Got kids? Keep them busy with these great BlackBerry apps

BlackBerry PlayBook Baby
By Adam Zeis on 13 Sep 2012 11:27 am EDT

If you have kids you know how they get when you're on a long car trip, at grandma's house or they are just flat out bored. Thankfully your BlackBerry PlayBook can keep them entertained with the help of some great kids apps. Now, I'm not saying you should sit your kids down with your tablet for hours on end, but when the need arises, the PlayBook can distract them long enough to let you get yourself together and who knows, they may even learn a thing or two along the way.

Keep reading to see some of my favorite kids apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Great kids apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Math Quiz - Educational games for kids  

Math Games 

This one is pretty sweet. Not only is it fun for kids (for the most part) but they also get to learn a bit of math. Last year my son had to do some "computer game" time for part of his homework each week, and this is something that totally fit that bill. The game is designed for ages 7 and up and features multiple levels of difficulty, timed equations, background music and more. Just $0.99 in BlackBerry App World.

More information/Download Math Quiz - Educational game for kids 

Hangman Kids

Hangman Kids 

This one isn't for the PlayBook but I had to sneak it in - Hangman Kids is an awesome game. You get the fun of hangman in a game designed for kids between the ages of 3 and 8. It's pretty much standard hangman, but there are pictures provided to gives your kids help and also let them learn in the process. The lite version is free so you can try it out for nothing.

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Toddler Games

Toddler Games 

Toddler Games features a few games for kids age 0-3. They are super easy to play so even the younger kids will enjoy them. In the set is Find the Difference, Clean the Ice and changing colors. The colorful animations and sounds are great entertainment for your kids so they will love this one. Free in BlackBerry App World.

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Coloring Books

Coloring Books 

When I hit the road as a kid, I had real coloring books to keep my busy. Now instead of acutal paper and crayons, your kids can color right on the PlayBook. Avalable in both an animals and dinosaur version, these coloring books will keep your kids entertained for hours. There is a huge variety of colors, undo/redo button, ability to save images and much more. You can grab each for just $0.99 in BlackBerry App World.

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More information/Download Coloring Book - Dinosaurs 

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Reader comments

Got kids? Keep them busy with these great BlackBerry apps


Although Adam couldn't possibly canvas all the apps available for kids, one group of apps missing from the set is the various "TVO Kids" apps...some free, others at nominal cost. Really good for younger (like 3) kids.

OR... give them an iPad and they will have a better selection of apps (not crapps)... not to mention NETFLIX, which has tons of episodes of educational content such as Sesame Street, Dora, SuperWhy, etc.

So you would rather your kids watch tv then learn??? No wonder north america (I live in Canada and I see it myself) is getting FAT!!!

Learn first, watch tv second. Let them learn how to count, draw/colour in the lines, say words, and then get them to watch educational tv.

Sitting a kid in front of the tv promotes an unhealthy life style and also is used for a baby sitter...

I'm sorry, you're right, I'm wrong.
I'll give my kid a useless PlayBook, then they'll have no choice but to LEARN not to buy Blackberry devices.
Thank you for your awesome unbiased Canadian advice.
You sir, are genius.

Actually, I live and die by my 9900, but the loathe playbook. Purchasing it was a mistake... sorry for the hate, just frustrated with the disappointment.

Well i'm sorry the playbook didn't meet your expectations. But no need to bash the playbook and hail the competitions product offering in a Good post about education and kids. That is not called for.

3 year old and 10 month old... BTW, the 3 year old only gets 1.5 hrs of TV a day after noon naptime... (netflix on my ipad)

me? not yet... and I was actually married to a girl that had 2 kids, 3 and 5 at the time, and we didn't let them watch much tv. The 3yr old would play and colour and the 5yr was too busy playing sports to watch tv, and he only started watching tv more prominently after he started grade 2. They both watched Dora and Sesame street and such but very limited.

My ex and I were very involved to make sure the kids learned and we both spent a lot of time running around with them. TV isn't a babysitter

Well, you're a more disciplined parent than me! I'm in the tv is a harmless godsend parent camp, with my principles about the 'harm' it does somwehat er, revised since having a family! Kudos!

Oh believe me, I had my moments to not be disciplined. My ex was the more disciplined one though.

But when you see kids all around that are almost as big as I am (32yrs old and 220lbs of fat, ok not all fat, but I do have a belly now lol) but kids that are almost the same size as me and more then 1/2 my age, there is a problem.

Kids need to be active outside playing sports, jumping rope, riding a bike, and not glued to video games or tv for more than an hour or two a day.

My girlfriend and I have both said if we ever have kids, they will NOT have a cell phone or anything that distracts them from learning or being physically active.

Not sure I would want a toddler handling a device that is $500+. Not to mention that the iPad is much heavier than the Playbook.

rickster: you don't come off to me like a troll (thank you for that), but can you tell me what is the issue you have with the PlayBook? Please don't say it because it does not have "Netflix" Also the problem is not the PlayBook it's Netflix that's not wanting to build for the platform...

Trini-34: Thanks for not classifying me as a troll. I follow the site daily for news on BB10 and I think Kevin is a pretty cool guy and has assembled a great team.
Here comes a rant...

I believe the playbook hardware is the best in comparison to the competing 7" devices I've tried (except the new Amazon tablets I have not tried). But my biggest problems are: #1: the lack of attention RIM has given to the OS, and #2: the fact that premium services are not bringing their apps to the playbook.
Let me elaborate.

#1: the playbook OS is not finished, and should not have been released. I know everyone has heard this over and over, but seriously. All the negative publicity has hurt RIM more than if they had just delayed the playbook announcement and release date for another year (just my opinion, not a fact, of course).
I say it isn't finished because the basic things I can do on, say, my previous old 8900 curve, the playbook can't do. Just one example that comes to mind, if I'm viewing an image in the pictures app, why can't I swipe down the menu, and send it to the native email app to send as an attachment? I know, I know, this isn't BBOS, it's QNX, and I know BB10 MIGHT bring more functionality, I can't argue that. But the simple things my 4 year old blackberry device can do, the playbook can't, both devices from RIM. Why not just wait until a fully functional product was ready, then announce and release it? Why force it out there and see it burn?

#2: It's not just Netflix I'm upset about. It's the lack quality apps (not referring to games) from major service providers. I'm not saying there aren't excellent apps from awesome developers in app world. But have you looked at the recently released apps category? They're usually adult e-books, adult wallpapers or flashlight apps... seriously, once like a month ago, all 25 tiles were "sexy babes" apps. I took a screenshot to prove it.

So who's really keeping apps people expect to see out of app world? Is it really the big company's development teams? I use Netflix as an example, but where's Hulu, Amazon Video, SiriusXM, Spotify? Where are the major banking apps? Where is a native twitter client? How about commerce apps like Amazon, Ebay, Zappos?
I know some of these can be side-loaded, and there are "alternative" Netflix/Hulu/Twitter apps, but wouldn't the playbook be more attractive to consumers if these apps would have been there from release or soon after? I've owned a playbook since the price drop last Fall. I've yet to see any announcement of change coming.
I don't want to flame RIM here, I have owned several generations of iPhones and 2 distinct Android phones, and will never leave BlackBerry phones.
But my playbook isn't seeing as much use as my iPad does, and it just feels like RIM doesn't care about the Playbook anymore.

I can totally agree with you on some points but disagree with others.
1 The business apps that's currently available in appworld are very useful for my day to day (adobe connect pro, remote desktop) just to name a few and they work very well for what I need. Yes there's crap apps in there, but who doesn't have crap apps in their ecosystem?
2 the picture app does not allow you to send an email from there, but if you're in an email you can attach a file, pic or doc. And send.
3 I know the ipad and droid tablet does alot and have alot of developer-support for the platform, but they all lack something (like a remote control function, true mulitasking) I can go on but I'm sure you heard it all before. So they all have their pros and cons, and hopefully BB10 will bring even more functionality and apps to change us BB-Loyalist from buying more than one device because this one does not do this or that (wishful thinking i know).
Now when comes to banking apps, I couldn't agree with you more especially if they are available for BB-Handhelds perfect example BOA...
We cannot blame the PlayBook because the developers don't want to support the platform... Also look at what RIM is trying to do now to change that, we have to give them some credit for at least trying.

i got so many cool games and story books for my baby sister theres one with a parot and its interactive she wanted me to read that to her every night lol

Adam you missed a awesome app called "Perico Pirata" the dev updates it frequently with new features and its free!! Try it out for yourself it really is a top notch app for kids of all ages,my 10 month old even gets a kick out of it.

* BlackBerry by choice *
Forever ago I downloaded this baby sign language app and it was free. Still in App World and our kids love it. Complete with videos. It's just some basic stuff but a great start. Kids are like sponges and this is great info for them to soak up. Works great with HDMI out and BlackBerry remote control on the living room TV.

There are many, many good toddler apps for playbook. Playbook is just perfect to teach my son animal sounds, words, shapes etc.