Google Voice For BlackBerry Updated to Version 0.1.6

By Bla1ze on 27 Oct 2009 09:11 am EDT
Google Voice Updated

Google has made a bunch of new changes to the Google Voice system the past few days. Your mobile number can now be used with Google Voice and your carriers voicemail can also be integrated at this time. Some of these changes are probably the reasoning for the most recent mobile version update that Ronen at BerryReview was tipped about. Of course, Google does not provide us with any changelog so we can't be certain that's the reasoning for the update. In any event, it's there and ready to be download by all Google Voice for BlackBerry users. Let us know in the comments if you find any changes.

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Google Voice For BlackBerry Updated to Version 0.1.6


Settings on the GV site, "Activate Google voicemail on this phone"

The option is probably only available on a phone that's designated as "Cell"

I'm getting that GVoice still isn't available yet to download! I recieved the link but it just brings up my Gmail account!

This isn't only available via Wi-fi it's similar to YouMail, etc.
You can read the instructions at about how to use with an existing account (just went there myself, as a Sprint user - got the message that free call forwarding was coming to Sprint soon. Call forwarding is needed with this service, there are instructions about how to set up your phone there)

Gerdon- did you go to ?

I did Ms. Berry, but it says to type in your email its by invite only! Seems like it would wipe youmails butt though, I love Google...

Ohh... then you don't have a GV account already? that's the problem...sorry :( you have to have an invite or an account already. Sign up for an invite, it didn't take too long for me!

ahhh I have a gmail account just not a GV account...that blows out the candles on the cake! :0( Gmail accounts should be able to recieve this as well!

I updated and tested and still works fine on my phone...still using the same number to call out on, which is a local 501 number for me. Since I have a friends & family plan, I have added that number to my account, so outgoing calls don't burn my minutes when I use the app. We share 500 minutes and had a couple hundred minutes to spare last month from using it. I love it!

Just tried to set up with 5.0 and it will not let me change from my email addy to my password. Guess its 5.0.328

instead of clicking the box to enter your password, slide your finger down, almost like you were emulating a trackball. that will move the cursor to the password field. slide your finger down further to highlight the SIGN IN button and click the screen once it's highlighted.. yes its a bug and i guess not optimized for the Storm? but it does work..

This isnt a bug, Silly. It's called compatibility mode being on for the app on your Storm.

Options....Applications....highlight off compat mode. Done.


No, as it turns out.

Funny how mild (and I do mean MILD) rudeness is utterly forgivable when you provide information that's useful.

Sheesh, indeed. And thank you for the should-have-been-but-wasn't-obvious nudge I've glommed onto from your earlier reply to someone else, above.

Seriously, thanks.

I have three invites left for google voice if anyone wants them post up your email and ill send it the first three people.

Hmmm so I used to have entries in my menu when I was on top of a phone number that said "SMS using Google Voice" and "Call using Google Voice" or something like that, and now with the new version I do not see these options. What kinda upgrade is this?!?

They finally added an update interval for Google Voice to refresh itself. Previously, I'm not sure if there was one at all, and if there was, you definitely could not set it.

the update interval option was available in the last versions. The only change I "think" i'm seeing, is the option to "delete" txts.

I just installed Google Voice on BB Storm but when i turn the storm on it's side (for horizontal view) the application doesn't move and only shows it vertically with the keyboard on (Can't even take the keyboard off)

How can i fix this problem ?


I requested an invite from the Google Voice site and received one by email. Then clicked on the link and of course..... service is not offered outside the US, but they're working on it.

Google Voice transcribes your voicemails for free, while YouMail can do the same but it costs money. Youmail has lots of funny/professional/stupid voicemail greetings that you can choose from, while it seems like Google Voice only has the option to play the standard greeting, or you can record your own. I used to use YouMail, but I switched to Google Voice because I like it better.

Youmail still wins hands down. The youmail app IMO is better, there are hundreds of custom greetings to choose from and you can set/change greetings right in the app. The only this google has over youmail is free transcription, which sucks 99% of the time anyway unless the person just says three words like call me back and text messaging, which can be a pain to use from within the gv app because you have to keep refreshing the thread.


For me the GV transcriptions have been great. it tends to mess up on slang words/phrases and some names, and does not work well with people who mumble and I'm sure some accents will cause a lot of errors in the transcription, but for 90% of the calls that I have gotten through GV, I can read the transcriptions just fine, and there are fewer "spelling errors" in the transcription, than in many of the emails I get.

Just did a test and read two pages of a book I'm reading into a text GV message, only thing it messed up on, was a few scifi made up words and names.

So I guess I don't have an accent or mumble, so any VM from me should be fine. What's your number?

I had my girlfriend leave a 20-30 test message. Transcribed as follows:

Absolutely very generic. Let's see. John and you can treat. I got the voicemail box of XXXX, XXXX. I will not be able to me. I'm not able to answer your call them. Please resend. And then this message. Okay, talk to you as soon as you can. Taking hopeful. 2230 Seconds. By the way. They wash my car, so Monday washed it and everything has now it's really not tired. Joyce at South. Alright, well that's 20 30 seconds. I love you bye.

Warning: if you want to use google voice as a voicemail, then don't use your existing full google voice number. If you do, for some reason the voicemail won't pick up for 4/5 rings. This meant that the person calling would have to wait about 45 seconds before voicemail picked up. (5 rings on my cell number + 5 rings on the google voice number)

To bypass this feature, I sent a google voice invite to my blackberry email address, and then signed up for a completely new account, but this time just using my cell phone number.

Using it this way results in zero delay before the voicemail picks up.


I also signed into my google voice app using the new account, so and I can still make phone calls, though the caller ID shows my voicemail number, and I can't find any settings to have my cell phone number show up.

Of course with t-mobile's unlimited calling, I don't need to use google voice anymore, unless I am calling overseas.

They now have a option inside the Google Voice settings to make the voicemail pickup right away if its being forwarded from your cell. You don't need to signup for a new google voice account to do it.

I tried doing it that way, but it still didn't work. I tried all the options, linking the voicemail to my account, turning on "Do Not Disturb", it just always had five extra rings.

At least this way, I now have two google voice accounts.

I have a Storm 9530, running OS 4.7, and currently Google First I went to and I got "Device Not Supported."

Then I tried to find it in the list at
Voice doesn't appear in the list of options available for download for my device.

What the heck??

Is this because I haven't upgraded to 5.0 yet?

After having huge memory leaks on .328 on my storm, I did a complete wipe and restored my phone back to the .328 official. I am also receiving the device not supported error, although I had GV installed for the past few days when I was running .328. Any thoughts or ideas?

After google searching this error extensively, I found that you have to change your browser identification to Firefox on the blackberry and then it will let you download google voice again without an error. Bizarre that this fixes it, but as long as it works, I don't complain! :)

ok after downloading google voice finally...i cant use it. its for invite only? why the heck did they release this app if i cant use it.

Same here guys, i can;t see the Google Voice option to download at all in the list. if i goto to the still says that its not supported on your device... is there any 3rd party OTA link..

I accidently deleted all apps so i really want the GVoice back any ideas ??