Google Search Updated to v3.6.13; Google Sync Updated to v0.7.2

By Adam Zeis on 25 Mar 2010 12:44 pm EDT
Google Search

I guess Google likes to kick out all of their updates at once. Yesterday we noted that the Google Voice app had been updated, and it appears that both the Google Search and Google Sync got a jump as well. The Google Search app now sits at version 3.6.13 and is said to be working on the Storm now. This app lets you easily search mail and contacts on your device. The Google Sync app has been updated to 0.7.2. No word of whats new, but as in the case of the others, most likely just some minor bug fixes. Hit the links below from your device to download.

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Google Search Updated to v3.6.13; Google Sync Updated to v0.7.2


While Viigo is good, it doesn't sync my 'read' status. A Google Reader app is definitely long overdue. I've been hearing rumours for 2 years now.

NOPE! That was my hope when I saw an update available, but the only thing that I see different now is the addition of a debug function when you hit the blackberry button inside the app.

GUI kind of screwy for Storm users. It's really not touch/flick friendly anymore. But finally it brings up to 52 weeks of calendar syncing.

Thanks for letting us know about the 52 week sync feature! I am glad they finally increased the time frame, now if only they could fix the all-day event issue, this app would be perfect! I hate adding a birthday to a contact and then can't remember exactly when their birthday is because google sync changes the start and end time so it starts at 7 or 8 the night before their birthday! Grrrrr....

I use it for the calendar sync. The contact sync just doesn't work. It always doubles my contacts. Wish they would fix this!

Since I have 5.0 on my tour, contact sync is available to my g-mail account via BIS, which seems to be much more reliable. If only it would sync the contact pictures with my g-mail account contacts as well, I would be really happy, but because of this, I will likely never use g-sync for contacts again.

I have used the BIS gmail sync also but it has doubled my contacts and even deleted my contacts on my phone, plus messed up the address,deleted birthdays and like you I wish it also sync the pics.

Not that I hate Google, or to say that Google is bad, because they are not, but with all the Google announcements that have been made lately it just goes to show that they are going to one day be the monopolizing factor in all computer and now possible cell phone platforms.

The headline should boldly proclaim: "Google Search App Now on Storm!" I know there have been work-arounds that let you install it, but tha was always a little hinky on my phone. I've been waiting for Google to hook me up. I donwloaded it and it is working swell on my 9550.

Well, to say it "works" on the Storm may be a correct statement. Works well? I don't think so. The keyboard can't be hidden easily, and when you do, the app appears in a small window, not the entire screen. The touch capabilities of the app aren't right either. You have to drag your finger around to get it to recognize your touch. You can't just tap a link.

Google has not done their due diligence with this update. :-(

I'd have to say "works well" is an overstatement. I have the same problems:

1. keyboard is a pain
2. screen is not the size of the screen - and it SHOULD be
3. touch and drag is a pain in the rear - makes it so hard to control.

Why update when the app is just mediocre? I'd much rather just use the mobile site. Needs major improvements!

I was hoping the Sync update would bring along with it the ability to sync BB tasks, but no such luck.

I was also hoping for the all day (birthday) issue to be fixed too!

Looks like I am not the only one who cannot seem to get a fix for the birthday issue. If anyone happens to find a work-around, PLEASE pm me and let me know. Between my family and my wife's, there are way more birthdays than I can keep up with and what is one of the main points of owning a smartphone besides internet, BBM, Facebook and e-mail? Organization of important information. The Berry creates the entry correctly and then G-Sync goes and screws it up! Common' Google, let's get this fixed in the next update!

Odd. I have many birthdays set to all day on my phone. I've never had a problem with them synching. They show up as all day on my phone and in When you set them up initially, did you enter them into the Google site?? I know you shouldn't have to, but I'm thinking that may be the difference between your situation and mine. Also, I've done this with the 8330 and 9550, if that makes a difference. Never used anything but the official Verizon approved OS releases.

how are you creating the birthdays?

i have it setup where i have a google calendar just for birthdays and only add new birthday "events" from the computer. this is because new event added via phone, are added to your main google calendar.

The problem comes when I add birthday or anniversary information to a contact, which causes the blackberry to create an all-day calendar event. When G-Sync picks up this event, it removes the all-day and changes the start time to 7 or 8 PM the night before the correct date. HOWEVER, if I create an all-day event on my phones calendar, G-Sync changes Nothing but synchronizes the entry to my google calendar.

These are some of the changes I see on new the Google Sync:

* now allows you to sync up to the next 52 weeks (before it was 24)
* under the options page, BB menu has new options: 'Reset Calendar Sync' and 'Reset Contacts Sync'.
* under the main page, BB menu has new option: 'Debug'

Glad this finally came out for Storm users. I have this setup as a convenience key. I spend all day on google so happy I can have everything all in one place and ignore vzw's bing push.

I really like the "concept" of gsync, but the execution still leaves much to be desired. There's a reason the version number is still 0.x.

On the other hand, this app has been out for a year or more now. Guess the programing is harder than one would think.

The way I see it, anything Google has got to be good. They are consistently delivering products that meet the needs of MOST people on a continual basis. Now, please notice I put CAPITAL letters, as I don't need the anti-google patrol spamming me with their nonsense. Most people will get more out of their BB's with the Google pack installed. esp. if you go to your pc and set your Google Calendar up correctly. Go to the New Features link on the top right (with your Calendar displayed) and set yourself up with mobile alerts, and the sync feature. WOW your really gonna like that!! I know I do, and the SMS alerts never let me forget something important.

I just noticed after getting the above updates on my phone that google maps was updated as well. Nothing big that I saw. But still thought about mentioning it.

How can you tell maps was updated? V3.2.1 has been out for Months now. I was running 321 on my 8330 before thanksgiving last year and when I try to install, that is the latest version available.

I could never get Sync to work right in synching my contacts on my Storm. It would make duplicate entries and it would put all the information into one field. I finally gave up trying to use Google Sync.