Google Voice Update Returns Version 0.1.5 Available ... Again

By Bla1ze on 24 Sep 2009 09:27 am EDT
Google Voice Update Returns Version 0.1.5 Available Again

It wasn't that long ago that Ronen over at Berryreview reported that Google Voice for BlackBerry had been updated to version 0.1.5, but then was swiftly pulled back like it was an AT&T Bold OS update. Seems a lot of releasing and pulling back has been going on these days for whatever reason. In any event, Google Voice version 0.1.5 is back up and available for download once again, so you might want grab it as soon as possible in case Google makes it disappear once again. As with most Google mobile products, no change log is available for the latest version so please, share what you may find different in the comments or in the CrackBerry forums.


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Google Voice Update Returns Version 0.1.5 Available ... Again


religiously. Just updated to the 1.5 but will take a few days to test thoroughly. I wish they would send out more invites. I received mine 1 week after applying; however my wife & cousin are on their 4th week without any invites.

BOO they changed the clean sleek small icon into an enlarged pixeliated pile of crap! Still looking through the app for differences other than that.

EDIT: I take that back, looks like it only looked like a pile of crap while the new graphic was loading. Looks good now. No complaints.

These features should just be integrated with your carrier. It drives me crazy that I can't just get visual voicemail and all the options and bells and whistles that google voice has through sprint. Especially the whole separate voicemail recordings for different numbers, that seems it would be easy to implement... Google voice is alright, but at the end of the day it's just a big bandaid for features that should be implemented server side by your cellular carrier.

Looks great, I would love to use it but I need a number. Just like the comment above, I have been waiting for about a week and a half for me email back from Gvoice saying I can play... Looks like soon though!!

Is the background refresh interval setting new? I don't seem to remember that setting. Still has to run in compatibility mode on the Storm.

So I go to the link and I can not find the actualy button to download it? i just signs me in to the webpage for google voice.

also I had the link for the web page sent to me of the google website you get when you click above, and it wont open in my normal browser it only gives me the option to open it in opera mini? I have the old one installed on my phone so how do i upgrade it?

Yeah I just go it using that way..

Still dont like how when i get a link in a text message I cant open it with my browser... but i guess thats for another place.

Well the update interval makes a huge difference. I would like the option to go less than 5 minutes, but this is still much better than before.

1. memory leak is much much better. meaning i can stand to keep it on my 8330.

2. refresh/update interval option available which FIXES the darn continuous "loading history" on previous versions which killed the battery.

3. now nicely listed in system menus, so going to the app itself to use it is no longer a requirement.

4. my icon actually is smaller and looks normal now. previous versions had the huge icon.

5. the fact that there ARE settings now. lol

6. option to preload voicemails

It cost me $3.99 but easily worth it. I just added my Google Voice numbers to my Friends and Family so I suppose I will have more or less unlimited talk time.

It is nice that you can now go to contacts, and when selected via the BB key you get "Call using Google Voice" and "SMS using Google Voice" as options.

However, going to say... a text message and highlighting the number, pressing the BB button, you don't get this option.

Same problem on e-mails... you can highlight the number, but don't see a "Call using Google Voice" option.

So, it's getting better, but I'd like FULL integration of GV with the BB and it's various ways to recognize a phone number. Seems unintuitive to me to receive a text from someone, decide I want to call them.. but have to leave the messages folder to go to contacts, to scroll to them, to highlight them, to call via Google Voice.

Oh well... I do love GV, and the app is getting better, so let's hope it continues.

Good comments.

I have one moderately convenient work-around to suggest.

Regarding your point: "Same problem on e-mails... you can highlight the number, but don't see a "Call using Google Voice" option."

When I get an email and want to call the person using Google Voice, I highlight the sender and select "View Contact" from the menu. That takes me straight to their address book record, where I can use the menu to select "Call Using Google Voice".

I agree with you that it should be more seamless, and I'm sure it will improve.

I have a small business and I use Google Voice and Google Apps religiously. They have helped my business grow and the fact that they are free helps my profit margin. LOVE IT!

I don't mind a few outages here and there if I don't have to pay for it.


system menu integration was half there from the beginning. I've always had it in the contact list but not elsewhere, I'm running version 0.1.415.

I'll download this now and see what has actually changed

I've been trying to find the answer to this and NO ONE has been able to give an answer to this problem (even with this new update:

Through Google Voice App on Blackberry - Under "Menu", "Labels", "SMS", when you select a particular recipient and see the chain of messages with that particular recipient, how come you can NOT tell which person sent which message? Yes you can see the back and forth correspondence but each message is labeled under the person you are going back and forth with. My name/number isn't headed on the comments that I said (instead it is the recipient's info). Does anyone see this glitch? Is there a solution to this?

I have the same problem! I thought maybe it was my phone. I have a Bold and I wish they'd fix this issue. Although I can tell "who" sent the SMS, it would be nice if I could distinguish between the messages I sent and those that I received. I'm surprised no one has commented on this issue besides the person above. Please HELP! See below for an example:

-Alex <-----This is ME
What time do you want to meet for lunch

How about 2pm?

-Alex <-----This is ME
I'll be in a meeting, how about 1:30pm?

... is friqin' great! Too bad I can't get a Gnumber! Anyone know: What's the catch - how can I get a Google Voice account and G-Number yo?

I still have 0.1.415 and have always had the ability to call and sms using google voice directly from BB contacts. Not sure why people think this is a new feature.

They must have pulled it again beacus when you go to the link, it wont bring up a download, just a web based version. In addition, VW must be blocking the text being sent because it took about thirty tries to get the text and then it just brought up the web version, no downloadable app