Google Talk for BlackBerry 10 updated to v10.0.10.13

Lots of bug fixes and stability improvements come with this release

By Bla1ze on 15 Mar 2013 04:06 pm EDT

If you're a heavy Google Talk user on your BlackBerry Z10 then you'll want to get yourself updated to the latest release available in BlackBerry World. Sitting at v10.0.10.13 this release covers a lot of bug fixes and overall improvements for the app as a whole. Thankfully, there is a full change log that goes along with it so if you need the exact details, you can jump below to get a better look at what has changed.

  • Includes several bug fixes improving general stability and performance.
  • Fixes an issue where new invited contacts were not showing up in contact list.
  • Fixes an issue when 'Sign In Automatically' was selected.

Personally, I've never had any issues with the app but clearly there was enough folks out there who did to justify the update. So with that in mind, if you were among them make sure you get the update downloaded using the link below.

Download Google Talk for BlackBerry 10

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Google Talk for BlackBerry 10 updated to v10.0.10.13


Hum... The problem seems to be my carrier not in the supported list.
Even without SIM card it's not available :(
Anyone could give it to me directly? Thanks!

With Google Reader getting cancelled, anyone know if blackberry is planning to do social feeds for bb10? I really miss that.

Posted via CB10

I thought they just made an announcement that they would cancel this service. So I'm sure they were referring to blackberry Legacy devices

How reliable is Gtalk on BlackBerry 10?

I recall using it on my 9900, 9780, and 9700 was fairly hit-and-miss. I would open it only to find that I was having to sign in regularly, rather than it staying connected, thus causing messages to be missed. This never, ever happens on my Android phones or tablets.

If I buy a BlackBerry 10 device, likely the Q10, I want to know that I can use this reliably or Google+ Messenger if that application ever makes it to BlackBerry.

I created a topic on this yesterday! So far so good, no disconnects or login errors. I'm a heavy G chat user so I will see it goes

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Nice to see the app being updated. Hopefully, it will be working even better by the time Q10 is released. The app on my 9900 is still hit-or-miss (mostly miss).

It really is a serious problem for those us BB fans who use GTalk on a daily basis. Blackberry, please don't make me start having to carry a Nexus too, just so I can reliably get GTalk chats.

I don't think blackberry made the app, Google likely did. Or it could be the developer, which you should contact instead of putting the blame on the manufacturer.

I've been using Google Talk all day today without any disconnections. Fingers crossed that it stay this way.

Kept getting kicked out with previous install.

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really would like to see it start pulling status messages from other google talk clients instead of having to redefine one in the app.

I am surprised Google Talk is still out there I remember back with OS5/6/7 we didn't have the service book to allow it to operate properly. I wonder if Yahoo will support BB Z10 would be interesting.

Yahoo Messenger is already there. BlackBerry builds those apps, so there is no reliance on Google or Yahoo to support it.

Google is doing some Spring Cleaning. Blackberry's Google Voice app is being shelved, but the company suggests its HTML 5 experience is a nice alternative.

Pretty nice combination using GTalk along with the Z10 keyboard. I felt like I was typing a lot better than on my Nexus 7. No disconnects either. I only know a few people who still use GTalk, but it is good to have options.

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JimCanuck, my GTalk works with 2-step login (when the app works). What problems are you having?

Can anybody tell me if this app will auto populate your recent conversation on other platforms.

Like if I am chatting on the desktop or web and decided to continue the conversation on the Z10, will I see my whole conversation or I''ll have to rely on memory?

I have a question: the googletalk app takes a very long time to load if the active frame is not present. For instance, even after a hub notification alert, if I click on the notification, it goes to the googletalk app and takes a good 45 seconds to a minute to load the contacts and the chat. I saw videos on dev alpha devices when it loaded the contacts and chat instantly after it was launched. Is this just my experience, or is everybody noticing this?