Google Voice app for BlackBerry to be shut down as of next week

Blackberry users who want to continue using Google Voice will have to use the HTML5 version.

By Bla1ze on 13 Mar 2013 09:31 pm EDT

Google has announced that they'll being doing some spring cleaning via their official blog. While most folks are understandably concentrated on the fact that Google Reader will be no more as of July 1st, 2013, there is an app for BlackBerry users that's also being laid to rest.

Yes, the rarely updated Google Voice app for BlackBerry will stop working as of next week. If for whatever reason you were using the app, Google does have a backup plan for you.

Beginning next week, we're ending support for the Google Voice App for Blackberry. For Blackberry users who want to continue using Google Voice, we recommend they use our HTML5 app, which is more secure and easier for us to keep up to date. Our HTML5 site is compatible with users with Blackberry version 6 and newer.

Although I'm not sure how many users this will impact, if I had to take a wild guess I'd say not many unless it's just simply for text messaging. Were any of you all using this app on a daily basis? If so, drop a comment below. I'm kind of curious if anyone will even really notice it gone.

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Google Voice app for BlackBerry to be shut down as of next week


Google Voice is great (cheap rates) for international calls dialing from my 9900.
Will my current app continue to work???

Same here. Tried the HTML5 version everything seem to work ok (using the on screen keypad to dial out) except that if I go to my contact I used to be able to dial using GV but I haven't figure out a way to do that on the HTML5 version.

Talk about hostility towards BBRY... Google must be scared... They know their days are numbered especially if one day Sammy switches to Tizen and BB10 makes huge strides.

They are afraid, Are they also going to pull support for iPhone, Palm WebOS, Nokia S60 and Windows? Or they do not feel threatend by them? This is a good sign and a bad sign IMO, the good is Google feels threatend, which means BlackBerry is doing the right thing. The bad is many use this app for BlackBerry.

True, but BlackBerry could also play this well and use it as incentive to build a native BB10 app for the same uses. Native apps are almost always a good thing, and BlackBerry should probably get all of the Google apps rebuilt as native BB10 apps. I've noticed lately that Google has been shutting down a lot of their non-android applications.

You're completely insane. They're pulling the support for blackberry because blackberry simply isn't a player in the market right now, and they don't see that changing. The fact that you can spin this into good news for blackberry shows a incredible amount of delusion.

There was no reason to pull server-side support the BB app client unless there was some major security issue they're not telling us about. I suspect this was simply a ruthless, evil move by Google to put another obstacle in place for Z10.

I used the app every day a lot when I was out of the office. I'm porting my Google Voice number elsewhere -- just not sure where yet.

they have refused to support windows phone as well, they only have a mediocre google search app, and even make it difficult for any third-party google service apps to function on windows phone.

The loss of Google Reader impacts me more as I used it to collate podcasts to play back on gNewsReader.

Never used Google Voice.

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It affects me :( I use it only for the calling features so I can call Canada everyday .... DAMMIT GOOGLE

I hear you. I use it for the same reason (calling Canada,) and also for texting. Luckily, I have a GV number I can dial to, and I don't get charged airtime either. Texting I will lose though.

Another week, another major company discontinuing a BlackBerry version of one of their apps. There are people really irked about Google Reader and I doubt there will be hoards of people up in arms over the BlackBerry app being discontinued. Google seems to becoming more and more like the tech companies they originally were trying to be the alternative to.

Exactly. I moved away from Google when they removed the sharing feature from Reader in an attempt to move folks into their social network. Made me think twice about why I'm getting something for free: turns out its not because Google is generous.

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Um, because they have their own platform (Android) and line (Motorola). And it's likely political, just like Netflix.

I am devastated that Google Reader is being shut down... I don't care about Google voice.

When did Google change its mandate that it would never become evil? Getting rid of Google Reader is the most evil thing they could have done!

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Google "Do no evil" HA! It's just like any country with "Democratic" in their name usually isn't, and the cold war Soviet mouthpiece "Pravda" is Russian for "truth".

@darkoman4: Uhm, Pravda means 'truth'

google 'translate truth to russian' versus 'translate justice to russian'... Or read any cold war spy novel ;-)

Yes, I use it daily. My all communications go through Google voice. Very disappointed.

Can someone make Google voice app for Bb10? Please.

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I'd pay twenty bucks for a BB app that simply does Google Voice dialing and sms from the BB contact list. I don't care about voicemail. There's a java code base around GV APIs here on Google Code called "google-voice-java" as a starting point for some entrepreneurial BB developer.

The removal of this app should cause a good 10% drop in after market trading soon.
I think I've seen it in BlackBerry World but I don't use Google products :p
Glad to see they issued a statement about an HTML 5 alternative though!

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Wow...first Reader, now Voice for BlackBerry...wondering what I did to make the great Google angry ...

I use the app to choose which number I want to show up on someone's caller ID. I suppose I'll tolerate the HTML5 version. WTH. It's not like the app got a lot of maintenance upgrades...

Yes I use it for people that need to get in contacts but I don't want them to have my primary number, becuase it allows me to screen my calls

I didn't use Google Voice. But as a paid Google Apps user, I'm more unhappy about the impending demise of Google Reader. Now I've got to take some time to find a suitable web-based replacement. An think of the app developers who hook into Reader. They're likely even more upset.

This concerns me as someone who plans to get the Z10. I had planned to put this on one of my lines that I don't have carrier text messaging on; I do use Google Voice for sending text messages on those lines. I don't know how text message notifications will work if you are relying on the website instead of the app.

I don't think that it will affect me on calls. I rarely call out using the app, and still have other devices which I can do that on if needed. Since I should still be able to link the number to my Google Voice account, the Z10 should receive calls with no problems.

Why is anyone disappointed? Simply set it as a bookmark and use the HTML version? I'm so confused about this dependence on applications that I have seen...

what do you mean? the app is always open and ready to be used, besides when in the phone book i can call anyone internationally by selecting "call using Google Voice" in the menu

The work around would be going to the browser and making the international call from there? Has anyone messed around to see how difficult it is?

I have and it works fine. I don't like the idea that i have to use data to see my history and there is no integration with the phone book

Not much data for a function like that but get what you mean there. (side note, I just finished watching that episode of TNG, loving the user name)

It seems to me that in a lot of cases apps were built to make up for shortcomings in the mobile browser. Obviously there's apps that need to be apps (camera, GPS apps for example), but we seem stuck in "an app for everything" mentality. For instance BB Travel doesn't have an app for my PlayBook, but I don't need one, because I just use the full site from my stock browser. I even made it "feel like an app" by putting a shortcut to it directly.

I completely agree with this method. I have several sites on my PlayBook homepage for this reason. If they don't want to build an app it doesn't affect me. That's the beauty of the BlackBerry Browser.

In this case, you lose access to some little features that are pretty important to the app. First of all, notifications either don't work at all, or have to come through as a text or email, which is not nearly as convenient as an app notification. Secondly, when I listen to a voicemail from the web app, I have no option to have it play through my ear piece, it only plays through the speaker which is very very annoying!

I don't get the shock about this either. Google has their own mobile platform that they want people to move to, that doesn't make them evil IMO. I use a Lumia 920 can I get a BBM client for my phone? So because BB doesn't provide me access to BBM from my Lumia they must be evil :).

The shock is users want the ability to choose their apps, etc. independent of the hardware they use. Google appears to be saying, I don't care about what the users wants, unless of course you decide to buy an Android. As a user I would like to think for myself, I don't need these smartphone players forcing thoughts down my throat.
Personally I think Google is an amazing product, but I have always run Google off of the BBZ10 browser (classic not dumbed down mobile version) and prefer it that way.

I know why someone would want an app, but it seems some people are shocked that Google isn't providing them with the app. The only other platform Google provides any apps for is iOS, because it has significant market share. Don't expect any support from Google for BB. Heck MS isn't even allowed to release a YouTube client on WP that has the same API access that iOS has. It's not evil it's business, BB would do the same.

The usability of the BB web version of GV stinks. The contacts functionality for dialing is unusable if you have more than 20 or so contacts.

I used the app on my work cell for personal text messages and to make calls when I didn't want to make a call from my work cell phone number. Not a huge loss. What IS concerning is that Google is paring back its product offering for BlackBerry devices. When will Google Maps for BB10 come out? Likely never... I wonder when they will stop supporting iOS and WPhone devices as well.

This is my voice mail app. My cell phone is used for both personal and work calls. I set up 2 voicemail messages. One is a personal one from myself that gets triggered if someone in my address book (besides the selected work numbers I have saved) calls me. If any of those work numbers I selected or any other number not in my address book calls, it triggers a different voice mail message for work purposes. This allows me to only carry one phone around and have a professional voicemail for work calls that I miss.

This is a MAJOR blow to me as this app is my voice mail! Hopefully the webapp works well. I guess I shouldn't expect a BB10 Google Voice app coming anytime soon.

Stuff like this makes me not want to become attached to anything Google. This is bullshit!

Yes especially if you own more than one cell phone and like to have all your voice mail in one place its a great agregator.

I do this exact same thing. My GV # is my personal number and I have it separated like that for a reason. It is also the number I have on my resume for which I have been applying to jobs recently.

I actually don't use the Google Voice number at all. By the time I found out about GV, it was too late to use the GV number for either work or personal as I didn't feel like going through the phone number change game with all my contacts. And looking at what is happening now, I am VERY happy I didn't do that with the number. I would be so pissed if I had to consider abandoning a phone number that most people in my life know.....

F-U Google!

Umm... Cant you simply set it to notify you via email? Then you use the shortcut link. I really don't get the issue...

The voicemail seems to only play through the speaker when going through the browser with no option to only have it come out the earpiece. Also, the web app isn't exactly formatted for the 9900 screen and some of the menu items are inaccessible.

Yes, I can do exactly what you said, but it will not work as well as it currently does for me. I will absolutely be looking for a similar service that operates better than a web app, that's for sure.

This, as well as other moves recently, have led me to not get attached to any new Google services. I use the ones I use, but I will not be adding any more of their services to my daily life. I don't feel like going through this crap all over again!

I used it a lot on my 9700. It was an easy way to use voice mail and texting. The only reason why it doesn't upset me now is switching over to the Z10.

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I'm getting really sick of Google sticking it to BlackBerry ever so frequently. :( Google Voice is my most used app on my 9900 and has been for years. I use it mostly for voicemail management for both my phone lines and some texting. My GV line is also my primary international calling means. Not having a native app is going to be a major pain. It sucks!!!

Google is not going to support much of anything that isn't going to be under thier control. Why feed BB when your in a fight with them for marketshare.

Well, since they just dropped support for Google Reader altogether, this one doesn't feel like a "let's yet again have one at BlackBerry", it's more like "it's time to cull the services and focus".

As for the availability of the HTML site... Neither my 9780 nor my PlayBook made it. "Google Voice setup is not available on mobile devices". I can access it on the desktop...

The app was absolutely trash, but it was better than the web app that they will now offer. Also, while the app was trash, the service is very very useful for many people. This change just made it less useful for a lot of those people.

This is BS. I use this app every single day. Google Reader too. I mean seriously, what the hell are they thinking?

I use it every day. While it did a terrible job transcribing it at least allowed me to see the gist of the message before I called someone back. Sorry to see it go.

Google is a advertisement company 1rst, if they don't generate enough revenue from a certain service then it gets yanked, its why I've never bought one of the Android handheld billboards, can't rely on google

Ok, but aren't most of Google's services provided online? I mean with the BB10 browser there are fewer and fewer reasons for individual apps, but I didn't use Google voice so I don't know about that.

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Not all the features work right (or at all) through the browser. This is one of the cases where a bad native app worked way better than a well designed web app.

I used Google voice maybe 5 or 6 times, there seemed to be a phase where everyone was using it no matter what platform they were on. Once the novelty wore off I used it less and less, and the same can be said for my peers. I went back to BBM, it was way more convenient for me than a voice app, and now there's voice AND video BBM I see absolutely no need for any other apps cluttering up my Z10.

Never use it. Immaterial to moi. Same for Google Reader. I suspect Google is doing what they can to curb any Android market share loss to BlackBerry that may be occurring. Why support the enemy, right?

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I've decided to drop some google apps like google voice to come to blackberry. If google wants me back, they need to make the stuff available on BB10.

I'm doing the same thing. It sucks because I have a Chromebook so I am somewhat tied to the Google ecosystem (Mail, Maps, Docs, Drive, etc.) but they are really angering me with their lack of support for other platforms. This is very unlike Google of old. I suspect they are getting greedy and ignoring their "Do No Evil" motto that was supposed to define them.

Google Voice app is now uninstalled. Thank you Google. Keep not supporting other platforms and you will lose many many customers. Do No Evil? Right....

The second Google went public, the "Do No Evil?" mentality went out the window. Corporations have to be evil in order to do what they are supposed to do, make their stockholders money.

It's why I hate corporations after they make it big. On the rise up they stick to what they believe, then they go public and become evil.

I use it daily :-( this is devastating! I had 2 lines until one of my phones was stolen, so I ported the # to google voice so that my voice calls would come to my phone, and I'd receive my voicemails instantly. At least my calls will still be forwarded I suppose.

Google is officially evil. I use google voice all the time. Like many others its my personal number. Time to look for alternatives. Any thoughts? Other than google sucks!

Anything Google related is irrelevant to me! There is a work around for nearly everything in life. No loss to me. I am probably the only one in existence that does NOT have a G mail account. As I stated, no loss to me in the least. With their control and malware all over the place, it's one less thing to have to worry about

I don't really have a gmail account....

I created one in order to use Google Reader, Google Voice, and YouTube without having to associate my real email address with anything evil (Google). So, while I do have a gmail account, I have never used it for email.

That sucks. But in reality I didn't even know there was a native app to begin with on the Z10. And iv been using the android port since I got the phone at launch and it's worked just fine

Posted from the best phone ever my Z10

TBH, in Canada I could never get the app to work, but the HTML5 site worked fine for my needs. Looks like I'll keep using it through the HTML5 link saved to my homescreen.

Pretty sure this was a US only app wasn't it?

Doesn't matter anyways as they announced their html5 solution will work.

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Not well enough though. It will be a much worse experience than it was. A company should never do that to its customers. It is like the Apple maps thing. You don't make a product worse for your customers for any reason what-so-ever!

Hi Pepidick,

I"m curious to know what the thinkonezero does? Site is down for maintenance. How does this work?

I use it all the time and so does the rest of my family. I am losing faith in Google when they stop supporting apps like this.

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I use this app on a daily basis. The only number most people have for me is my Google Voice number, so I use this app for every call I make. First they got rid of Google Sync, now Google Voice. This is truly very disappointing as it is much quicker to use than the web app.

Don't let the Google from the late 90's fool you. Every company always acts to what's in their best interest. Money is the only motivator. Heck, if even some so-called non-profit orgs are trying to rob you blind, what makes anyone think Google is a "Do no evil" company? LOL they've been wearing a mask since day one.
I would start using Altavista again if only it wasn't run by Yahoo

Bummer! I use Google Voice daily for texting and international phone calls. Also, I put this number on my business card instead of my cell number. Oh, well!

Google voice is not going away, just the BlackBerry app version. I use it a lot for international calls as well and loved that it was integrated with my BB address book but I just tried the browser version and it works OK as you can still view contacts you have in GMail.

Everyone paying Google for these services should seriously consider switching to their competitors. Microsoft Office 365 is a great example.

Posted from my Z10

That why I spring clean most of Google products off my Blackberry a very long time ago and switch to Zoho for email.Sometime you just got to cut em off and move on!!! Next clean up G+

I coach two sports and I use Google voice everyday to manage both groups of parents sonic can keep my sporting life and personal life separate. Huge thumbs down but what did you expect? Google hats bb

A good friend of mine is Canadian and works in the U.S.

Google Voice on his BlackBerry is the only way he can afford to talk to his wife, who works in Toronto, or his family scattered internationally. What's worse, the HTML5 site isn't friendly to those non-touchscreen Curves, like the one he currently owns.

Doesn't effect me at all.. as soon as Skype comes, native bb is all we'll really need so.. back in the waiting game we go.

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As a long time user of Google Apps for Business (paid version), I hate to see Google systematically stop supporting Blackberry.

I use (used) the Google Voice app daily. The HTML version will work, but would rather have an app.

Sadly, companies are making it harder and harder to be device/ecosystem agnostic; they want to suck you into their ecosystem and punish you if you don't "buy-in" 100%.

Its going to be a drop for BlackBerry.. i am a bb fan. They remove this support because yeah, they are threatened and it is obvious. The blackberry 10 os is really doing well compared to other os. Android uses quadcore hardwares but still stutters. Not just that, they are vulnerable to hackers because most of it are open source.

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Please let's not be ridiculous. Being closed source or proprietary is arguably less safe.

Do you think Linux would run so many web servers if it was less safe? How about BSD?

Android isn't less safe due to open source. It has more infections because it allows users to install whatever they want

I don't get why one would use Google Voice at all when Skype is coming and Whatsapp is here...not that I use any of these apps but just wondering about those who do.

Skype was never available on Blackberry and still is not, with Whatsapp i cant call someone internationally and i can only chat with them if they also download Whatsapp.
all services I know of, the person I am trying to reach needs to have already that service e.g. BBM so with Google Voice I can call or text anyone on there regular number

As far as I know, my mother can't call me via Skype from her home phone. She can call my Google Voice number from her home phone. I was able to choose a Google Voice number that was local to her which was important since she didn't have long-distance service on her home phone.

When someone calls my Google Voice number my home, work and two cell phones ring. I don't think that Skype can do that either.

Damn. Not surprised at all but I'm still very upset. One of the very few apps used everyday on my 9810. Loved being able to call international. This was a blow for me. Oh well, we're use to it by now.

P.S. Is Skype still coming to BB10???

I have used google voice back on my bold 9000 but ever since I upgraded to the torch, never had to thank God.

However, what they gonna cut out next, Google search altogether for BlackBerry users?? This is so lame from Google. I expected better and they pretend they care about the users! All is fabricated so the new greedy google makes more money from the ads and by stealing it android users personal information and selling! Wakeup android base! Thank God for BlackBerry I don't need to use an android device to be brainwashed and taken advantage of! Anybody doesn't trust my statement about google stealing your personal information, check out this article from ABC news:

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Use the HTML5 site like Google said. I've only ever sort of heard about Google voice, who cares. "The mobile world is shaken by the demise of an only partially useful, hardly known app."

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My wife and I depend on it every minute. I never gave out my main cell number so every call I make is using gv. This is pretty bad from Google

As I posted above it's only the app that is going away not your Google voice number. You can still forward calls to your cell and use the browser version.

As a business user this app was great for calling clients. Now the last Google function in my life leaves. Goodbye and for the most part good riddance, Google.

This is a very important application for me both for text and making calls. This is Google pushing more people to android phones.

I use this app almost every day to call my friends in Canada.
Google is doing this to BB users but they kiss iPhone users asses.
Latitude for Google Maps is no longer working, are they going to take Maps out of our platform too??

God d@rn! i cant believe this BS! i think i will soon stop using google. this is very upsetting. i use this app on a daily basis. i've been using it for a few years and its my main texting app. wtf google?!?!
can we petition???

Very disappointing. Losing the message notification and listening to voicemail through the speaker instead of the handset make the HTML5 site less robust than the dedicated app. GV is great for having a phone number to give out that isn't tied to my work provided phone, and gives me the ability to have 2 numbers on the same phone. Never really used it for texting or making calls, but received calls all the time. Also get many laughs out of the VM transcriptions. Some kind of alternative will have to be found.

WHAT? Please explain this to me, because I use gvoice everyday as my business line on my 9700 for this reason I have not moved to Z10 yet. How will this work now. I have my gvoice forward to my phone and I open the app when I want to call someone with that number.

Google Voice is not going away, just he BB app. You can still forward you GV number to your phone and use the browser to make calls with your GV number. Not as easy as with the App but still workable. I use the 9930, the browser on the Z10 & Q10 will be a lot faster.

Thanks tmurphx5 this means I need to open the browser log in type the number then it will call my cellphone to connect me with the person. I guess I need to get a Z10 or use my playbook to help me make the call faster.

I use it regularly as I'm our homeowners' association president and my GV number is what I list in places for this purpose. That way it rings multiple phones (and somewhat shields my personal numbers). The web version looks workable, certainly not as convenient as the app.

I've been using it every day for the past 2+ years. I am really sick of Google. first they stop the activesync (i have a playbook and also an iphone for some experiments) when i switch from my blackberry 9780 to a new blackberry it looks like i will lose push (if BIS is not around anymore.

OH WAIT A MINUTE! so this app will technically keep working on my Z10 sine its android sideloaded???
please say yes!

Google's decision simply HAS to negatively impact really MANY blackberry users. Otherwise Google wouldn't take such step.

It was just a matter of time when Google join its companion...err, I mean competitor (cheer Marissa :-)…Yahoo in axing apps for blackberry.

What else should Google do to carry consequences for all the anticompetitive behaviour?

~Done, Be evil~

lets hope someone writes a program that we can use. i am sure lots of us would be willing to pay good money for this app to work.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look likely. Google doesn't publish many of the APIs for Google Voice, which is why there aren't a lot of third party apps out there that can accomplish what the official app does.

The Google Voice App for BlackBerry was pretty terrible - not supporting typing shortcuts, no push notification, frequent time outs - but at least it integrated into the address book and allowed you to select "Call from Google Voice" or "SMS from Google Voice." The application hadn't been updated in about 3 years, and it showed.

The HTML5 webpage works, but is significantly slower. Worse, the "select a contact" only brings up recent contacts an a random order, so it's pretty difficult to initiate a phone call or text message.

Oh boy! that sucks. i definitely dont want to be going back to my iphone. Gvoice is my number 1 required app. if the android sideloaded app keeps working on my z10, then i am fine.

I don't think the sideloaded app will stop working - as essentially you're using the Android APIs etc.

There has to be a workaround for this, or it's a bug Google will be fixing, right? Screenshots from a couple years ago show that the HTML5 contacts list included options to list "My Contacts" or search all contacts. What happened to that functionality?


When Youmail bailed on BB, I made the transition to Google Voice, and now it's going away?!

*expletive deleted* you, Google!

I Use the app for all text and VM .very easy to search through both at the same time. Sad to see it go...not sure how the other option works.

Hold on a second, Google (or whichever exec is screwing things up there).
I pay 2c/min to use Google voice to call family abroad - with a quick scroll to "dial with google voice" and I'm through. Why would they take this wonderful feature away? Short on cash?

What happened today. Google Voice app has stopped working as of Friday, March 22nd. It's been working great for years on my BlackBerry Bold 9930 os7. Please turn it back on. I used it all the time and never had an issue until now. Very disappointed in Google!

How do I install the HTML version? I am so mad right now. This is ridiculous. I use Google Voice every single day for work. I had no idea this was happening and now I can't make calls. Google sucks.

The HTML5 version does not work with my BlackBerry Bold 9930 contacts nor does it allow me to make calls since Friday! I use Google Voice for everything and now I have to use the computer to make calls. Does Google Voice have a support number? Looking at site it states there is a BlackBerry app, yet it will not let me download it. Can someone give me some guidance on how I can use the Google Voice app once again on my BlackBerry. It worked why shutdown the service.

As a loyal google voice user, I use it daily for business international calls...the HTML5 version is not user friendly, and hinders my daily business operation. Google must bring it back or risk loosing Google Voice users. What a disappointment...

Hi! I used google voice on my blackberry bold usually as a backup for when my power-pig iPhone died. Too bad they're gone. What is this html5 app they talk about?

I used the Google Voice App all the time... there's no other quick way to make phone calls using GV without it on my BB Bold (although I had to delete GVA and re-install it pretty frequently).

The HTML5 version blows... no way to effectively find a contact on there and dial out.. .you can't even copy the number from your BB contacts and paste it onto the HTML5 keypad thing. Unbelievable that they don't know calling contacts out of it is difficult... geesh. Maybe the new BB10 software will have GV integrated in? Maybe?

Yes I used this app all the time. Was wonderful when going threw my divorce....had a wonderful print out in court for phone harassment. I will miss it dearly. My 9550 contract ends April 23, 2013...most likely I will be leaving the Blackberry family at that time. Google voice directed maps...and Google voice 2 of my reasons why.

I am so disipointed in Google about this! And I am a die hard Google fan! I used it alot! And I must say, I am definitly feeling the loss of it! I used it on my blackberry with my data plan to send text messages - it was SO MUCH more easier than having to wait for a browser to load (whatever this HTML version is). I miss the little icon - Google needs to bring it back for Blackberry. My phone is an older one - Blackberry Bold 9700 but it did the trick, apps like that made having an older model phone okay... but now I'm just leaning more and more towards a newer phone (samsung galaxy looks nice right about now)... I liked being loyal to RIM and Blackberry but the apps suck - and are getting worse and worse... what gives? Wish blackberry just made a Samsung type phone, with ALL the apps you can get - all the gadgets etc. without having to worry about anything.

Boo! HTML5 app lacks notification of texts, doesn't integrate with contacts, etc.

It WAS a great service, allowing you to have a device-independent phone/SMS number allowing you to use one number simultaneously on multiple devices.

Back to using CardKaller ! It is too bad as the GV app was pretty awsome in how it integrated with my Contacts...And although did not really use the GV for text, it was nice how that was also displayed in the appl. What is up with Google now?

Ouch! I use my Google Voice # as my business phone #, and direct the calls to my cell phone. This is a very big problem for me, and a huge slap in the face to BB users. Talk about kicking Blackberry while they're down.

Although there are work arounds, and even an app in BB App world (BlaCaDa) to help with outgoing calls, now all of my incoming business call will go to voice mail.

The good news is that your incoming business calls can be (and already should be) directed to your phone, without any apps installed. Like you, I've been doing this for the past 2-3 years and it continues to function perfectly for incoming. Outgoing calls have been too much trouble, for now, so I'm living with the shortcomings until I find something better.

I used Google Voice on my Bold 9900 every day. Google killing this app is a major PITA. I would bet that some of the people commenting above who say "never heard of it" don't ever call anyone outside of North America from their BB. I used this app frequently to call people all over the world directly from the BB Contacts App at rates much lower than TMo. Now the HTML5 "app" has no contacts integration which means I have to type in long international numbers. WTF. The lack of integrated GVoice means I'm not going to get the Z10 I had been planning on buying. Now I need to research Android devices to see what integration exists. This was a critical BB app for me.

Oh I noticed all right. It just stopped working. I use it for all my international calls. Not even a nice message saying what had changed. All of a sudden I just got a server error and that was that. To answer ianbordas: no, your current app will not continue to work.

I have used the HTML5 version of the app and I must say that it is painful to use on a Blackberry. It's clumsy and the keypad does not behave. I cannot, for example figure out how to get a "+" sign to go into a phone number; which is a staple of international phone calling.

To follow up on my earlier comment (and Amiga Dude's), I tried BlaDaCa, a calling app in BB world, and it it works fine with outgoing Google Voice calls. And as Amiga Dude said, incoming calls still come through. So 1 finger up to you, Google!

I used GV every day, especially for the voice transcripts. I can't deal with the browser version of this thing! I need back the menu item to "dial using GV"! It was fast and awesome. I get not wanting to develop the app any further, maybe. But why not allow it to still run? Please Google?

Funny thing is that I was using this service before Google bought out GrandCentral. I was on board since day one. Throw me a bone! :-)

Yep, daily user here, GV rings to all my phones, and it is my voice mail for more than one line. If I had been paying attention to Google's blog I may not have switched to the Z10 so easily. There are many things I love about this phone over my android, but this HTML 5 version of the app is for the birds. It "Works" when it works. I'd be happy to pay a modest annual fee if they would commit to supporting Google voice in usable ways.

I am new this thing. I am jut trying to get the app html5 on my blackberry so that I can use my google voice number to make call. Google voice keeps saying that my blackberry phone is not listed. I mean crazy. now I am in a loop

I am (seriously) thinking about dropping BlackBerry over this, and just going with Samsung. I use Google stuff ALL the time and love it. But even more important than this is that I use Google Voice all the time during times not free for my mobile phone plan, which is during the day, which is a lot. This makes it so that I use just about none of my allocated minutes, so that I can have a low-minute plan. And, yes, the text messaging is great! And, the BIGGEST reason is that I give no one my mobile phone number, but everyone my Google Voice number (which has lots and lots of features that mobile phone numbers don't have). I don't think people realize the incredible value of Google voice on BB (or, really, even on Android -- my friends on Android don't). I love BB, but I really love Google. The less I can do with Google on BB, the more I want to just move my phone over to Android (I use my Nexus in conjunction with my BB all the time already).