Google Voice for BlackBerry Updated to Version 0.1.7

By Adam Zeis on 24 Mar 2010 12:21 pm EDT
Google Voice App

The Google Voice app has been updated to version 0.1.7. No major overhaul in this release, and no changelog means most likely just some minor bug fixes. I'm still holding out for a totally revamped Google Voice App (and some addition to Google Voice itself) that will allow for MMS and some other much needed features. It seems like Google likes to take their sweet time doing anything grand to their BlackBerry Apps, so hopefully down the road we'll see some more goodies come with the updates. Hit the link below to download.



Any update is better than no update at all.


I totally agree, although if its a update that works in more bugs then I guess that wouldn't be so swell...

I hope this build fixes the nasty battery drain the last one had. I'm still in the reboot the download forced now.



I have heard that Google Voice is great and really want to try it out. I signed up for the beta months ago and haven't heard anything. Does anyone have an extra invite? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Where can you get a google voice app for the Storm?


Anyone else have issues downloading this update to GVoice for the Storm? I just tried, and instead of sending me to a download link, it sends me to the google voice mobile page.


I have tried multiple times to get a google voce number and can't I don't know what else to do! Anyone have any idea what I need to do!


That is what I have been experiencing for awhile now.


Anyone have an invite to Google Voice that they can spare? I've been trying to get one forever. jaddiego AT gmail DOT com. Thanks!


Heads up......sent you an invite.......


Really appreciate it.


Do you happen to have another invite?


someone will need to post the direct download link so the Storm users can download it...


I've read that on the forums here when I had trouble trying to install it before.

Switch the browser identification. Blackberry browser -> Options -> Browser Configuration -> Browser Identification.

Hope that helps.

Then try again.


I use the Storm 9530 on Verizon and even before this upgrade, the download wouldn't work. Someone suggested a different browser, but I've tried Opera and Bolt and neither worked.


Google Voice is NOT compatible with Storm 2 or Storm. your best bet is getting the .alx and using DM to load the file. you *can* get it to work on your storm (use google to find instructions).

This is probably why you may be seeing an an aggressive redirect to the mobile page if you are trying to find the app via your webpage in your Storm


After reading through the comments to this article, I have managed to download the Google Voice App for BlackBerry and get it to work on my Storm 2 9550.

The answers are all here in the comments. Change the identity of your browser to IE or Firefox. Go to the site and install the app OTA. Turn off the Compatibility mode for Google Voice. Revert your browser settings back to BB if you want. Reboot when it tells you to.

Granted you can not use the app in portrait mode, but it does work otherwise.

Although I doubt that is matters, I am using BB OS on my 9550.


I tried on my Storm, but it said this version of GVoice was not compatible w/ my phone. Still, I thought others would like to try.


I went to the page, and now it says I can install the Google Mobile App Version 3.6.11. However, when I click on the Install Now link, it just refreshes the page and nothing happens. Anyone else, experience this?


Same thing is happening to me on my 9700.


If you set your browser to look like Firefox it will let you download, my Storm2 is rebooting right now, and I'll report back if it works.


Yup, it looks like it works just fine.


I've also been using 0.1.6 for a few months now on S2. Only really annoying aspect was clicking on the interface was a bit unpredictable. Otherwise, it worked.

Any other improvements you've noticed compared to the old version?


I've been using 0.1.5 (installed from a backup from my storm1 when you could do it normally), but I don't use it enough to really see any problems or fixes.


thanks a bunch...its downloading now...storm people switch it to foxfire...the old version i have on my phone was like .41 lol this will be a big upgrade to me :)


I've had 0.1.6 loaded on my Verizon Storm2 and use it all the time with no issues. I'm having the same issue though as earlier postings - takes me to a webpage instead of the dl of the app.


that little trick. I normally keep my browser on firefox but moved it to Blackberry a couple of days ago for another update and forgot to move it back. Got the new app & working fine, though I can rarely tell what has been upgraded on these Google apps when I upgrade.


Setting browser to Firefox totally worked!


To install on storm I had to change Browser ID to Internet Explorer.


gv works on storm because my friend uses it on hers. you have to do the special thing mentioned in the forums to get it to work.


Change your browser identification to firefox and then go to the google voice download page and boom there is your download , no idea why firefox makes it work, but it does.


been trying to get an invite but seems impossible, they are even going on sale at ebay and craigslist.. but not looking to spend money on something that's free.. if anyone is kind enough to send an invite it would be greatly appreciated, thanks


Change ur browser settings to either firefox or internet explorer.

Blackberry browser -> Options -> Browser Configuration -> Browser Identification.


I had the older version on my Storm 2, but it made the BB act funny. It slowed everything down, and sometimes the display wouldn't update completely when going from portrait to landscape and vice versa.


If anyone happens to have an invite they can spare I would greatly appreciate it. Been waiting for a long time now and still nothing. Let me know - Thanks in advance!


Looks like Google has decided to finally release updates for several of their CrackBerry apps! Google Sync was also updated. I can't wait for them to release a voice update that includes profile-integrated notifications and push technology!


Installed and rebooting now.


Stephen dot higdon at gmail dot com Thanks!!


Here you go...sent!!


Here you go...sent!!


One of the best apps ever!! A fellow crackberry game me an invite about a month ago and life has never been the same!!


This version seems to be acting better for me. I am running Nates V4 Pro theme and I don't experience the slowdown that I did with the 0.1.6 version.


Anyone have a spare they can send me? Please. uforgot1 at gmail dot com.


@NYkrinDC, were you ever able to install the new version b/c I'm getting the same thing, too!:(


and that should do the trick to download Google Voice.


I keep signing up and nothing....anyone have an idea as to how long it will take?


Could anyone please spare an invite? My email address is I posted on the forums and here a couple times but no responses yet...


It is still slow to load/refresh the history; still takes forever to get an SMS in the app (won't auto refresh in intervals less than 5 minutes); still won't recognize incoming calls from the BB contact book (need to be in Google's contact list); and still won't let you add contacts to your Google list through the app (need to be at a PC).

Love the free service... but these seem like minor issues that should have been addressed already.


agreed. same goes to their BB gmail app. i hate not being able to customize the long ass refresh interval


I have 2. Who still needs?


I see I am replying kinda late, so I understand if you don't.


You can now call numbers (using google voice) direcly from the native call log list! Good job google!


1.6 had that too. Same with SMS.


No it didn't. You could only call from the Address Book with 1.6.


Ah, didn't realize. I never use the call log.


I also have invites if anyone needs one.


I'd appreciate an invite if you have it. Thanks either way...


how do you earn invites. is it how long you've been using gvoice?


I've have been using GV for about 5 months now. Not sure how you earn invites, but I have three to spare.


I woula appreciate an invite my email addr is Thank you.


I am also looking for a invite Thank for helping


When you get set up with google voice they give you 3 invites. I have send 2 to people here on crackberry still have one more if someone needs it.


You cannot call through GV from the call log app with GV 0.1.6. You can however call from the address book. 0.1.7 did address that which is excellent news to me! This is the only update I needed to make Google Voice 100% usable on my Storm2. So sweeeet.


I could not live without this app... I had to do a hard back up and transfer when I got my replacement storm. So weird that the Firefox recognition setting works... hopefully I won't have to fight the sign in page for an hour like last time!!!

Yay GVoice!


i have a friend that got a invite and has been using google voice for 3 month. he doesn't have an option to invite, i look at his account and we both never say that option


Now I can return every call I miss with Google Voice!!!


I got 1 invite... and I am having my own Crackberry contest 50 words private Crackberry message explaining why I should give it to you! I will decide the winner!


Shoot. I'm in desperate need of an invite also. Floyd.collier at gmail dot com.


but if anyone has a spare invite, I'd be very appreciative. Been trying for months to get this from Google. Thanks.


I'll send an invite now.


I've been using google voice for about a month and only when I call non-verizon phone #'s. I am using a blackberry tour and thought that since I have an unlimited data internet (data) plan that anytime I use google voice to call a non-verizon # such as lan line or other mobile #'s that I was going through the internet (data) and not using my verizon minutes??? Below is something I was reviewing and it sounds like this is not the case????

Does anyone know if using google voice to make calls actually counts against our minutes or our unlimited internet data plans???


Lastly, the way American phones work, you're still going to end up paying for your minutes, somehow. Just because Google Voice says you can make free domestic calls and cheap international calls doesn't mean that you actually can: in both cases, you need to dial out to Google Voice's external system in the first place, which means you're still using your monthly minute allotment.


I can see it as an option to install on on, but when I click to install nothing happens, the page just reloads. i tried using the Firefox/IE identification and that didn't work either. Anyone else figure out how to get Google mobile on your Storm?


I'm having the same problem.....


JayBeeEm06 you are awesome, I owe you.


Could someone help me out with getting an invite? I've been waiting forever to get one. Thanks so much in advance


0.1.7 installed perfect on my storm2
you have to switch the blackberry browser to firefox or internet explorer.
Thanks to everyone for helping and giving advise.


Thank you in advance if anyone can spare an invite.


If someone has an invite left would be very appreciated, I've been trying to get one for a while, please someone help me :(


I know a bunch of people have asked, but I have been trying to get one for a while now. If anyone has one, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


If I had a gmail invite. Been trying to snag one forever. If anyone has any to spare, feel free to send one over to Thank you in advance. And I'll pay it forward.


Need Google invite. Applied several times, but still haven't received one. Thanks in advance. brianridesbikes at


I've been waiting on mine from google for some time if anyone has a spare invite I would appreciate one


is there anyway to get an invite?i have been waiting to try this but Google hasn't sent me an invite.i would love to try this.31353206 pin or please.


Took awhile to figure out how to get to it. The only way I could download it was to use the Mobile Apps web page and then download it from there (with browser set to FireFox). Forget trying to go to


If so, would someone please send me an invite for google voice? hoenemeyerj at gmail dot com. Thank you in advance!


I have two gv invites if anybody still needs one. Email me at and the first two response get them.


Got it. Thanks for the love.


Google could do SOOO much better. The application on Android blows this out of the water. I know they can't access certain things due to RIMs api policies, but if GVDialer could make it automatically call using GV or prompt on each call, then Google could do the same. This application could be SO much better, and I just simply do not understand why it's "stagnant water" so to speak. BLAH


If u can send me an invite that'd be great. email is


I dont have an account, but im curious now that ive heard some cool stuff about google voice. If anyone could send me an invite i would be very greatful and i will return the favor =)


i have 1 invite left first person to email me gets it


Could someone please send an invite? I have requested invite 4 times in 3 months.. thanks for your help!! pat at nwrsip dot com


Send invite to:
Shawn Corcoran

I owe ya!


dont mean to bee greedy here (as i already have an invite,thanks again mr Adam)but a friend of mine signed up in august and still hasn't received an invite.if anyone has a spare to give please email im sure he would appreciate it.


I've been using Google Voice since it came out. It does work on the Storm wonderfully. I love it. It is buggy on the download, but as someone said, change the browser id to firefox.

also, just use the from the browser and it will download immediately.


Does anyone have a a google voice invite they can give me? I can be reached at


Any spares left? My friends have all burned theirs.


Does anyone have an extra google voice invite? I signed up a while ago but still haven't gotten it yet. Thanks



Ive been trying to get an invite for months. If anyone could please invite me I'd really appreciate it.
email is thanks in advance


Ive been trying to get an invite for months. If anyone could please invite me I'd really appreciate it.
email is thanks in advance


Does anyone have any extra invites out there. Been trying to obtain a number forever.


Does anyone have a google voice invite they would be willing to share?
Thanks so much.


doesn't work on latest verizon firmware. stuck on the portrait mode but I can't enter login.


I've been trying to get an Google Voice invite forever too - if anyone has one they would be willing to donate, I would REALLY appreciate it. Dale.Hedrick (at)



Most of Google's latest apps doesn't work with OS5.0.0.607 for Verizon's Storm and Storm2. It kills the touch screen. Wait for their next release.

Google Voice 0.1.7 is one example

Google Maps 4.0.1 is another example

If you accidently installed it, then you'll have to uninstall, reboot, and then reinstall the previous version from here.


I'd like to save 2.99/month! can someone please send me an invite to - thank you


...floating around out there that someone want's to share? :)


Hey, anyone have a spare Google Voice invite? Been trying to get one for a while.
Thanks in advance.
jason dot nocks at gmail dot com



Anyone have a spare invite? I hate to beg, but.... I feel like I've been waiting forever....
Ecronlund at Gmail dot com
Thank you so much!


if you have an invite to spare, i'd really appreciate it.


been waiting for my google voice invite for what seems like ages! anyone got one to spare me waiting any longer?

/me crosses his fingers


I would really like a google voice invite. If anyone out there has another I would be eternally grateful.


Installing GV on my Storm had me stumped until I landed here. Thanks to all who contributed. I will try to pay it forward.