Google's Eric Schmidt likely to be rocking a BlackBerry Q10 soon

Eric Schmidt
By Adam Zeis on 21 Mar 2013 01:23 pm EDT

If you've been following CrackBerry for a while, you may remember way back when Google's Eric Schmidt was spotted using a BlackBerry not once, but twice. As it turns out, Schmidt is still a BlackBerry user despite his Google aura. According to The Guardian, Schmidt loves the physical BlackBerry keyboard and while there are certainly a good amount of Google's Android phones with a physical keyboard as well, BlackBerry remains his current phone of choice. 

It's not uncommon to see execs using off-company devices. Marissa Mayer used an iPhone during her time at Google before leaving to head up Yahoo! in 2012 where she notably wrote off BlackBerry completely and even made Yahoo! employees get rid of their BlackBerry phones all together. She claimed the move was to help them get a better sense for mobile experience, but maybe she should be singing a different song and loading them up with BlackBerry Z10's now instead. 

It's likely that Schmidt will keep to what he knows best and hopefully upgrade to a BlackBerry Q10 when it becomes available. From the sounds of it he won't be parting with his keyboard anytime soon, and that's totally fine with us. 

Hey Eric - if you need any accessories, you know where to find them! :-)

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Google's Eric Schmidt likely to be rocking a BlackBerry Q10 soon


I sure as hell hope so... if they developed some for the older OS's then they should be on board for BB10. Especially with the ability to port Android apps... make some modifications and port! Gives em time to create a native app ;)

Maybe it's because they are hating. Let's be fair it wouldn't take them time to approve things like Google maps but instead they pull it off completely......fishy

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Exactly. I don't doubt that he is still rocking a BB, but you'd think there'd be more Google apps. I would at least love to have a Google Maps. Ah well. Side load it is.

Could you imagine a BlackBerry exec using a Google phone? Would never happen because BlackBerry is the best!

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It does happen. They use all the devices, in fact I'm pretty sure they HAVE to use other devices for certain periods of time.

Usually when you work for a company, you use their products.. So I'm thinking that Google will slowly start integrating with BlackBerry. I just don't see how this Eric Schmidt guy can come in to work with a Q10 and not have any Google on it... So I think there has to a be a reason why he would want to use a Q10..

Well by just having apps made by Google for BB10. Google maps isn't on BB10 yet, so hopefully soon they will make that for BB10. It would be nice to have Google apps made by Google instead of third party created apps that link you to Google. More quality applications. Google Earth, Search, apps like that.. Like how iOS has.

Schmidt's a very smart guy! He knows what works, and he's not ashamed to say it. I'm sure he's happy to see BB10 do well. I think a Q10 is in his crosshairs :)

She's an idiot. I wish I worked for Yahoo just so when they tell me to part with my Blackberry I'll tell them to shove their iphones where the sun don't shine... Get with the mobile world, I know more about mobile technology than she ever will, I don't care if she worked for google. The fact that she uses an iphone and doesn't consider a Blackberry *SMARTPHONE* a smartphone proves she's completely clueless...

No, she's not. She has a masters in computer science with emphasis on artificial intelligence and is the youngest woman in the top 50 Fortune companies. And you're completely wrong. She didn't MAKE anyone get rid of their blackberries, her company stopped paying for Blackberry phones for their employees. Anyone can have any phone they want if they are willing to pay the bill.

Oh, sorry, please don't sick the Marissa Mayer fanclub muscle on me... LOL. Sorry, but I know SO MANY people with masters and doctorates in all kinds of things that are complete idiots. Heck, even I got great grades in college, lol! Trust me, that means nothing. It means you know how to read, memorize, and write with correct grammar. And yes, congrats, she was successful and made a lot of money. Half the time it's because you're intelligent and innovative. The other half is knowing the right people at the right time...

Lastly, I was merely going by what this article says: "even made Yahoo! employees get rid of their BlackBerry phones all together." I don't care enough to actually go and research about it because I have better things to do with my time than to waste on someone like her. And seriously, have you used Yahoo! lately??

So she's a idiot and clueless just because she personally doesn't want her company using the device "YOU" prefer? I don't agree with the decision either but your comment seems very fanboi-ish to discredit her masters degree and what's she's accomplished in her life just because she doesn't support BB...


LMAO, uh, no, she's an idiot because she falls for the current smartphone trends instead of looking at the facts objectively. I was mainly going by her stataments that Blackberry isn't even a smartphone. I don't care if she prefers another one. Most people do now frankly. But to not acknowledge one at all simply because it isn't "cool" anymore is simply dumb and very near-sighted. I'm not a big iphone supporter because I feel it's more flash than substance, but I would never claim it isn't a smartphone because I actually keep my eyes open. You should too... ;-)

Ok lol....I can agree with that. Sounds much better that way. Hopefully BB10 catches on enough in the US that she'll have no choice but to consider the platform or else risk looking stupid :)

Of course Schmidt uses a BB. And of course he doesn't have any Google apps on it.

He values security and privacy!

"Google apps? Heavens no, they steal your info!" -Meta-Schmidt

I'd be sending a few people free devices, no matter how absurdly rich they are.

UK's royal family, CEOs from Google Microsoft and Yahoo (specially the latter), the guys from the Black Eyed Peas... You know, people that would either be concerned or overjoyed with the potential of the platform. :p

PS: I hate the captchas.

Queen Elizabeth visited Waterloo in July 2010 and received a BlackBerry from RIM. Time for her to upgrade!

I wouldn't! Not unless it warranted much business good will such as:
GMaps for BB10, Chrome browser for BB10 or a port or hook to allow sync'ing of bookmarks. And a few more similar features.

The article NEEDS to be udpated with th Yahoo exec flipping back on making employees get rid of their BB's, just short of a weeks after the initial decision.

When's the last time Schmidt was spotted with a BlackBerry? Also, he hasn't been CEO for 2 years and serves as an advisor only at this point. I'm certain this isn't news.

This makes Google look like a bunch of idiots. Tim Cook more than likely is using an iPhone. Bill Gates more than likely uses a brand that promotes Microsoft. However Eric Schmidt using BlackBerry is make Google look stupid. Especially after he makes the comment that Android has won the mobile war against Apple.

Hopefully this means that someday, Google will bring back some of the apps they initially axed for BlackBerry including an official Google Maps app while bring some of the newer Google apps to the BlackBerry 10 as well. This is just all hopeful thinking from me.

There was a corporate video osted here last year of J Crew CEO and long term non exec director of Apple, Mickey Drexler, where he clearly has a BlackBerry Bold in his hand.

It's funny how this isn't huge news... but when Alicia Keys ( who is much less powerful at BB) is spotted using an iPhone its all over blogs. lmao

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Alicia is a celebrity. Eric Schmidt is a business person. The public as a whole is more interested in entertainers than business people.

Yeah this is no surprise to me. This happens all the time, look at HP for instance, they use mostly use Dell desktop rather than their own business desktops. :)

Marissa Mayer should take care of her kid instead of talking about mobile platforms she doesn't understand.

I take it this remark is directed squarely at her and and her alone, not all those hard-working female corporate execs fighting hard to earn as much as the lads in similar jobs.

Aside from the fact that he uses a Blackberry, there is no proof that he will use or upgrade to a Q10... So how does one make an article without facts especially when the referring article doesn't refer to this as well? Hire me for this site, I can right up articles with no factual content either!

You're right! We both could write for the site. You have facts on correct spelling and I would fit in with my non factual comments!

Assuming he stays with BB... Its certainly a telling story. Either it be his love for BB, security, world use, or knowing better on how google works behind closed doors. I hope he sticks with BB personally.

Let's hope Mr Schmidt will be impatiently asking his development team "Where's my google maps and google drive for my new blackberry?"

Not to be critical, but how is this a story? That a powerful executive MIGHT get a Blackberry Z10? lol - You should do one on the president too! He MIGHT get a Z10. lol

Marissa Mayer has shown just how much of a f'n moron she is. The Yahoo board that hired her should be hanging their heads in shame.

I completely understand the guy.
YES, there are Android devices with a physical keyboard...
but none of them that good as the blackberry one...

If the Q10 was coming anytime soon, this would matter. RIM totally messed up it's BB10 launch by delaying the physical keyboard device (which is the only reason left people really care about BB) so long. I've had a Bold for 3-1/2 years and held out with all the delays, but if the Galaxy 4 comes out before the Q10, say goodbye to a 15-year BB user.