Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger for BlackBerry updated to v2.5.84

By Michelle Haag on 22 Jul 2011 08:32 am EDT

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If you're a Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, or Yahoo Messenger user, you'll be happy to learn that the BlackBerry applications for these apps have been updated in App World, and now sit at v2.5.84. Interesting to note, the version of these apps that was pulled from the leaked BlackBerry OS was v2.5.85, just a hair above this official release. As usual, no word on what the changes are with this update, so if you notice anything new, be sure to let us know!

Download Google Talk from BlackBerry App World
Download Windows Live Messenger from BlackBerry App World
Download Yahoo Messenger from BlackBerry App World

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Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, and Yahoo Messenger for BlackBerry updated to v2.5.84


still can't download it from app world, so i decide download the offline data,i think rr_yy already make it to ota link :)

Updated to the new Yahoo Messenger. Can't tell if there is anything different. And too soon for me to judge performance.

UK user here.

I don't have Google Talk so I have just popped off to install it on my BB8520. The download I am being sent is 2.5.69 which seems to be November 2010 version.

Updated Google Talk last night around 10:00 pm CST. I hope this updated fixes the "random sign-out" problems I experience with Gtalk.

anyone know how to fix the infamous WLM "Internal error" issue???????????????? havent been able to use messenger in months.....

Greetings from the home of Rock 'N Roll (Cleveland, Ohio).

Since reading this article, I have checked out Blackberry App World and v2.5.81 is the only version listed. This is the same version I have on my Blackberry Torch 9800. I did have two (2) updates pushed to my phone this morning andYAHOO! Messenger wasn't one of them -- Menu Clock and Blackberry Travel were the only two (2) apps pushed to my phone.

I'll patiently await the release on the AT&T side of things. Now worries here.

I agree this is same thing I get on my phone and using App World on the web when signed in with my phone connected. Not signed leads me to the same. I don't see the update.

I am seeing this as a staggered update as not to flood the servers.

I have the update but don't notice much difference. I was hoping that offline messaging would be added to WLM but no such luck.

I did find the option to add alerts for contacts coming online...was that always there?