Gordon Ramsey gives some advice to RIM's new CEO Thorsten Heins on CBC's "This Hour has 22 Minutes"

By Michelle Haag on 12 Feb 2012 03:51 pm EST

It seems like just about everyone has weighed in on what's best for Research In Motion, and how they can turn their current situation around. Analysts have analyzed, bloggers have blogged, and everyone else has tweeted, commented, or Facebooked their feelings on the future of the BlackBerry maker. It only makes sense that celebrity chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsey would have an opinion on the matter and share it directly with new CEO Thorsten Heins. Watch the video above to see just how it all went down. 

Of course this is a spoof, that's not really Gordon Ramsey or Thorsten Heins. This clip appeared recently on CBC's "This Hour has 22 Minutes". Thanks for posting it in the forums AWDragon200!

Source: CBC

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Gordon Ramsey gives some advice to RIM's new CEO Thorsten Heins on CBC's "This Hour has 22 Minutes"


Well, I gott agree... This was not funny, and I really liked the other one where the guy cracks at the addiction...

You can make fun without mocking and this was plain, silly mockery.

LOL this is DEFINITELY a good laugh, maybe they should start to actually produce a show called "Corporation Nightmares"

This is just Canadians reaffirming that they are inferior to Americans. I don't know why they feel compelled to do it, but they do.[I'm a dual citizen, and do I agree? No but I'm just stating the truth. I thought the Vancouver Olympics were about Canadians overcoming their inferiority complex, but I guess they haven't. Some CBC exec should have canned that]. And, of course, Crackberry being Canadian feels compelled to promote it. Another Crackberry Fail.


99.9% of them are horrible. The Trailer Park Boys would the .1%. That was the best Canadian TV show of all time.

I like this program as well as RMR. I think we need a balance between the private and crown companies in this country.

I know most Blackberry users in Canada hate this show, but this video get to the point. RIM is trying too hard to copy cat Apple and fail in the process. No innovation in RIM at all when it comes to the last few years (general consumer targeted products).

What point was it when it became 'cool' to bag BlackBerry (RIM)?

The Storm?
The absence of a competitive product in 2010/2011?
The absence of email on a professional tablet?
The previous CEO's miss guided quotes for guidance on release dates then refusing he ever said them?
Releasing a full touch screen phone with internal storage of 2.5GB when the competition is releasing 32 or even 64GB?

Don't get me wrong, I use a 9860, couldn't be without my Playbook, I just wonder what was the tipping point when Rim became the punching bag...

Clean start for the new Ceo. Fingers crossed.

What about when it was discovered that the browser sucked?
Or during a battery pull and a 5 minute reboot?
It could have happened during a 1 hour update?
How about when listening the locally stored music and that stupid voice dialing feature kicks in by itself?
What about the obscenely lame cameras on RIM products?
Or, it could have become cool to bag on RIM when the market place discovered that it was not worth the full price of data for a keyboard and "messaging"?

Reluctantly use a "Bold" 9650. Keep in mind RIM myopians, the iPhone 4 came out at the same time. Remarkable!

You're moving on to an iPhone, but sure spend a lot of time on CrackBerry calling us all "RIM myopians". So it didn't work out for you, it happens. Why keep coming here and wasting your time and ours leaving comments about a device you clearly don't like?

The 9650 was released on an architecture that came out nearly a year beforehand. If the iphone 5 doesn't wipe your ass for you, RIM will be right back in it and better in their own right.

Seriously, you people need to lighten up. There wasn't anything wrong with that skit. It was true red and white (Canadian) humor. Had the PlayBook and iPad been switched you'd be saying "effin' eh!!! That's funny!!"

Each to their own I guess. I love Gordon Ramsay and I love my BlackBerrys. I lol'd all the way through this. I guess the Gordon character is what did it for me.

I was beginnning to think my sense of humor was off today, because I thought it was funny too. :P Glad I'm not the only one.

That shizznit was funny as frak!

And you took the words right outta my head! If the shoe was on the other foot, all of these comments would praise its comedy. its a parody. Its suppose to make the target look bad in the funniest way possible. RIM must be on everybody's mind to take the time to create this. Any publicity is good publicity.

Im still laughing!!!! ima watch it again!

Hey folks,

Lighten up! It's a comedy show, so just take it at face value, nothing to be read between the lines. Nevermind that it probably is only watched by Canadians, and few at that. I thought it was entertaining and at least they gave some much needed "air time" to the Playbook, even though it was at the expense of RIM and seemingly promoting the iPad/Apple.

Comedy is a reflection of reality, and this show takes the current news in the media and spins it into something to laugh about and take light of. I like RIM, own several Blackberry phones and now the Playbook, and even have RIM stock. But we cannot deny that Apple has generated billions in profits this year while RIM has been losing share value. So what are we to do in the meanwhile, but LAUGH out ourselves like true Canadians.... and prepare for the time when RIM kicks ass back into the top of the market. There is plenty of room for RIM and Apple out there, and the tide will eventually turn.

RIM may be the butt of jokes now, but it is we Canadians who can joke about it. Unlike the overblown media attention and hordes of people ready to pull the plug on RIM, it is still a big company with a lot of potential and time to turn things around!

Torch 9810

Ya I can imagine all the employees at RIM having a good laugh at this and saying boy I can't wait to get up in the morning and go to work at RIM...

It's all just a big joke to Canadians. Ha Ha

Front page of the NYT: How Apple destroys workers to make iPads, but let's joke about how bad RIM is.

Aorry as I said above, I'm Canadian, but no other nation in the world would produce crap like this and coming from the government it's even worse.

I live in Canada too, and on occasion 22 minutes can be funny.

My objection isn't that the skit was about RIM, but that it genuinely wasn't very funny.

They could have done something a lot more insightful. All a bit predictable sadly.

And the characters were miles off reality. Surely it can't be that difficult to spoof Gordon Ramsay. A few more "f" words wouldn't have gone amiss.

Now that CBC is mentioned, CBC's main news anchor has a bridged PlayBook almost every single night in front of the cameras. He once had an ipad there, it didn't last long.

It'd be great if the CBC news app is revamped for the PlayBook, the current version is very-pretty-so-much basic.

Relax people, its sarcasm. 22 Minutes does this to anything that is newsworthy at the time, that is what the whole show is about spoofing items from current news stories. Nobody is safe from them and as with this one they are quite hilarious. You will find that even most of there targets often go along with it and even participate. This just our way of not taking ourselves too seriously.

So he was.....I just googled it... I was sure he had a Scottish accent.....Must the the swearing....Oh well...wrong again!

The only funny line i laughed out loud was 'I thought it was time to hire a celebrity chef.'

He did a really bad job at the German accent... Brit accent was passable.

It is satire... Probably making fun of the people who only want the iPad as a standard in the tablet market. Like nothing else will satisfy them.

This hour has 22 minutes is still around?

How do you cancel the comedy Royal Canadian Air Farce (which was actually funny) and keep This hour has 22 minutes?

Does anyone even watch this show anymore?

Hey CRTC, if this is the Canadian content I am supporting with my tax dollars with the CBC, I want my money back.

This is a waste of time, considering we only have 60 minutes per hour. Crackberry , shame on you for giving this attention. Complete waste of time.

Why all the negativity?
Everyone all "nah son, that aint funny" :( :( oh em gee!
Its a parody!
These comments need a change.

I think its time to hire a celebrity chef!

For those making apologies I can tell you that the vast vast majority of people don't come on crackberry, and don't pay attention to business news.

The message here is that the playbook is a POS compared to the iPad. If I saw this skit and knew nothing I sure as hell would not buy a Playbook. [That is the message]

Thankfully not many people even in Canada watch this pathetic show, what gets me is that it is the Canadian government and therefore the Canadian people paying to deliver the message that the playbook is a POS. It might be a joke but a joke has an underlying message.

Yah right people base their buying decisions based on a half hour comedy show that takes a satirical view of the news of the day, is that how you make your purchasing decisions? Interesting...

I guess if that's correct nobody votes for the many politicians that are most often their target.

And yes quite a few people watch it regularly. It has been on the air nearly 20 years.

I stopped watching years ago....
I love self-depracating humour, but I find many of the skits flat. This one included. It had so much potential...

If you didnt know the punchline of this skit before you got 1/4 through it and thought it was funny, you have a terribly simple sense of humour.

That was predictable and not funny at all.

Team Blackberry 4 Life.

I was about to say the same thing!
Predictable equals not funny...

But I loved the *premise*. Excellent idea. Lousy punch line.

i don't watch CBC ,, as a Canadian .. its the biggest waste of over $ 1 BILLION dollars a YEAR of taxpayer money!. .. crappy programs and overpaid uneducated public servants!! ... the CBC should have been axed a long time ago ....

what a waist of good taxpayer money!!! ....

The CBC is not a waste (waist??) of taxpayer money. They do a pretty good job with the news and current affairs programing. And they give us Hockey Night in Canada, eh -- which streams beautifully on the PlayBook.

I don't really have anything against the CBC except they were to stupid to pay an old lady for the rights to the HNIC theme song.
If we didn"t have CBC television, TSN and/or Sportsnet would pickup the games covered by HNIC and as far as news coverage goes, there are a few private Canadian networks that do just as good of a job.

Now as for the skit. I thought it was not representative of good top notch Canadian humour at all. We are a he!! of a lot funnier than this.

As compared to the thirty-five billion we're spending on fighter jets we don't need? Or a billions on rehashing the War of 1812? Or millions spend on rebranding ourselves as loyal subjects of the Queen? Those are perfectly okay?

The CBC is a necessary counterbalance to corporate media outlets (who skim from your pocket, too, just not in quite the same way), and does some pretty good work (CBC Radio, for example, is hands-down superior; or CBC News, which actually sends out correspondents and does actual legwork, rather than reselling someone else's content?).

It comes down to us all having our pet political causes, and for every CBC or National Gallery there's a super-jail or fighter jet. It helps to try and think about these things holistically: I'll admit there's a reason to have an Air Force, as well as an Air Farce---it would others well to think about the reverse.

And yes, I'll admit 22Minutes is well past it's prime, but that's compared to, what, how many years Survivor as been on?

I love that the iPad is such the "norm" now that everything trying to be funny just further proves their a bunch of misguided, iPad-toting tossers. I hate being Canadian and seeing this terrible shit. I love comedy but this is trashy...