutes. 

The first ten things to do with your new BlackBerry Z10
Top ten tips for the BlackBerry Z10 keyboard
Top ten tips for BlackBerry 10 email
Top ten tips for the BlackBerry 10 Hub

Advanced Help and How To

Sideload Z10

If you have a bit more time to spend getting your Z10 set up the way you want it, we have loads of help and how-to articles to guide you on your way. Covering everything from changing wallpapers to account setup to sideloading - our help articles will tell you everything you need to know about diving head first into the world of BlackBerry 10.

How to change the wallpaper on your BlackBerry 10 phone
How to use custom ringtones and alerts on BlackBerry 10
How to sideload apps to your BlackBerry Z10 from Mac
How to sideload apps to your BlackBerry Z10 from Windows
Check out all the BlackBerry 10 help and how-to guides


Z10 Transform Shell

Now that you have a new Z10 you'll obviously want some great accessories to go along with it, right? ShopCrackBerry has loads of new Z10 accessories in stock including cases, chargers, headsets and much more. You won't find a better selection anywhere else, so head over to ShopCrackBerry to see what's new and get to accessorizing your Z10. 

Check out the latest BlackBerry Z10 accessories at ShopCrackBerry

Give me more!!

If you still want more, check out our full list of help guides and then jump into the CrackBerry forums for more BlackBerry Z10 discussion. 

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Got a new T-Mobile BlackBerry Z10? Here's what you need to know


Just went to T-Mobile web site...Front page has 4 featured phones. Samsung Galaxy SII, SIII, Nokia Lumia 810, and Windows Phone 8X by HTC...not a very promising start. There's not even a mention of the Z10. However when you do find it it's only $99 on contract ($18 mo. for 24 mo.) or a flat $531.99

Take heart my friends, Tm-Mobile's in store presentation is far better than At&t's! They had a virtual station set up!

Someone will soon be suggesting that new Z10 owners port Android apps, port Android apps, and port some more Android apps.


Posted via CB10

Hey Adam, I got mine today, Kevin interviewed me as I was the first to acquire mine plus tickets to see you know who :)

Sorry to hear guys that T-Mobile isn't showing the Z10 on their site, I was just reading some reviews on the ATT site, and the customers so far give it a 5/5 and it also seems a lot of them have switched from Androids and iPhones, like me. So the so called experts that bash or don't promote this phone are useless. The customer is the real expert and I'm sure you will agree. Rock on BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

Well, if you go to Business section of TMO web, you will see that TMO proudly stated that they are the first to release Z10 for business accounts.


They just changed the site! Of course there are 3 rotating banners and the second one is the iPhone is coming April 12th. The first one is pretty funny...
Ladies and Gentlemen.
T-Mobile has left the clueless-cellular-company building!

That's correct, however you can go into the store. They have the specs, pricing and paperwork. They are just waiting for corporate to update the pricing. It will be by EOD.

My Tmo store only got 8 devices and I bought 2 of them and another lady was bought 1 as well.

I love this phone so much.

I am under the impression that my phone is unlocked by default. Can someone verify that for me? In the settings under the Sim Card tab it have Phone Network Lock. Mine says Network Subset: Unlocked and Service Provider: Unlocked. Those this mean my phone is unlocked?

Omg good for you LOL! Good for you for sticking it out with a 9700. Great phone. Z10 is one of the few BlackBerrys in my opinion to be above the 9700 for obvious reasons

I'm now posting from my brand new Z10. Love it. Considerably different experience. Than before, but I'm adjusting to it quickly.

Posted via CB10

I bought the last 2 at my T-Mo store. Now it's on to the Crackberry tutorials to figure out how to use this beautiful piece of hardware!

My order was shipped. yes on its way. I had the 8330, 9630 tour, 9650 bold, EVO 4G, Motorola photon, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5, but i'm back to Blackberry again yes....

I bought my Z10 at T-Mobile this morning and there were 5 other people buying the Z10 at the same time as me. I am very happy with my purchase!

I bought mine out right today. However, I couldn't send any MMS (text with picture). Does it problem happen to anybody? I received and sent SMS text okay.
UPDATE: Called customer service and the MMS problem fixed. Also switched to Simple Choice plan.

So excited with my Z10 coming from a iphone user. Got it this afternoon at T-mobile. Great to be back with blackberry (last BB was a 9700) with t-mobile.

Yea strange. I think it has something to do with the pricing, but I hear Verizon is going this route as well so...

Thanks so much for this post!!! It helped me a lot today haha!!! Yes I finally got my Zed 10 and I'm enjoying it!!! seem I won't be going to sleep tonight -__-