Got BlackBerry OS 7? Wikitude Augmented Reality Browser is waiting to be downloaded

By Joseph Holder on 10 Aug 2011 03:04 pm EDT

One of the most anticipated applications for the new BlackBerry OS 7 phones has to be the Wikitude Augmented Reality Browser.  If you're not familiar, the augmented reality application displays the image from your smartphone's camera. Layered on top of this image are clickable links to information about the places around you. In past demonstrations, we've seen banks, hotels, shops, and even BlackBerry Messenger Contacts pop up on the screen. All in all, the Wikitude Augmented Reality Browser appears to be a highly useful (and entertaining) app.

If you've got an OS 7 device (lucky!), then you'll want to grab this app quickly. It's available today, right now, in BlackBerry App World. Please note that this BlackBerry App World link will only work from a BlackBerry OS7 device.

More information / download from BlackBerry App World

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Reader comments

Got BlackBerry OS 7? Wikitude Augmented Reality Browser is waiting to be downloaded


Joseph, are you planning on reviewing this app more in-depth soon? I really think this app is going to rock, but the video doesnt really show it off like CrackBerry could! :)

I've just insatlled it on my 9900 and it's not doing very much. Maybe it's me being stupid. I was going to look for information on the Wikitude site but it is one of the sites affected by the Amazon hosting outage.

Only users on OS7 and new device, because for BBM it will have to require the use of the digital compass (magnetometer).

i like this app...seen it working inside the bar on fan night and...well... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!\

some of the girls thot the BBM stalking was creepy but oh well, u prolly don't wana stalk those ones anyway.


after reinstalling apps to compatible versions, free app space in app world is YELLOW!!!!!!!!!!

avail 167 MB -------------------- WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

helpppppppppppppppppppp meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Having issues installing this app. Once installed the 2.0 version asks to upgrade and after upgrading it loops back to the older version. Not able to make it work on my new 9900.
Anyone else having the same issue?

I am still waiting for the Telus to release the BB 9900. But I see that the App is NOT on the App World. It has been removed.

May be this is due to privacy laws in Canada or something like that?

it was removed.. I can't find it either..

Just got a 9900 and 9810 from a rogers plus store in winnipeg..

the 9900 is a slick device.. Came from and iphone 4 that i gave up on to a 9700..

Thanks. But when I click on the link on my 9810 (Rogers), get message:

This application is not available on your device or for your carrier."

have this an looksreally cool, cant get my location set up though says flip and twist device to locate which i have done but nothing happens just makes me look stupid,

anyone help?

I swore I would never do drugs or become addicted to anything.... Thanks RIM for making me a liar, I can't put this bitch down lol