Google Voice For BlackBerry Updated To Version

By Bla1ze on 14 Oct 2009 08:59 pm EDT
Google Voice For BlackBerry Updated To Version 1.5.1

Google voice users may wanna look into this. Google voice has recently been updated to version In typical Google fashion no change log was provided. Some users in the forums have noticed 5.0 compatability seems to be better and the Google voice access number has changed. What that could mean to users, I'm not entirely sure but in any event that's what is being reported. If you find anything new, be sure to let us know.

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Google Voice For BlackBerry Updated To Version


when are they going to add notification icons to the app? (that's what it's called right?) so that i know when i get a text, email alerts work okay, but i'd rather use the gv app.

See, thats how important zeros are to me...they mean nothing so I forget abt em ;)

Fixed, thanks!

just upgraded on my bold running os
call log finally seems to work and can reply to txt now from within the app! and yes... access # is changed - thx google

I just noticed that when you're in your regular address book, if you hit the BB menu key, scroll to the top, it gives you two options to either Call via GoogleVoice and SMS via GoogleVoice. Not sure if those were on previous builds or not. Anyone wanna check before you update?

The access number changed today even before the app update.

Only difference I noticed is that the call log and inbox loaded pretty fast at startup.

Otherwise...nothing much.

Yep, so minor

Now you can control the Background Refresh update interval from Never, 5 minutes to 1 hour.

Now you are in control of this amazing option to control interval time and amaze your friends and family that only you have this.


installed Google Voice for the first time (this version) and got the app error 552. I have the BB Tour 9630. >:(

since when can you send invites? thought you had to get it straight from google, I looked everywhere to hand out a few invites but didn't see an option


nevermind, is that new i swear i looked there before but i only have 3 invites

I'm guessing that's all you get. I started with three too. I think it's relatively new because I just started to notice it within the past week, maybe less.

It looks as if the call log on the Google Voice app actually works now. Previous versions did not show all the calls and some would drop off randomly. However, they were all in the Google Voice history on the web. Now, suddenly everything seems to be back again. Now if they would just add a way to dial from the phone portion of the Blackberry without using a 3rd party app and include notification of messages better, it would be a perfect app.

Let me preface all of this by saying that because both voice and the app are free, I feel bad complaining about them. BUT:

This app sucks and it has since day 1.

First, visually, it is not at all pleasant to look at. C'mon Google, give me some eye candy at least.

Next, the preloading of voicemails (which appeared in 1.5) is much better than having to go and get each one but the auto refresh is a bit of a joke. Why not have push? There is also a HUGE delay between when you get a call or SMS and when it actually shows up on the log. With respect to calls that is more of an annoyance than a real issue, but for SMS, if there is a 10 minute delay between it forwarding to my phone and showing up in the app, it means I really can't rely on the app to send and receive them.

My other problem is that you still need to add names and numbers to your google contact list for them to appear in the app (meaning, it won't recognize and display names from your Blackberry address book). Whether this is a technological limitation or a simple information grab by Google is beyond me.

And you can't add things to your google contact list through the app anyhow. You also can't add contacts through the mobile site. I can understand having to go to the PC for things like changing groups and advanced settings. But adding a name to a contact list?

... was from within the app, in the menu, there's a way to access the BB address book. I don't recall that before, but I was making all my calls by going direct to the address book, menu key and scrolling up to SMS or call via GV.

Looks like there has been another upgrade. Not sure what the changes are, but will let you know when I figure it out.

Getting a lot of "failed to connect" messages when trying to make outbound calls. Looking for 1.5 now to reinstall.