Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger clients all ready for BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry Instant Messaging Clients
By Bla1ze on 25 Sep 2012 10:44 pm EDT

If you frequent using the BlackBerry instant messaging clients consisting of Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger on your current BlackBerry smartphone, you'll have no worries about using them on a BlackBerry 10 device either.

All three of the clients have test builds in BlackBerry App World with the current BlackBerry Dev Alpha OS and they've all had their UI's revamped to fit in line with the rest of BlackBerry 10. There will surely be more instant messaging apps to choose from but for now, it's nice to know RIM has these ones being worked on. At the moment, WLM doesn't seem to be working correctly but Yahoo and GTalk are working just fine, you can jump below for some screenshots.


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Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger clients all ready for BlackBerry 10


It works, but disconnects randomly due to unexpected errors and what not.

Is it possible to rip those to have them work on the PB?? (BB10 IM clients)

How can you compare Skype to BBM? It's like comparing apples to oranges.
I really hope that RIM or Skype/Windows release a skype app for BB10.

I agree, I would prefere an open protocol but Skype is one hell App issue I have - because it's missing on my BB.

Especially it is the only IM I know of that you can write on your PC, staying logged in and write on your - mobile device - new IMs.

When gtalk still worked on my devices I could read but not write with one, I believe the one I stared first one. e.G. if I start the PC-app, I can't write (or was it reading? It's a while now...) but reading new messages.

Skype is even without frond camera very nice to talk. Often it can save some money when you would have huge roaming fee's ...

Of course, it's not really necessary but it's something that a lot of people want! Doesn't matter the data prices because it should work with wifi too. Yes, skype with wifi in a blackberry, so we can skype in any part of the house without using a pc

+1 - Lync client is one of the main reasons I didn't leave BlackBerry. There was no official Lync client for 'Droid & iPhone devices since our company adoped BYOD. Now the official clients are available for those platforms. It cannot be absent for BB10.

Will we EVER see it on a BB10 device? And will it ever use video??
Want to be able to vid talk to other iOS and Android devices.

There was a post a while back showing something akin to Apple's facetime (if I recall correctly) and also screen that still available for BB10? I haven't seen any demo of that yet (unless they're trying to keep it under wraps).

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

facetime has existed since playbook was released when i was still with RIM we did extensive testing on the video calling(facetime) it worked amazingly... even now provinces away from home i use it daily with my parents and their playbook. this feature is a def for bb10 since its already been designed in qnx would be stupid to not put it in bb10.

This is awesome. A true communication device. They implementation of WLM on my OS7 is good so I can't wait for it on bb10.

my fave part of this is laughing at everyone else on andoid and ios devices i have bbm mail gtalk yahoo msger wlm and aol messanger running at all times on my device i had someone run gtalk msn and yahoo alone in 2 hours their battery was daead.... i last a good 8-10 hours with all that and constantly using it too. BlackBerry FTW on how it handles data and battery life opened even a hater like me to believe it was the device for me.

BlackBerry by Choice

SKYPE does exist for BlackBerry, has ever since I got my Tour 9630 ... seriously, Crackberry needs to do an article specifically for Skype 'cause it's getting seriously very annoying with people complaining about it --- UGH!! Lol #EndVent still love my Crackberry folks :)

Just because one Blackberry device, on one carrier in the world has Skype is nothing to write about. Anyone who has seriously looked into Skype for Blackberry would know that before Microsoft bought them out, Skype (foolishly) signed a exclusive deal with Verizon to offer Skype on select devices.

This was the worst move ever.

Indeed, Skype on Verizon is broken in a number of ways, and will often not even fully initialize and connect for no clear reason.

We need a general skype solution for blackberry or else some kind of cross-platform version of BBM (even if limited on other platforms) for BB10 to be truly successful. It is not that people are wedded to skype per se, but this is 2012 and something serious is needed.

Looking forward to YM on Blackberry. Just make sure there are still solid features like saving and emailing chat history!! VERY IMPORTANT!

Does Verizon still have that exclusive contract with BlackBerry and Verizon customers? I have skype on my 9850 but no video. So we know Skype works on BlackBerry, but will BlackBerry offer to other providers? It's a BlackBerry app because when I downloaded it links me to BlackBerry website.