NFC powered Google Wallet sees limited launch, will RIM be joining the party?

By Bla1ze on 19 Sep 2011 05:10 pm EDT

We've been hearing plenty about NFC and its suggested uses for the past little while, as we know -- it's a new technology and one that many people are exploring in an effort to make it part of everyone's daily lives but realistically, it's just not there yet. Google, being one of the major players in the NFC game has just launched their NFC service -- Google Wallet, in a limited launch starting off with the Android powered Samsung Nexus S 4G from Sprint. Google has managed to teamed up with Citi, MasterCard and now Visa, Discover and American Express are all on board in what Google sees as an effort to create an "open commerce ecosystem".

RIM as we know, with the release of the NFC capable BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930 as well as the BlackBerry Curve 9360 is prepared to take on an NFC services that come up. Rather then be left behind in this situation, RIM for once is right up there willing to adopt a new technology offering to a certain extent but will they make use of it?

Google has made it known they will team up with anyone interested in their Google Wallet services in an effort to make it available to everyone and that offers extends to RIM, Microsoft, Apple and more. It could would be a good move for RIM to reach out to Google if they haven't already and get this happening. Google Wallet will be a test bed of NFC usage for anyone involved and it's a test bed RIM should be a part of.

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NFC powered Google Wallet sees limited launch, will RIM be joining the party?


I can't wait for the day I don't need to carry my wallet around.
Bring on NFC and Google Wallet!

Anyone stupid enough to use this technology on an Android powered device deserves all their money stolen.

Not sure I wanna be a part of this for BB or not if Google is involved. Google has shown a pretty lax attitude towards security and privacy. It seems ever since they've started being involved in any and every market possible they have been half assing everything and my money will not be collateral damage.

Well said. I am not sure when Google officially announced they were no longer using their motto, "don't be evil" but this venture into the credit card market cements the final steps of their transition to the dark side. Having one entity controlling both advertising and now credit card spending is a dangerous path to travel down.

Doesn't matter for us T-Mobile users. NFC isn't available on our 9900s without a software update and I'm not holding my breath. Getting a software update out of T-Mobile is like pulling teeth, no matter what people have heard through the grapevine.

It's not available on the VZW 9930 either, and i anticipate carriers to charge a monthly fee to use NFC. A number of them teamed up and ponied up big money to invest in NFC, I'm sure they want a return on their investment. Sucks...

Kind of interesting how slow North America is to adopt new technolgies. While I was in Japan about 5 years ago, my friend there was using his phone to pay for items at stores and to board the train system. Everything was just whip out the phone and pay.

Not sure how long they have had it but he says he used it for everything like your membership points/ credit/ debit etc....

This technology needs to have a critical mass to take off. Google wallet is only a start. The security doors at buildings, the store, trains, and even lights and other devices will be controlled by this. If RIM teams up with Google it will accelerate this process.
RIM has better security than Google but not the mass that android has so it would be a win-win. Ultimately, the consumer would win.

I for one, would love to use my phone as my ID and wallet. I hate carrying the thing around. With RIM security it is safer than cash in my pocket.

i would love to use nfc! i agree with Guerllamo7...Google and RIM should team up on this project to push it forward

Personally you can count me as one of those old fashioned people who will not give up cash. However Google's little test run is certainly something RIM should jump on. Nothing like being able to put out a press release touting the fact that RIM is actually ahead of the curve when it comes to security and money issues. Especially since most people inside the North American market do not realize that NFC technology is actually a mature technology.

If i ever do use this it would be for timmies or something. I wouldnt do big purchases with my phone. ridiculous idea.

NFC can be used for more than money. Museums can use it for audio tours, just an example. My question is will those carriers that disabled it on their phones will they put it back on the phones?

Do you know how old are the magnetic bars in your Credit Cards? what about the chips that recently rolled out into them?... when it comes to money and financials it is always better to use well stablished fool proof and tested 9 year old technology that can cheapely and easely adopted by the masses...