Google Talk, Yahoo and Windows Live IM clients get an update to v3.0.0.23

Google Talk, Yahoo and Windows Live IM clients get an update to v3.0.0.23
By DJ Reyes on 7 Jul 2012 09:52 am EDT

We last saw an update to the instant messaging clients for BlackBerry smartphones in April, and today RIM has released the next update to the IM clients. As usual there isn't a change log for the updates so it's a case of just finding any changes yourself.

The clients have been updated to v3.0.0.23 and if you are someone who continues to use these apps then you can get the update using the links below. A forum discussion has already began with folks noticing some changes, so if you find anything new, join in the discussion.

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Reader comments

Google Talk, Yahoo and Windows Live IM clients get an update to v3.0.0.23


Ticketmaster, seriously... I miss it ... Everytime I go to the website I see BlackBerry being the sponsor .. & whenever get the tickets in the mail the backside shows how BlackBerry is the official sponsor and that we can download the App --- you go to download it and it says it no longer exists -- they need to bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does this mean that Google Talk might actually stay connected on a BlackBerry now? Nah, thought not. I'll never convince a whole bunch of people to install and use some small third party messaging application but GTalk or Live might have a chance. If...they can stay connected and reliable.

i find the RIM IM apps are far more reliable and they stay connected for ages i cant recall a time ive been disconnected to be honest. Now when it comes to IM+ Pro which i only use for Skype if i dont get disconnect in less than 30mins im shocked its DC heaven. BeeJive has good connectivity too but i dont think the company really runs anymore outside of just selling their already made products updates etc dont happen anymore. IMO is free and great too

I can no longer login to Yahoo Messenger using this latest update. I get an "internal error" message on my 9810. I sent BlackBerry support an email but it bounced back...sigh!

Hey Maple_geek
i had this error before to solve it try to make this steps, and I'm waiting for your comment

- During the yahoo messenger app download, when you get to the screen that says "set application permissions" click on that box before you click "download".

-Click "view" when it says "Messenger requesting changes to app control permissions"

- Change the "Connections" to "Allow" & save.

- Continue with the download and tell it to reboot.

Hi Berryza,

Since I had the app already installed, I have to delete it then reboot. When I try to re-install, I don't get the permission setting window you describe. It takes me directly to the sign in page...and of course it fails when I try to sign in. Am I missing some steps?


Hey maple_geek,

please I would like to ask you for another applications same or only this one? if only this one try to install it from another place don't download it from blackberry appworld and try it

Hi Berryza,
I'm not sure I understand your question. This only happens with Yahoo Messenger, but I don't use any other IM apps other than BBM and that works fine. Where else do you suggest I download the app? I always get my apps from appworld usually.

Hey maple_geek
I'm not asking about IM apps I'm talking in general.
Anyway you can install the applications direct from
chose your OS and download it
if still have same problem please leave a comment.

I finally gave up on these three. I had them for years but, first, nobody I know sits at their computer to IM anymore and, second, if they are on their phone they text. I always had problems staying connected, too.


And you waited all this time to tell someone?

Why did you keep it a secret?

Don't you know updated IM clients are VERY HIGH priority around here?

What were you thinking?

Are you crazy?

Why didn't you sounds the alarms?

It's just updated IM clients that most people delete. :P

I'm happy to see these updates. Even though I only use the Google Talk app, it's one of my most favorites. Google Talk used to run flawlessly, never disconnecting, but then it started having serious issues. Lately, it has been staying connected better. I hope this update brings continued improvement. Thanks, RIM!


Exactly, mine has been disconnecting too! Unexpected error. Internal Error... All these things! Pisses me off to the max!!!!!

I wish RIM maintain their AIM client :O

u know i'm pretty sure a small amount of user like me who would have loved to have AIM. A few of my american friends still uses AIM...

I have no idea how that (upgrade all) appears, I think its cause maybe if you have installed your carrier OS just like an OS upgrade icon appears when upgrade is available.