Google set to supercharge the Android ecosystem after acquiring Motorola Mobility

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By Jared DiPane on 15 Aug 2011 01:13 pm EDT

Some rather interesting news taking place out in the Android world today as Google announced this morning that they have acquired Motorola Mobility for 12.5 billion dollars. This move is huge on Google's part, and they have said that they made the move to "supercharge the Android ecosystem" and believe that it is beneficial to partners, developers and consumers. While we all know the Kevin believes that Google should buy RIM, do you think that the move to buy Motorola Mobility was their first of many, or a solo deal just to get the patents that they owned, and that is it? Be sure to let us know your thoughts!

Source: Android Central 

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Google set to supercharge the Android ecosystem after acquiring Motorola Mobility


Getting rid of the Moto Blur lol

I think they did it to get the patents and I think there is a lot more to come in the coming year

Woot First :p

+1 ... but they risk alienating other manufactures (samsung and htc) by potentially releasing alpha/beta code to the hardware test team before other vendors.

Good move just because Google can now control their hardware to optimize their "Google" experience. I'd rather have a RIM & Google partnership.

"Bad news for RIM in my opinion...."

The markets don't think so.

They think Android just became a lame duck OS.

Every article I've read seem to think this is incredibly good for android and I agree, Google needed grounds for patent defense, now they have it. Bad news for rim indeed, it shows Google will wait them out to say the least or just not interested

You truly are a moron. Every time you make a comment, it's anti-RIM and makes no sense. Go away to your Android site you lame excuse of skin. RIM stock is up 11% at 3pm and you say it's bad news for RIM? Google's purchase of Motorola just valued RIM's patents at $10 billion. Plus, Google is alienating vendors who are on the Android ecosystem with this purchase - it's all over the news yet you haven't seen this news, right? You also haven't seen Google's stock drop with this purchase, along with many analyst price targets. You have no clue what you're talking about so it's best if you just go away and never come back. We're all sick of your anti-RIM garbage.


I think we have to remember even though RIMM had been having a tough time before they came up with updated phones they are hugely profitable (Not Motorola) and are probably not for sale.
I'm just guessing but I am glad that there is an independent phone manufacturer out there that can take on Google, Apple and Microsoft.
I know there are many others such as HTC, Samsung, etc. but they all have surrendered to a larger ecosystem.
BB will eventually allow Android Apps but will retain all the cool things about BB and the BB security.
Since I want to use NFC I really want to have a BB as the undisputed top dog on security.
As for Google, they are long term thinkers and although probably defensive on the patent issue, I believe they will churn out a nicer phone in a year or two. Google should help keep RIMM on their toes.
Hey, there is nothing wrong with a little competition.

Imo a pointless addition. They should have just stayed software, moving into the hardware business makes it much more complicated to keep all the other partners they have as well as running motorola.

Now it's trusted partners like Samsung, HTC and LG may change their strategy and defect to Windows OS which is a more open platform after this, in the long run it will affect Android marketshare.

The high premium they paid suggests that they will make Motorola's patents available to the Android partners since Motorola had recently suggested they will go after the other Android manufacturers.

I think Google paid too much for Motorola, unless there are tax losses that they can claim.

"will make Motorola's patents available to the Android partners"

The problem is they'll still lose the Oracle lawsuit, and they probably don't have cross licensing options with Oracle.

The fact they bought Motorola is an admission they're going to have to charge for Android to cover licensing fees.

Apart from the potential for cash from Android Market, I don't suppose Google make any money at all from Android, so it's not like they're losing much as a corporation except credibility.

Google does not want to be in the manufacturing business. Just like Google does not want to be in the ISP business. Google, as other people have already stated, is buying Motorola Mobility for the patents and then will probably sell off the rest of the business to some other company.

Android is dying. At least as an open OS. Samsung etc are hardly likely to want to buy their OS from a competitor. I expect Microsoft will become their OS supplier.

The only reason Google would buy a hardware manufacturer is to monetise their OS.

And the reason they need to generate revenue from their OS is because they're bombarded with patent lawsuits on all sides.

And if they bought Motorola Mobility for the patents, who is going to buy what's left if Google keeps the patents?

If Google wanted to spend 12.5 billion on patents they could have bid more for Nortels portfolio and still had lots of change.

Google is an advertising company that gives away software to sucker people into revealing their personal information. Looks like they've conceded defeat in the patent wars.

Google is going to lose a number of patent battles and have to start charging a fee for Android. At that point all bets are off because your typical Samsung and HTC Android phone is going to be between $50 and $100 more expensive, and they might as well license Microsofts product.

The irony is RIM is killing itself trying to get an Android player ready when the entire ecosystem is now under threat. Typical RIM, backing the wrong horse as usual.

RIM is QNX, not Android. Having an Android player doesn't make RIM any worse off. The player in my opinion is rather like an app for all intents and purposes. If RIM chose android as the platform ecosystem I would agree with your 'horse' statement. But they didn't.

Android isn't going anywhere anytime soon, Google wouldn't unload 12b with no plan. They'll never charge for android as they know it would be bad. You can't break down regular business strategy to a company would bid fantasy numbers in the nortel bidding wars. They know what they're doing. I do think the notion of wp7 taking off is correct, I think it will come more at the expense of ios tho

Rim having an droid player is no different then Mac when it made MS work on its platform, just giving its customers options is all.
Made an incredible mistake once.

I'd not like to be Samsung or HTC Alliance Partner/Relationship Managers. The provider of their handset OS just became a competitor !

I wonder if we might be seeing them license QNX ?

I said it already. I wasn't fond of getting Google's apps. Not that I predicted this happening but the fact that I love RIM products, not other platforms. If RIM took a Windows appraoch and paid to get the bigger apps built it woud be a spring board instead of trying to convince them with podcasts and webinars. If they weren't interested already why would they want to listen without cash being thrown at them?

I have being a happy BB user since 8900, then quickly changed for the 9700, until I got the 9800, I was so disappointed having this big touch screen with this expensive device (at the moment of release) and very slow overall, and the lack of decent, eye-candy apps...

And now they are saying their newest OS release will not support current devices (including 9800) because of hardware limitations. I just don't feel hooking up an 18 month contract with any new RIM device.

I'm done with RIM, I am ready to make the switch to either Android or iOS next month.

does that mean you "Aren't" gonna sign an 18mth contract with any of them? or you just dont want to do it because its RIM?

Agreed. Very odd acquisition indeed. One of the things that has always perplexed me about the whole "Android is free" notion is that M$ made about $60m from HTC in Android patent licensing fees. Going forward with Google having their own hardware house, is Google really going to be paying M$ fees per handset for patent licensing? Or are they going to use some of their ~24000 patents that they just picked up to avoid those patent licensing implications?

Maybe after Google acquires Motorola, maybe Google will start suing Apple for patent violations. I would like someone to let Jobs know his company didn't invent everything since the wheel.

I could care less about the buyout, I just want RIM to keep improving their screen quality. That's the only place I see RIM lacking against their competition.

BGR has Steve Wozniak as an adviser.

I'm not sure it's worth taking too much notice of anything they say about RIM.

Or anyone else for that matter.

At least with CrackBerry you know it's biased :-)

I only think, that it could be a possibility that Google would buy RIM only cause Google is set on taking over the world lol. Just my opinion lol