Google's YouTube rumored to be buying video game streamer Twitch for over $1 billion

Google's YouTube rumored to be buying video game streamer Twitch for over $1 billion
By Rene Ritchie on 18 May 2014 07:15 pm EDT

Google's YouTube is reportedly going to acquire popular video game streaming service, Twitch for more than $1 billion. Twitch lets Xbox and Playstation gamers share and watch live gameplay footage, and they claim more than 45 million visitors a month. According to Variety:

The deal, in an all-cash offer, is expected to be announced imminently, sources said. If completed the acquisition would be the most significant in the history of YouTube, which Google acquired in 2006 for $1.65 billion. The impending acquisition comes after longtime Google ad exec Susan Wojcicki was named CEO of YouTube earlier this year.

Depending if and how the deal ultimately shakes out, the price of Twitch could be almost two-thirds of what Google paid for YouTube itself. It would also give YouTube even greater reach in the online video space, something that will no doubt be looked at closely by federal regulators.

If you use Twitch, how would you feel about Google and YouTube taking over the service? Love the idea or hate it enough to consider switching over to Major League Gaming?

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Google's YouTube rumored to be buying video game streamer Twitch for over $1 billion


Another giant to be absorbed by google. Come on BlackBerry we need you to be number 1 and protect our data :)

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Money talks! When you have enough everyone has a price! I hate to say it, but everyone has a price!

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Brands are more willing to spend billions on streaming services then they were to buy an entire mobile platform.

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You said more willing to spend on streaming services. This streaming service is going for $1 billion. BlackBerry was worth more than that so no, it wasn't implied.

They're supposedly the bigger, more important platform backed by giant Microsoft. Still no Youtube app.

Google's "privacy policy", wanna keep YouTube "private" from MS and BB users, so no app? :-)

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "


Please don't waste your readers's time with non-BlackBerry articles, unless you can relate them... this IS :p

Even more ways to monitor our movements and habits. Once any service gets noticeably bigger they snag it. Google is God

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... the Matrix, SkyNet, HAL 9000, the Mothership, Borg Hive, Big Brother's friendly frontman,...

You name it!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

I think the big news/surprise here is that people have nothing better to do than watch other people play video games. Just wow.

I think you misunderstand how big pro gaming is. It's not big in the west, but it's a legitimate sport in Europe and Asia. Just like we watch pros play baseball, basketball, football, and hockey, Europeans and Asians watch pros play competitive computer games. It's a legitimate sport over there. The best of the best are treated like a true celebrity just like any other sport. Professional gaming is starting to get big in the west now. A big tournament is held every year in May in Seattle. It was held last week.

I second this, one of my other businesses is in apparel that sponsors some of the teams and thats primarely in the UK and the States that I deal with there. Not really differet than watching Football or Hockey, we're watching other people play a game; its entertainment and arguing against it is loke saying that Soccar isn't really a sport when compared to snowboarding.

Oh there's a twitch app on BlackBerry 10? Or maybe a a native YouTube app?
Seriously I don't get it.

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It's overall tech news. Don't read it if you don't want to. Kevin said they'd be posting these kind of articles cross-site

God forbid you all read anything besides BlackBerry articles... the more you know the better you are :)

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Many of us do read articles that don't pertain to BlackBerry. They're usually found on the other Mobile Nations sites.

This belongs on Android Central only. Maybe Connectedly as well.

Exactly, if I want general news I will look to a general news site. If I want sports then I go to sports. When I want Blackberry I am starting to wonder if perhaps I should just look to Berryflow. Seems that as of late, this site feels it is fine to just throw anything up regardless of whether it should be on a forum for Blackberry and all associated or not.

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So what your saying is you don't want the sight to to change for days at a time. There are very slow days on this site. What do you expect them to do? Just don't do any updates for a week if there is no news? That's how sites die.

I posted news on a couple gaming sites for a few years for Half Life and Deus Ex back around 2000 or so. Posting daily is vital to keep a sight going.

Sites also die slow deaths like this. I come here to read about blackberry, I see nothing but irrelevant articles and after scanning through them for what I would hope to be something to do with the site; something to do with blackberry. I leave a few messages stating my thoughts on the article on Tele-tubbies and the position I take on satellite televisionwhatchamacallit and leave feeling cheated. Then I go over to Berryflow and see that there was not anything relevant happening in the Blackberry world over the past few days. There I see that in 3 seconds. Quick and clean. What makes you feel better. I know what does it for me.

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If they change twitch like they have YouTube they'll be causing me to find a new site. Which disappoints me immensely.

No kidding. The ads on YouTube have gotten really annoying! And they seem to only "recommend" videos that have ads in them.

You can also use ad blocker in your browser... I never have to watch advertising!

From the mind of a mAnIaC

Going there, too.

Once a service gets too nasty, people disperse in all other directions looking for greener pastures with less mosquitoes, flies and cattle ticks.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Chill! This is still a Tech site right? So why blind yourself with only BlackBerry News when the rest of the tech world is moving. There are ppl on crackberry that uses twitch for gaming it's only right that they get to read about it on their fav tech blog. I'm done :D

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That's right, it's "tech" news, not BlackBerry news. This site is called CrackBerry, not CrackTech. There's a place for everything, and the place for general tech news(IMO) is on a general tech news site. CrackBerry is clearly a BlackBerry fan site. It was designed that way and promoted that way. Don't blame the BlackBerry fans for not wanting their go-to BlackBerry site watered down with irrelevant articles.

Maybe next CrackBerry can include baking recipes. You probably like cupcakes, so you'll complain about BlackBerry fans who don't want recipes on CrackBerry. After all, Google buying Twitch has about as much relevance to CrackBerry as cupcakes do. :)

My only real gripe about these articles is that when I see CrackBerry pop up on Twitter etc, I look forward to some BlackBerry news and therefore am disappointed when it's just another one of these articles with news I've likely already seen on sites that specialize in general tech news.

So what your saying is you don't want the sight to to change for days at a time. There are very slow days on this site. What do you expect them to do? Just don't do any updates for a week if there is no news? That's how sites die.

I posted news on a couple gaming sites for a few years for Half Life and Deus Ex back around 2000 or so. Posting daily is vital to keep a sight going.

First they fucked up YouTube and now they want to do the same for twitch... not kewl google just fek off -___-

Z10 on T-mobile running

I think youtube is great. The Android app is great. I'm not sure what your expecting from the app. I guess having it on BB but it cost in time and engineers which are a needed for lots of other projects that have more customers. Hard to justify 6 million BB users when they need to continue to upgrade the software for iOS (tablet and phone), and Android (tablet and phone). Between the two I'm sure there are HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of customers.

The robot and the drone companies recently, remember.
Amazon and F*c*book missed out.

SkyNet is being built right now, it seems. The world's books being scanned to be read by an AI. Self-driving car initiative by Google?

ANDROID anyone?
What a telling name if you're looking at it from a different angle. Downright scary....

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

It's called diversifying. Putting all their eggs into search / advertising is how companies die. Google is an engineering company. What do computer engineers do. They build tech. Drones and Roberts are tech to the n degree. Can't anyone do something to help humanity. The Google driving car can lower many important things after it's out for 5 or 10 years. The first is drastically lower accidents and deaths. The second is the need to purchase cars and wast land on parking lots. Eventually you'll use an app to call a car when you need it. They will be driving around waiting for the next person who needs it. Apple's Tim Cook should be commended for all he's doing with nonrenewable power. Apple's been using renewable power on all their new data centers. There being responsible. People here think Google is selling your information and they are not. If you use their service they have your info which can be use to target ads or to make things like Google now. If I go to Google and say I want to put my ad on their service they take my ad and loaded it into their system. Google is the one who chooses who gets the ads by the data they have. They DO NOT SELL your data to the company who is advertising. If you are worried about them knowing that you have scheduled to see the doctor on a certain day then don't use the google services. I want them to know so they can warn me if I don't leave early enough. Companies who don't make money will DIE. They won't have money for research or be able to pay engineers. Google's model works. It's the future. It's here to stay. Be prepared to run all your services from your home and to be missing out on all the nice things that aid people using these services like Google Now or Google Maps or Google Calendar. This stuff has to be paid for. If Google just charged for it direct from the users it would be loosing money since only 10 to 15 percent would pay what it's worth.

Smirks. Sorry, I don't know where you get your information from. Or if you just try to see the good in things and turn a blind eye to the bad (which in most cases can be disastrous) but Google has been gathering information for years and continue to do so. Just look at Chrome. It was a pretty post though.

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Because right now the Twitch app works on BB. If Google buys it it will become an official Google app requiring a Google sign-in and will no longer work on BB10. I love Twitch on my z10, this sucks.

I did not think about that... wow this better not happen. Twitch is great how it is, as soon as it becomes part of Google my is will probably throttle them or something ridiculous. *sigh* oh well not much I can do.

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If I have to use a Google account to sign into twitch, I'm out. That's the reason I stream on twitch and not YouTube. This has me fraqing pissed at the moment. Guess I'll have to wait and see how this pans out.

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I think I like it. Hopefully I can chromecast my favorit streamers from my Nexus tablet with no problem then

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Yes. There is the reason this POS news was thrown onto Crackberry. It has to do with Android and the like. What was I thinking???

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I have seen crackberry not only as blackberry news portal.

In fact I only use crackberry as my source.
Love to see crackberry keep me all covered in all sections.

About YouTube I dont visit it, only when there are links to it in interesting forums or CB.

Power to ourselves not google.

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How about sticking to the main purpose of this app, which is to cover more BlackBerry related topics CB!

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It can be really bad when things get absorbed by bad, evil, greedy, anti consumer, anti privacy, etc companies. I really hope it doesn't get to a point where it's almost a monopoly or a monopoly.

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With all the complaints, maybe MN's should make a general tech site for non mobile related tech. Call it like Spheretech, or Genetech/Genetek, or like Techneccted

$1 Billion? That seems a bit over the top. I hope that they can realize the money back. Otherwise they'll be fueling another tech bubble.

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I hate that google is buying up everything, they used to be the ones who innovate now they just buy innovation instead!

I used to like google but they're just doing what most big companies start doing when they have a lot of money, they're getting lazy!

They used to bring us new services, things that we've never seen before, now they're just buying up the competition!

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FastTube better than any YouTube app, we don't need official apps on BlackBerry 10 the browser and other offerings exceed anything else.

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How about some advertising in the United States! I haven't seen the word BlackBerry 10 anywhere for over a year. NOTHING.

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It would be terrible. Google would probably try to make people pay for accounts. I would wonder how the popular streamers feel because they get paid by twitch to broadcast. I'm pretty sure Google will not be paying them.

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Google, not youtube (owned by google) wants to purchase it in order to take over and ruin the community, by enforcing google plus (don't believe me? Just watch and see!!), this will be hated by that community. Fuck google. This also has nothing to do with blackberry. :(

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Oh my. I have to have a Google account to comment on youtube. Cry me a river. You don't have to log in to G+ to post on youtube. They just got tired of d bags posting inappropriate comments to mainly the woman on youtube. Now you have have an account with your name attached to the horrible comments. Many horrible sexual comments could be found posted in their channels. Many of the big youtube hosts esp woman like ijustine though it was a good update because it allows her to control the comments much better and to block those comments to where the person thinks he's not blocked but no one else can see the comment.

After the gaming channels debacle at youtube this seems like bad news. If I was Twitch the money would look like a good thing and I would probably take it. It's just not sounding good for the users.

Would have thought MSFT would have had more of an interest in buying it... but then rumours are often wrong on important details...

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Please be aware that this article is being trolled by a Google "Yes Man". Watch what you write, it will be recorded and sold to the highest bidder or held in a repository to be used in some covert nefarious way in the future.

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