Google Voice now invite free and open for everyone

By Adam Zeis on 22 Jun 2010 02:31 pm EDT
Google Voice for BlackBerry  Google Voice for BlackBerry

Ever since I started using Google Voice I've been a big fan. From the great voicemail services to the ability to send an SMS from the web, it has served me very well. I change phones fairly often, so having one number available to each of them is extremely convenient. Although the Google Voice app for BlackBerry isn't the greatest, it does get the job done. As we've said before it has its pros and cons, but losing things like MMS may not be favorable for everyone. In any case, if you've been wanting to get in on the Google Voice fun and you live in the US, you no longer need an invite to do so. Just head over to to sign up and then download the BlackBerry app to put your new number to good use. 

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Google Voice now invite free and open for everyone


The on-device interface is horrible and the transcriptions are almost unreadable. Maybe people's accents in the south are just such that Google can't understand it, but that service is useless.

Youmail is much better, although you can't get their transcriptions for free.

I am from the south and it transcribed my test voice mail pretty well. Had one or two words wrong but it definitely was better than listening to messages. I would much rather read an email with the message than listen to and delete voicemails.

I didn't set up a new Google voice number though. I am just using it for voice mail with my current mobile number so I don't need the Google Voice App fro BB either. Pretty useful if you ask me for a free voice mail transcription service.

I've had the service since GrandCentral (before Google bought them). The point of the service is to have a number that is completely unattached to anything that has all of the functionality of any type of device. The various services (voicemail, SMS, contact integration/backup, call forwarding, reduced rate international calling, etc.) are nice, but if you don't get the Google number you miss most of the functionality. I can set GV to send calls (w/ caller ID) to any number. I can schedule this by time and day for different numbers and even ring multiple numbers at the same time (I often have it ring home, both work numbers and cell). It will then forward to the one you pick up on. You can do this by groups. You can dial from the BB address book (yes the other post is wrong - use your BB button). You can listen in and pickup on voicemail. You can put the number on to forward all to VM and more. Remember this is all FREE. This should be the only number you give out since you can then not worry about porting when you change services.

Yes it does let you continue with a proxy, but how do I get past step 3 and 4 when signing up for google voice? Those last two steps require a US-based phone number that the google voice service calls and asks you to punch in a 2-digit code... since I'm in Canada I don't have a US-based area code phone number... :(

It's a neat idea, but I don't want to have to distribute a new number to everyone I know (and all the accounts I have on file at various companies) just to use this thing. Plus if you want to make outbound calls with your Google number, you need to use the application to dial. Meh.

Still not as seamless as it probably should be to really catch on. The more steps I have to take before I can complete my call, the more minutes I ended up using on my mobile. A normally less than 1 minute call would be at least 2 minutes because I'd have to listen to a Google prompt asking for the number I want to dial, and then wait for them to connect me.

If you have an android phone all you do is click on the phone icon next to your contact and it'll prompt you to use your regular phone number or to use google voice. sucks that the bb users don't have it so easy.

Anyone else having an issue downloading the Google Voice App
I goto but the web based version opens. No option to download.


I've had a GV number since they first came out last year. I love it.

I give it out to people who I don't normally talk to, on applications, businesses, etc.

It worked really well on my Moto Cliq. Although the UI on the BlackBerry isn't as nice, it still serves the purpose.

I like routing my phone calls to my work number instead of answering my cell phone.

I found this fix on Google's help forum. I tried it and it works perfectly on my Storm2 now:

"To avoid the (keyboard) limitation, after the download is done, close the application (GV) and go to options on your BB, then Applications, then 3rd Party, Google Voice, then make sure you permissions are all "allow" and then click"Disable Compatibility" and then back out. Now boot up GV and you see the keyboard ect is gone.. your up and running on the touch screen."

Have a go!

I have been using GV for awhile now, and LOVE IT. If they put mms on it, I'd probably use that number more than my own cell number

Glad it's available for everyone. I waited about 5 months and just got my invite about a week ago. Enjoy not having to wait, all you U.S. users.

open for whom, heres the message i got when i logged in:

Google Voice is not available in your country.
Thanks for visiting Google Voice. We're not yet open for users outside the US, but are planning to expand our service to additional countries in the future.

I used to have this before it was bought out by Google. It was from Grand Central but when they transferred there services to Google, Google thought I lived out of the USA. Since when is New Mexico outside the USA!!!! I live in the biggest city here which has close to a million people. I tried getting in contact with there support but gave up since I never heard back from them. Maybe it works now that it is open to the public.

Grrr google.

Google Voice is not available in your country.
Thanks for visiting Google Voice. We're not yet open for users outside the US, but are planning to expand our service to additional countries in the future. :(:(

Thanx for nothing, this was getting my hopes up, but nooooo. The service is not available in South Africa :-(
When will it happen, or is it going to happen ?

will this app finally give push notifications of voicemails? i used to use it, but after someone leaves a voicemail, it would take 20 minutes before i get the notification from GV. i haven't use this app in a while and not sure if it is a higher version or not, but if anyone has tested it out lately, let me know.

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