Google Voice for BlackBerry updated to v0.2.0.2

By Adam Zeis on 22 Jul 2010 01:03 pm EDT
Google Voice for BlackBerry

The Google Voice app for BlackBerry has been updated version (what a fun version number!). An update for the app has been long overdue, and this version includes an option to check your balance, faster dialing and banner notifications.

I've been hoping that all of the Google apps for BlackBerry (Google Voice, Gmail app etc.) would step it up at some point and flow better on BlackBerry, but it really doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon. If you're a Google Voice user head to the link below from your device to download.

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Google Voice for BlackBerry updated to v0.2.0.2


I've noticed if you have unread SMS/Voicemails in Google Voice, you now see a notification icon (like you see for unread email).

do you mean the dot or something by the google voice app icon, or is there an envelope or smth on the top task bar area?

Change your Browser Configuration to Firefox instead of BlackBerry and you will be able to download the app.

Just change your browser identification to be able to download it on Storm.

Also make sure and Disable compatibility mode.

Works fine like all the previous versions and not much has changed.

It works fine on Storm.

Open your browser, bring up the menu and select options.
Go to Browser Configuration and change your Browser Identification to "Firefox" or "Internet Explorer" and save the changes.

Now when you go to you be able to download the Google Voice App.

Don't forget to change you browser identification back to "Blackberry" or you may have issues downloading other apps....

Why would Google CARE about the BlackBerry when they are trying to get people to use their own Android OS. I don't think anything from Google will ever be more than a half arsed app on any device other than their own.

The only diff so far is the balance and the new notifications. I don't use the notifications tho b/c I just get everything through email.

I dowloaded it to my storm 9530 last night.I set the browser up and put it back to blackberry.I tried using the app and it only crashed my phone.Why is this hapening? is there anyway to make it work for the 9530 i had even diabled compatibility mode because on compatibility mode my keyboard didnt work......any suggestions

I've noticed that when I let the messages completely load, the app doesn't crash, but when I try closing the app as soon as I turn on my phone, the crash happens.

Just updated on my Tour, now whenever I tried calling some of my contacts the access number changes. There seems to be a different access number for each contact whenever I tried using this app. Before the update, I only got a single access number for all my contacts when using the google voice app. Damn, now its no longer possible to put that access number in the 10 Verizon friends and family list for unlimited calls. Any else notice this?

I was immediately concerned that upgrading to GV 0.2.02 would for the "direct dial" feature would result in lost functionality regarding the A-List and other "Circle of Friends" calling plans that give you unfettered calls to a shortlist of phone numbers.

Hopefully, the current (old) version of GV will retain its functionality without any back door upgrades.

It is my guess that this is less about speed = better for Google (though I do believe that is a goal of theirs) and more about carries (such as AT&T) who want to limit how many "unlimited minute" calls we can make. And, as much as I hate it, that is the right of AT&T and Google has the right to respond as they see fit in order to benefit their bottom line.

I think that, despite this change, GV is still a very attractive business solution for managing multiple lines and the bottom line.

Pros: When I go to Canada and need to call my friends that I call on Google Voice, I would have to go international roaming to make a call. This makes that part easier.

Cons: I get my texts forwarded to my phone. The Google Voice App only updates so often and texts that I do open through my native BB messaging does not update the GV app. Therefore I'm constantly going to have the GV icon even though I've already answered a message.

Yeah, no love for Storm2. And even if you do get it loaded, I noticed that after upgrading, it seems to have changed the access number to 972-676-5094 which returns a disconnected or no longer in service error from VZW.

Seriously. Google Voice could be a great product. It's a shame Google lets it suck so badly.

I dont know what it is but I too am having problems getting the app. I did what the people have been saying to do about changing the browser to Internet Browser but that isn't working. I have tried clearing my history and all that. I tried using the HotSpot browser. Those are the only two options for browser types I have, Internet & HotSpot. Neither are working. When I type in it takes me to a mobile site to login.

If there are any other suggestions or further help reply here. Its greatly appreciated!!

In Browser Configuration, scroll down to Browser Identification and change it to firefox or internet explorer. Then type in the url and it should work. :)

Yes, it uses your minutes. If you call using Google voice it dials their access number, then routes the call to the number you dialed. This is NOT VOIP.

I use it exclusively for the voicemail feature. Once you use transcribed voicemail you can't go back! I don't even use my GV number for making/receiving calls.

Does this fix the ability or lack there of, to send mms? I have DL GV b/c I read on here somewhere that GV doesn't support mms? Is this still true? If it isn't fixed then me and my Tour will just continue using the sms & email notifications. Any info would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. THANKS.

What a CROCK!!!! It's not available in Canada yet. know better, you should have warned us readers.. arrrrgg.

My copy is showing 27 messages in the notification area -- all are read. Wouldn't it make more sense to only show unread? I like to keep all my mesages but now I have to look at the little character and 27 all day?

I have the same problem. Can't get the notifications to go away.

Update: Strangely enough, after posting this I went into GV to see the version and I'm on Then noticed the notifications are gone. I spent a bit of time trying to delete messages and such yesterday which didn't work. I wonder why it just started working now...

It's working good on my Storm 2. I had the problems initially but then after I exited the program and re-opened it, it's been working great.

I have a question. I see a balance on the app menu and i was under the impression that the calls and text messages were free of charge. If not, then does the balance pertain to phone calls only and not for text messages?

The balance is for internationally calling, I recently added 10 bucks to my account and only used $.50 for a about 10 minutes worth of calls....estimates on the minutes, as it's been a month or three.

So, you can add money to your GV account to make low-cost international calls.

clicking on the link from crackberry and tried, but can not find the new version to download.

I would really like to go back to the earlier version of Google Voice so I can get back my Verizon Favorites for free calling.

If anyone has or knows where I can get this I would appreciate hearing from you.

I read one post on the Google Voice blog but it only had a link for the android version.


Here ya go:

Can't take the credit... I found it on the comments. Shame on Google for breaking one of the greatest aspects of Voice, the ability to add one number to your "free numbers" on your plan and make calls for free.

Just as an FYI about the calling circles -- you can always just call your own google voice #, and then call out from there (Press 2). So add your google voice # to your calling circle and it'll still be possible.

Besides, don't most of us have buckets of unused minutes anyways?

I downloaded the day it was released and have been having an issue with the app freezing on the "sending sms" screen. I have to do a complete restart in order to fix this. Anyone else having this issue?

Mine is doing this as well. It's happened twice in 12 hours or so, but just started today (July 30). I haven't sent many texts since though. I also have to do a complete restart. It doesn't seem that the texts are making it through.

Hi Guys,
I have been trying to get the new GV to run for the past 2 days on my phone to no avail.
I have a Bold 9000 running 5.0 OS and everytime after I have installed GV I get this error:
Uncaught exception:net.rim.device.api.system.ControlledAccessException

The GV icon is in my downloads file but wont start up I just get this error message every time.

I have read several tips here on this site and they were not able help. I have gone through all the edit permissions to ensure it says allow (in addition to RIM settings I went through the MIDPgroup and the MIDP JSRs ensuring they all say allow). I have installed GV using firefox and internet explorer, I have used desktop manager to remove the app. I even uninstalled and reinstalled google apps hoping that would change something. I have cleared my cache, cookies and push data. I have done the battery pull too.

I cannot figure out what setting will make this error go away and allow GV to run.

Please Help!
Thanks :)

I have a Sprint BlackBerry Bold 9650 with the latest firmware. Since I upgraded the Google Voice app to v0.2.0.2 my sending of SMS often get "stuck" where it just says it's sending... it doesn't time out, I eventually have to re-boot my BlackBerry to clear the SMS send. I have tried removing the application, rebooting, and re-installing and still have the same result. This is a major issue for me.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

I am a BlackBerry Server Admin and have tried other troubleshooting as far as the permissions, etc.


xGeoph Ray
@mobilejray (on Twitter)

Im having trouble with this new version!!

Yes its nice that the sms notification now shows up but overall its so sluggish this new version.

Sending sms messages just freeze upon the "SENDING MESSAGE" icon.

When you make a phone call using GV it just doesnt call!

Sometimes the whole app freezes. There's no way to exit the app & the only way is to reboot the BlackBerry completely.

PLEASE!! Do another update to this device. It's in dire need!!

Seems GV always launches on device startup or batter-pull/reboot. I don't see any settings or permissions to adjust this. Thoughts?

So I have changed my browser over to IE and Firefox and whenever I go to the download link it just brings me to a web base of my mailbox. It does not provide a download of the program. Is the latest version?

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I have the blackberry Storm2. I was successful in downloading the google voice app and have disabled compatibilty. I can enter my email address. My keyboard is not working properly. It will not allow me to go to the next line and enter my password. Can anyone help with suggestions?