Got App World questions? Visit the App World Support Q&A next week and get them answered

By Michelle Haag on 22 Jul 2011 11:51 am EDT
BlackBerry App World

Are you a BlackBerry newbie, still learning the ins and outs of your new smartphone? A great place to find information about your new BlackBerry is right here on CrackBerry, no doubt about that, but occasionally RIM hosts some neat webcasts and other events to give you a real in-depth look into certain topics. The next event is the Community Insider Event: App World Support Q&A which will be held July 27th and 28th, where RIM's Senior Product Manager and App World Pro, Alex Kinsella, will be available to answer questions from 9am-9pm EST.
You can ask Alex any of your BlackBerry App World questions, including topics such as:

  • Logging into App World
  • Downloading Apps
  • App World payment options
  • Upgrading to a new version of App World
  • Upgrading specific Apps
  • Locating app icons on the home screen
  • Deleting apps
  • App World on the BlackBerry PlayBook

Alex is a Product Manager for BlackBerry App World, and has been with RIM since 2008. If you want more information on the Community Insider Event, head on over to the Community Corner at the link below.

More information on the upcoming App World Support Q&A

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Got App World questions? Visit the App World Support Q&A next week and get them answered


Someone needs to ask them why they never release the release log along with the new appworld and other apps

And not to mention

First post

Well i did ask Blackberry support both on Twitter and by Email the following questions which always got ignored.. so here's to hoping i will finally get an answer:

On what basis did RIM decide to block all streaming apps on appworld in the middle east?!
More info/Reference:

Why did RIM block Blackberry Protect in the UAE shortly after it was launched in the middle east?

The last one is particularly puzzling, since it wasn't blocked in the entire middle east, just the UAE..
neither the operators nor RIM admit to know why it's blocked, if so, then who does?!

bottom line, RIM NEVER restricts anything of its own accord. Countries, carriers, regions all have their reasons for dictating to RIM what they can and cannot support.

i'd love some sort of proof, as nobody is standing up and claiming responsibility for having BB Protect or Streaming apps blocked.. and believe me, i've been in the middle east for 12 years now, operators out here have no shame when it comes to censorship of any kind, but in this case they claim to have nothing to do with it, and RIM claims the same!

I only have 1 question. Why isn't the AppWorld on the PlayBook not swipe sensitive on the horizontal bar that expands the bottom apps and shrink the top horizontal scrolling apps. They made it look just like he home screen, so make it work just like it. I have to click on the arrow every time.

The only question I have is why is a change log not posted when RIM releases updates for its various apps. Case in point, MSN has just been updated but there is no change log to indicate what has been changed. What is the big secret? And if there is not a secret, then post the change logs so that we know what will be changing (if anything) in the program.

My questions would be:

1. Why the best rim apps are only released for US and Canada (see Blackberry Podcast, Blackberry Travel)?

2. Why did you guys buy Viigo and dump it?!? That was the only good app blackberry had.

This would actually be awesome. I have some troubleshooting questions that I don't know the answer to - and for the life of me have not been able to figure out how to even contact "App World" Support. I always get some form email back saying customer service isn't supported or to visit their website, blah blah blah.

I would also like to know why the onus of troubleshooting problems with apps falls on the consumer? The app developer always pushes me onto BlackBerry, and BlackBerry pushes me back onto the app developer saying it's their problem. If these relationships are important to both sides then they should be communicating with each other and figuring things out. All I know is, I am the one paying YOU, so don't make take time out of my day to figure it out!

My question is...

Why can't we delete apps in the uninstalled section of appworld?

I don't bother trying out apps before I buy becauseI don't want a huge list of uninstalled apps in my appworld.

My question is:

Does RIM have no way of monitoring reviews in App World? Many apps, Facebook for example, would have much lower, realistic scores, if it weren't for all the spam reviews. These reviews are simply 4 or 5 stars and a request to be added or something else that is equally as obviously not a real user legitimately reviewing the apps.