Gossip from my IT Department.. "We're preparing to support BlackBerry 10 from day one!"

BlackBerry 10
By Michelle Haag on 19 Oct 2012 02:42 pm EDT

As posted in the CrackBerry forums by member pg101 earlier this week:

"Just got off phone with an IT gal at my employer. I work for one of the "big 5" banks in Canada... They are preparing to go BB10 from day 1....both phones and PlayBook. The gal who has a personal iPhone even says the BB10 has a better experience, the ideal BYOD product, and keyboard's ability to learn your typing errors and predict/correct is amazing. Every third word from her mouth was "sexy" when she was describing the features to me. She sounded very excited to talk about it.

On a side note, my bank tested Apple already as a replacement, and concluded that Apple still has significant hurdles to go through before it can be as safe and secure at BB. Needless to say, every other bank and insurance company here in Canada will likely come to the same conclusion, and will still continue to use BB over Apple. That is the bottom line! "

All things considered, looking at the situation realistically, any company looking to go all in with BlackBerry 10 would likely have to ease in, possibly have to wait out existing contracts and replace devices as they are eligible, and so on. However, it's awesome to see so much enthusiasm and confidence in the future of BlackBerry and Research In Motion.

Even though we've seen some companies drift away from BlackBerry over the last year or so, there are still many that feel the same as pg101's company as referenced above. With dual personas (work/personal) baked in via BlackBerry Balance and BES 10 coming out for enterprises to manage the BB10 devices along with iOS and Android devices, I think we'll not only see a lot of companies choosing to stay with BlackBerry in the future, but also see many former enterprise customers return when the time is right. 

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Gossip from my IT Department.. "We're preparing to support BlackBerry 10 from day one!"


Not just amazing, but I believe this news is very accurate because Alec Saunders from RIM just tweeted about this CrackBerry article.

Nbc nightly news did a story last night about the NY times article and at the end of the story the head news anchor Brian Williams stated "We all still use our BlackBerrys proudly" and the news then ended for the night.

Surprised CrackBerry didn't pick up on this. It was a big win for BlackBerry Imo.

Searched for this on youtube but couldn't find it. I would like to see it. Hopefully someone can et a clip up.

I love to see that, people who can think for themselves and not be led by bs. No one likes to be singled out.

its a device, anyone can buy it... get out of that us vs them mentality. its a device... stop putting some much emotion to it.

bb10 for the win security is 100% garunteed with companies like this being with RIM i dealt with them daily.... i had a company at one point drop a BES contract with RIM to go to iphones got hacked(bank) and instantly came back to sign a new contract.

nothing is more secure and more smooth than the bb10 :D

I suppose it will take a similar situation but on a much larger scale for the US market to realize the importance of secured devices. Identify thefts, hacked bank accounts, credit card fraud..all growing concerns as smart phones become a mode of payment.

One minor point to remember is that both Bank of Montreal and ScotiaBank hold significant stakes in RIM, and it's in their best interest that this platform succeed.

That said, these customers will provide a LOT of sales for the new phones when they're launched. What I'm hoping is that RIM is lining up some of their strategic corporate customers and getting them prepared to buy BB10 in the first quarter they're available.

Because in the original post, it was said that: "I work for one of the "big 5" banks in Canada....not #1 but not #5 either....we have branches around the world. That's all the hints I will give."

So he basically said it wasn't RBC and it wasn't CIBC, which left TD, BNS, and BMO. Out of those, BNS is Canada's most international bank :)

I'm working at a Dutch bank (Rabobank) and we already building and testing a banking app for BB10 :)

My step dad and my cousin work there, I almost did but ended up at another Dutch investment bank. They work out of the UK office.

I am still trying to find out who is responsible for our devices to see if they are testing and if I can be one of the testers.

Testing is done internally. We don't have public test facilities like open betas. But a great team is working on it!

Edit: Oh, I now see you're mentioning your own company :)

Its always nice to read stories like this. Hopefully a lot of other companies plan to back RIM after testing bb10.

More bad news for RIM.
Booze Allen just said they are getting rid of the 25,000 BBs for they're employees. They r switching to iPhones and Android devices. They also said employees with personal BBs will not be allowed on their corporate network.

They have 25,000 employees, they are not getting rid of 25,000 BlackBerry devices. For all we know, maybe only a hundred employees had corporate issued BlackBerry phones.

It would be a good point, if not for the fact that more than 10,000 of their employees used to be exclusively BB. Now that figure will be 0.

And where did you get 10,000 from?
I work for a major insurance company and we deploy BlackBerry's but not at the 40% that you speculate.

RIM has to get the product to market or face more of this. However it is unlikely that every major corporation will drop Blackberry in the next 5 months.

This does indicate that RIMs sales team may not be doing well in selling BB10 to firms.

I hope the forum post is correct. The difference is this news is real and anyone can write a forum post.

It may not be that bad, if they are already used to manage BB's through BES they will most likely get Fusion to manage their new iPhones and Droids, $100 per unit in revenue for RIM...

I wont disclose who I work for but I can say that the FUSION infrastructure and BlackBerry10 support is on our road map for this year

We are all in with RIM

I guess firms in the great white north are positive about BB10. It doesn't seem to be the same down here in the US of A. There's so much negativity surrounding BlackBerry here I don't know if BlackBerry can over come all the negativity.. Carriers have said yes we're open to BB10 but the question in my mind is can they win the public over. The odds don't seem to be in RIM's favor. Maybe its the perception and not reality. i dont know but IMO the USA might be the most difficult market to win over. I hope they succeed as BB10 looks great but there's so many good products that have failed because of the perception. Good luck RIM. I'm rooting for you..

If some characters on a popular show start using it or some famous celebrities, it will gain favour again.

Maybe Octomom.

What p*sses me off is it's not just RIM it's ANYBODY who isn't APPLE! The media reporting and perception as you stated in your post is so biased that it's going to take a revolutionary change in thinking to change that perception. A tall order for anyone.

We're all hoping RIM can do it!!.

Apple and Android is AMERICAN software.
The Eastern countries hate Americans.
If they don't BUY BlackBerrys, they will be supporting Americans, and American bombs that will be used against them.


As much as I don't want to be, I'm a wee bit skeptical that any bank will support it on day one since RIM hasn't released BES 10 yet (which is a prerequisite for BB10 as BB10 will NOT work on existing BES 5 due to the fact that it must use MS ActiveSync) and it needs to be running on its own little server. In May, 2013 RIM will release an update to BES10 allowing it to run within a Virtual Machine on the existing BES 5 server but that's about 3-5 months too late. RIM has stated that they will release BES 10 concurrently with BB10.

Since no large bank in Canada is going to deploy software to their end users without a certain amount of testing and RIM isn't running around today seeding large enterprises with dev alpha's or dev bravo's for testing (unless they are developing BB10 applications), many of these banks will have to wait with the rest of us to be able to test BES 10 before deploying it.

I don't doubt that a few might have pilots up but production... on day one? I highly doubt it. That said, you could use one with BIS no worries... but that's not really connected to the bank. I think Snopes would call this one a urban legend....

Umm...BES10 is available today. It's called BlackBerry Mobile Fusion. All you need is one server to install. The great thing about it is it doesn't affect your existing BES environment. BlackBerry can easily seed these banks with devices as there are hundreds of thousands out in the wild now. They're called PlayBooks. Any policy you want to push out to your device can be pushed down to your PB for testing.

Believe me if a bank has a decent enough deployment aka investment already in BlackBerry, then you can bet your bottom dollar that they already have a test environment running Mobile Fusion.

you also forget that major companies carry contracts with RIM banks being the huge one. Working with RIM we gave BES 5.0 MONTHSSSSSS before anyone was allowed to see it RIM is smart they give software to the people that support them.

I head IT for a private company with 70+ BB devices. We are totally committed to the Blackberry platform. In fact, once BB10 devices are released, we intend on upgrading our BB infrastructure and devices immediately. We've looked at iOS and Android devices. Simply put, the inherited security and ease of device management in BB just can't be beat. And with the improved BB Balance, the gap between consumer vs business support substantially narrows.

Everyone is going for NFC and poor Iphone 5 can not use the NFC. Why would the baks use a brand which does not have the capability of next big technology. Apple Iphone 5 is a toy not a secure device

What are you talking about mikepraba? The iphone5 has NFC and you ihaters never stop with the bashing. You think apple would release an outdated phone without NFC? Do you understand the iphone5 has an extra row of apps? Yes an extra row of apps. I think it's safe to say apple just leapfrogged everyone with that one.

I know my company (another Canadian bank), has been testing BB10 for a little while. We even have our mobile app near complete. We have been exclusively using Blackberry devices for years and are upgrading to BB10 when it's released. Can't wait to have my own personal L-Series and my company issued N-Series :)

You just don't get it. Why is god's name would a company let a feeble security prone device onto their network when you have all the goodness of BB10. This is the push back to BYOD and part of RIMs strategy to increase market share. You iFans are so yesterday. Ah that felt goooooood.

My work is all BB and only BB. I'm talking about thousands of BB units issued every year. BES servers too. Some workers complain that the phones are locked up(apps) and useless for anything but email. BB10 Balance is the answer they've been waiting for. Nothing but brilliant ideas coming from RIM!

I'm doing my part.. No kidding - friends and family purchased atleast 20 playbooks and I convinced atleast 6 people from buying a new smartphone now to instead wait for BB10. Now if I can get my hands on a devAlpha device...it would make my mission easier!

id switch to bb 100 too. Androids are just phones for people who just want a phone and thats all they know. People that dont care about phones buy android. people that dont care about their own needs, only meeting the needs of others buy apple

While it is good news, it would be better news if it was a Wall Street Bank, or US Government.

These are the firms that like BB and its security and generally hate the diversity of BYOD - small number of devices to support makes it easier for IT.
(eg. the bank I used to work for had 2 or 3 desktop or laptop choices, and only changed the list every 9-12 months)

The big questions is whether Blackberry will reduce the number of "restrictive BES" policies allowed on the new devices -- eg. require Balance to be installed, required Bridge (and hence PlayBook) to be active, allow access to AppStore with an individual BlackberryID and purchase account)
If it doesn't do this however nice the BB10 looks these first time leaders will still think the BB is a dumb device and buy the wife/husband/kids an iPhone instead..

My prior work phone was a 9700 - no appstore, no Bridge, not allowed to upgrade to OS6, no SD card access (so no music/videos) -- a great device unlocked, but crippled as it was half my colleagues also carried an iphone.

Let's hope that's where blackberry balance comes in. One phone with two App Worlds - one for work and one for home. Sounds like a great solution.

Don't really get your point. Balance basically splits your phone in half with one side control by the corporate IT Dept. They and they alone would control the native software and which apps would be loaded. You would control the personal side and would be responsible for the costs associated with it. Billing for personal apps would be straightforward. In terms of bridge, this is a secure way of moving and working seamlessly on your tablet. Can't figure out what your problem with this is. Frankly RIMs solution to work and personal needs is brilliant.

Am yet to see anything that says Balance will be automatically switched on and BES will only ever have control of "half" the phone.
Give an IT Admin a "perceived" more secure setting and they will take it.

Once again, I don't understand your point. The whole idea of balance is to give IT departments the ability to lock down the corporate side of the device. It would be pointless otherwise. Also, why do you think it would be difficult to root information. This can certainly be done (it would take some effort). Don't understand the automatic switched on statement. Are you saying the end user can control the corporate side of balance. This doesn't make any sense.

This is so good for research in motion. SO GOOD!!! I want to see more blackberry in their pockets/purses and holsters. MORE, not less. :D