Google Sync for BlackBerry Updated to v0.7.3

By Adam Zeis on 15 Apr 2010 10:14 am EDT
Google Sync App

Less than a month ago the Google Sync app got an update and again today its been freshened up. The new version is 0.7.3, and yet again no changelog is available. We can assume there wasn't much added and the update most likely just fixed up a few bugs. I really wish Google would get to it and put out some decent updates for both the Gmail app and Google Voice among others, but it seems like wishful thinking on my part. Regardless, you can grab the update from your device by heading to

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Google Sync for BlackBerry Updated to v0.7.3



really wished it would sync with tasks.. oh well.. doesnt seem like it will happen anytime soon.

Was searching for an answer on all day appointment syncing. Why do they always show up on Google from 8 - 8? I've searched forums but still can't find an answer.

As long as its synchronizing my contacts and calendar properly I don't need to touch it with another update. I'm good. Simple is all I need to work.

I've given up on Google beta products. I think the Buzz issue was a wake up call to me. I tried all their bb apps and it was hit or miss. I've spent too much time cleaning up my contacts and calendars after this sync software screwed it all up.

I had clients using it because they wanted a free solution and they had issues as well. Making 2 or 3 copies of everything at times. Google has enough of my info for now, but no more. Not sure why we all trust Google so much over Microsoft or Apple or any one else for that matter.

I only use it for calendar synchronization. It does a great job. Maybe some day it will include photo sync.

If you use BIS contact sync, I've found that I lose the categories/groups so I can't filter my address book on either Google OR Blackberry. AND, I found that I keep losing the avatar pictures pulled in from either LinkedIn or Facebook or that I might've manually set on the Blackberry.

Using Google Sync instead of BIS keeps all of these in place.

Also, using BIS Sync, the Addresses are incorrectly formatted, putting City/State/Zip on the same line as the Address, leading to duplication when you try and fix it.

Google Sync reads the Addresses correctly, resolving that issue.

Regretfully, neither will sync the avatars with the other, or Birthdays or Anniversaries or Instant messaging Screen Names. That's just a wash.

Until RIM gets their act together and fixes the formatting to read Google's, I'll stick with Google Sync because they know their software better than RIM does.

Marc K.

"I really wish Google would get to it and put out some decent updates for both the Gmail app and Google Voice among others, but it seems like wishful thinking on my part."

i couldn't have said it any better. it's complete BS how they are just occasionally throwing a pointless update out here n there. this is why im going to android - where they actually care.

Of course he does. His argument is that Google takes care of Google's baby, and doesn't really care about BB. He's moving to Android because Google apps are always going to be better on that platform.

I just get sync working again after a few days of problems and now it works.
Do I dare update? you can't even update through the app itself.

You know what I got into Blackberry because of the Messenger app, and the Email service. But seeing these updates on this site, of apps that have been on other OS's for months, just get updated to BB is dishearting. Im ganna go back to android.

it drives me nuts that when you remove google sync that it INSISTS on deleting all of the sync'd materials. What a pain in the a$$. I wish there was an option for it.

If you haven't used google sync before, and want to try, make sure you backup your BB first so that you can restore the address book and calendar when you want to remove this POS :)

I use the Google Sync for my calendar and it "works" for the most part. I for one though can't wait till they integrate it into BIS.

Hi buddies,

I use gmtasksync to sync my GMail/Google calendar tasks, and it works great :) with GApps account support. and what i love is it will never have any traffic with servers other than google domain, you can see it from firewall prompt, i felt secure.

I recently updated my OS to 5.0.x and had to reinstall Google Sync. Never got the contacts sync to work. After several reinstalls of Sync, I just gave up. Installed this new version and it works now!

I'm still using the older version 0.5.15, never have any problems with it. Does anyone know what the updates are and if it's worth the update. I always like to have any update that is useful as long as it doesn't throw a wrench in my system. If anyone knows what the updates are please give a shout.

The 0.7.2 that came out in March lets you sync events for up to 52 weeks. A previous update also let you sync reminders.

I'm guessing the 0.7.3 is some kind of Storm fix for something or another.

I think I may be one of the few who loves this app! I rely on it daily.

You are not the only one. I love it, too. I keep almost 3000 contacts and a very busy calendar synced. Nice to know that if I lose my BB, all I have to do is install Google Sync on the new one and I am back up and running.

I actually installed Google Sync 0.7.2 two days before, and it would hang and freeze on my Storm2, but 0.7.3 works like a charm! I'm quite pleased with it.

does it fix the bug on the storm 2.. on 7.2 i could never hardly get to input my info it wouldn't let me half the time

I generally do not have any problems with any apps or downloads but i have had nothing but problems with this Google Sync TWO times, i had it the first time and it completely screwed up my contacts, it gave me like 100 of one contact that i had and 50 of another, i had to go through and delete ever extra contact there was. i spent at least 30 to 45 minutes trying to figure out what the heck happened. First i had trouble trying to log in, then i was finally able to log in after about 2 or 3 times i deleted and redownloaded the app. I was looking forward to syncing the Red Sox schedule with my Google calendar and have it synced to my phone. But i couldn't get that to work either, so i just gave up and deleted it, then i saw this upgrade today and decided to give it another try, well guess what i downloaded it and tried to log in and, of course, it gave me problems, so i just deleted it again, oh well, it just wasn't meant to be!

I stopped using Google Sync on 0.5.15 because I was getting a lot of duplicated contacts and some even deleted completely. I took a chance, updated and sync'd without any problems. I'm still not willing to trust automatic syncing just yet. For the time being manual syncing is my preferred method.

I looks like after I did a battery pull, I had about 25 contacts duplicated. Just as a test, I pulled and sync'd again and the same 25 contacts got duplicated once again. Guess I won't be using this app any more. It's a shame since I've got just about everything with Google.

I also keep a very large contact list and a very busy calendar and it works flawlessly. I think I would go nuts if I didn't have google sync. The problems people have with this great app is they don't have it installed properly. I have never had any issues with this app since I installed it. Thank You Google.

Ok, I was all excited to see this updated to the app after so long. But sadly, off it goes from my BB. Why? Because I have my girlfriend's contact entry on my BB with her Home, Mobile and Mobile 2 numbers filled in.

Randomly, Google Sync will decide to erase her Mobile 2 number and put the Mobile one in its place, leaving me with Home and Mobile 2. She's the only contact it does that with, but it's irritating enough for me to remove Gooogle Sync for now.

I always can not install the google sync form my BB , I did't not know why .

who can give me the google app so that I can install from my pc

I couldn't either, from my phone, but on a computer if you do a google search for google sync, right side of page gives you "install for blackberry option", something like that, it will ask you for a phone number and text you the link.

When I used google sync, it created a 2nd contact list, which is why all the contacts look like they're duplicated.... you end up with two contact lists. A default, and your google acct.
I decided to not use it, deleted all the dup contacts in the google contact list, but now, it'w jacked with my caller id on text, and visual voicmail - I think because those programs aren't pulling contact info from the DEFAULT contact list, because there's a 2nd one labeled under my gmail address.
(found under phone app, options, Contact Lists. Or, in Contacts, Menu key, Select Contact List)
So how do I get rid of the gmail contact list?? Even though it's empty, it still shows up as a 2nd contact list and is fouling everything else up.
I tried Service Books, no luck.

In case you still need to know how to to delete the 2nd contact list:
0. Make sure your contact list is backed up and wireless sync is off.
1. Click the Contacts icon
2. Press BB menu key and select Options
3. Highlight but don't click/press the list you wish to delete
4. Type rset - This will bring up a dialogue box asking you if you are sure you want to delete. BE CAREFUL AND READ THE DIALOGUE BOX TO ENSURE YOU ARE DELETING THE CORRECT LIST!
5. Repeat as necessary and end with a battery pull

That should remove the unwanted list.


I recently installed 7.3. It works pretty well except when I input calendar entries from my Curve they will not show up on my web based Google calendar. My contacts sync both directions and my calendar entries syncs from the web to the phone. Can anyone offer advice on how to fix this or if there is even a fix available?

I finally got sync to one tells you that you have to set up mobile sync on Google :(

Anyway the sync only work ONE WAY google to BB...or that's how it's working for me. Is this true because if it is there's no point...all my data is on the phone NOT google. That is not the definition of "synchronization"